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Publication numberUS1646562 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1927
Filing dateAug 8, 1923
Priority dateAug 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1646562 A, US 1646562A, US-A-1646562, US1646562 A, US1646562A
InventorsSnow Edward J
Original AssigneeVacuum Oil Company
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Receptacle holder
US 1646562 A
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Oct. 25, 1927.

E. J. SNOW REGEPTAGLEV HOLDER Filed A1121. 8, 1923 l'dward J: 6210a)..

m N M T T A or receptacle may. be inserted through .the-

PatentedOct 25, 1927- r EDWARD J. snow; or Monitor-AIR;

-Ew JnnsEY, AssIe'non'mo-vAouu-M on; ooivrraNY, or New YORK; 1a.. A oonronerron or n V-YQYRKQ RECEPTACLE HOLDER: I

v Application ined Anglia-8, 192a.. se-r;ia mama. j

The present invention relates to receptacle holders and an object;t-hereof is to provide a holder of novel construction whichmay be used on automobiles for holding receptacles for lubricants. I

To these and other ends, the invention consists of certain parts and jcombinationsof parts, all of which will be hereinafter described: the novel features being pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a can thereon; M

Fig. 2 isa perspective view of the holder;

1 Fig. 8 shows the holder in side elevation with the can thereon in dotted lines; and Fig.4 isa front view of theholder. Referring more particularly to the embodimentherein illustrated, 1 indicates an I upright attaching member provided, in this instance, with screw holes 2 which are adapted tobe secured to any suitable part of the automobile, as for instance, to the front face of the dash board under the hood.

" This upright attaching member has a laterally extending portion 3 at its lower end on which a flaring cup-shaped base member 4 issecured by a bolt 5, the flaring cup-shaped 1 member being, preferably of shallow con-- struction. This flaring cup-shaped member receives the lower end of a can or receptacle 6 used for containing, 'in thisinstance, oil

and having an eccentrically arranged pro? portfor the jecting discharge or spout portion ..7

In order to interlock with the eccentri- 1 cally arranged discharge or spout portion of the cana retaining member 8 'isprovided in the form of a resilient strip secured at its inner vendat 9 with the upper end of theup; right 1 and having an opening 'formed with lips 10 about it. Normally the retaining member 8 has a tendency to lie at an oblique angle to the uprightattachingmember 1 and is adapted to be flexed upwardly so that the discharge or spout portion 7 of the can opening, -the walls of the opening entering into engagement with the discharge portion; To the end that the can or receptacle may a be still further held against vibration, meansis provided-for engaging the .upper edge of the receptacle adjacent the upright.

' This :means, in this ranged indiverging relation and projecting pla n view of aholder with a due to the: fact that the V silient member is eccentric'with'reference to 4. The receptacle is 8 and; deflected outwardly sodas to cooperate with: the upper edge of the can or" receptacle. The can may bestill'further held against movement by a pair of resilient arms 12' ar I horizontally outwardly from the upright 1, being" formed-from a strip of metal which between the arms'at 13 is secured to t-he.,I 1 pright.

It is apparent that in this construction a can oft-he shape shownin dotted lines will rest at'its lowerend in the flaring cup-shaped membert and have its spout at the top inter-- locked with the resilient member which holds" the can against 'rotationon the base member opening in the rev the center of the cup-shaped base member cooperating" with theopposite sides of the 8o 7 receptacle. This construction 'makes itpos sible for the user of an automobile to carry a supply of engine oil ready for use.

WhatI claim as my inventionand desire; to secure by Letters Patent is: I i i turned lower-end-and a cup shaped base supbase of the'receptacle secured to said laterally turned lower end, a spout engaging member resiliently nnected--' to the upper end of' said upright-and having an opening through, which theI-spoutof the 1 receptacle may pass, said opening being ec-r' centric with reference to-the center of the i v base support andon that side of the center} i nearest the jfree-or outer end ofsaid spout" engaging member, resilienttongu cut from. i the metal" of the upright adjacent the" fippep., and deflected outwardly to end of the latter cooperate with the adjacent upper edge of" the receptacle,and a strip secured to the upj-jj right and having resilient arms extending I.

horizontally-and'in diverging relation for cooperating with the side walls or the m 05 tacle;

2. A receptacle holder comprising an attaching member, a support at the lower end 5 3 5 ofsaid attachingmember for the baseofthe receptacle, a spout engaging membe pi also held against lvibration beingv into binding engagement with 75 I 1. A receptacle holder comprising anzupi right attaching portionfhaving a laterally" siliently connected to the upper end of said attaching member and having an opening through which the spout of the receptacle may pass, and resilient tongues extending upwardly and inwardly on opposite sides of the attaching member from a point below the spout engaging member with their ends.

in proximity'to said spout engaging member for cooperating with the upper edge of the receptacle.

A receptacle holder comprising a shallowcup shaped base of circular form for engaging around the lower edge of a receptacle, an upright rising from therear of the center of the latter nearest the outer endof the spout engaging arm. 7


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