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Publication numberUS1646522 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1927
Filing dateOct 10, 1923
Priority dateOct 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1646522 A, US 1646522A, US-A-1646522, US1646522 A, US1646522A
InventorsBerg Elwin H
Original AssigneeBerg Elwin H
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Attachment for windows
US 1646522 A
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E. H. BERG ATTACHMENT FOR wIunows Qr'iginal Filed Oct. 10, 1923 gwvmdoz ment from its adjusted position.

Patented Oct. 2 5, 1927.



A TAC MENT FOR W D W?? a Ap ication'mea commit-10,1923;seria m'.661 758;aenewerrqiine iaf192a 1 7 "My present invention relates generally to" attachments for windows and more partic-' ularly to a storm sash fasten er my object. of a simple lDGXPBHSIVB 5 arrangement which will be effective andlefli-- being the provision cient' in use for the usual and intended purposes I cially in the open position of the storm sash as well as proof against accidental displace- Inflthe accompanying drawings which illustrate mypresent invention and form a part of this specification, f v V Figure 1 is a vertical section through a 15 window frame provided with a storm sash and showing thelatter open with my im-j proved fastener in effective position, p Figure 2 is an enlarged side view of a portion of the storm sash with my improved fastener, Figure 3 is a'detail face view of the storm sash bracket,

"' gaging thQSELHlQy 1 Figure 5 1s a sectionaltop plan view of the 7 parts shown in Figure 4, and l Figure 6 is a sectional view throu a portion of the window frame and sash s owe ing certain" parts of the bracket as 'wellas Y the latch arm and keeper. H

Referring now to these figures and particularly to Figures 1, 2 and 6 Ihave shown a window frame generally indicated at 10, to the upper outer portion of which the upper end of astOrmsash 11 i'shingedly mounted" as at 12. This storm sash closes against the outer surface of the window frame and is adjustably held in open po'sition by means tion includes a latch arm 13,1 storm sash bracket 14 and. EtWlIldOW frame keeper 15 associated together and'cooperating inthe particular manner which I will now describe. The-storm sash bracket 14 as seen partie ularly in Figures 2, 3 and 6 is' a, vertically elongated plate having upper and; lower apertures 16 for the reception of screwsand like fastening members 17 by which-to'secure' the same fiatwise against the inner surfaceof the storm sash at one side of the latter, this 9 plate having at one side an angularlyout-' standing ear 18 and also having'upper and lower. slotted apertures 19 andQO; I

1 2 and 6 ispivotally connected as by means of and which will be anti-rattling espea Figure 4' is a'face new of the window sash keeper with a portion of the latch arm enof a fastener which according to my inven- The latch arm 13 as'best seen in Figures 1,

a rivet-21 adjacent'to loneend'to the earl-8 ofthe stormsash bracketl-fl andis provided as: shown in Figure 6 with-the storm sash closed' The window sash keeper 15 thus seen in Figures 1, 4 and 51s secured to one s de ofvided with an angularly outstanding strip 26 on which'thelower edge of the latcharmis' 'movable when the storm sash is moved to open and closed positions, the angular eX- tension 23 of thela'tch 'armextending; over the keeper strip 26 and into the lower open-' the window frame by virture of fastening 1 1 screws and the l ke 24 extending through upper and loweraperture's 25 and lsfpro .ing 20 ofthe bracket in the closed position;

shown in Figure 6 and theendwise extension 22 of the latch arm extending into the upper slotted opening-19 of the bra cket'when the storm sash is moved toopen position so that the lower surface of this endwise extension engages the b'racketfat the lower. A

end ofits opening 19, and. thus creates I a tension whichpressesithe lower edge of the latch arm more and more tightly against the upper edge of. the keeper strip as the storm sash is moved outwardly;

Adjacent to its free end the lower'e'dge of thelatch' arm '13-has a series of notches 27 withv taperingsidesand it is thus obvious that the tension on the latch arnicreated in the aboveinanner will serve to securely hold this latch arm in the fastened-positionwhen anyone of its notches comes into position over the edge. Not onlyis thist-rue but-,a.t[ the same time thetensionthus created on the latch arm will hold the same against rattling and in such manner as to avoid all danger of accidental displacement. I claim':. V

1.;A storm.-sash"fastener including a carried bracket having'an ap'erture 'a"latch 3 I arm pivoted ,at one end to said bracket to" swing vertically 1withre'spect thereto and having a notohed'lower edge, and a window frame keeper havinga notch engaging pore tion on which thelower edge v-of-the arm if loo I;

bears Whenthe sash is open, said arm having a rigid extension at its pivoted end to enter the aperture of said bracket in the open position of the sash whereby to cooperate With the keeper and preventrattling of the latch arm in the manner specified. r V 2. -A storm sash fastener including a bracket, a latch arm pivoted at one end to said bracket and having a series of notches in its lower edge ad acent to its, free end,-

and a Window frame keeper having an outstanding portion along whichsald arm is. movable to effective position and with 7 Which the notches of the arm cooperate, said bracket having a slotted opening and 1 said latch arm having an integral end Wise extension adjacent to its pivot adapted to enter the bracket opening and bear down against the lower portion of the opening when the latch arm is moved upwards and 20 outwards toward its eflective position along 7 the outstanding portion of the keeper.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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