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Publication numberUS1646590 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1927
Filing dateApr 27, 1926
Priority dateFeb 12, 1925
Publication numberUS 1646590 A, US 1646590A, US-A-1646590, US1646590 A, US1646590A
InventorsMildenberg Julius
Original AssigneeMildenberg Julius
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Massage bandage and the like
US 1646590 A
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Y 0 o 1 M. w u e@ s e 06 6 h n 4 .Q /ae v 6, M. 1 w nw h w H s n 2 m. A w. .m J. L GEM#v vWv www D DMn www Mnd wm MF s m Oct. 25, 1927.A

oct'. z5, 1927. 1,646,590v

' J. MILDENBERG MASSAGE BANDAGE AND TQE LIKE Filed April 27, 192s 2 sheets-sheet 2 Innen/or [du M16/en erg likev the air-pressure being easily regulated 5 -r'unius ivtiLDEivBERG; on'nussErLDoR-onnxassnnGERMANY Ait- Assessisaivnaenfiinnriinninna Appiicatin mea v.april 27j, 1926, ser-iai No. lofregai.4 rietrilryligfigggf Y ,Ihis invention has reference yto!impro vements in lpneumatic V`massage-appara-ttus 'and it isA intended to provide means of produc-ing a continuous .y and uniform lmassage treat- 'i mentofthe partV of the bodyto'vvhichfthe Vdeviceis appliedand withouttheino0l 1} venienc'esiarising from unequal pressure-distribution andfrom ithe pinching and squeezing yof the fastening means frequently occur- '10 ringinthedevicS-gof.thekind-as suggested V:in the prior art. Broadl-y considered4 the lnventi@ comprises an .infilatable Pad -Qrrbag y t0 be direct-lv applied ite-.the befv @ntl-P11@- .Y vided with1@madly-disposed-.Substantially l15 stiff backing blocks or the likeand with ieible fastening straps7 belt orthe like `extendingfi nthe longitudinali'direction of the pad,

Y bag or the like, so that the tensional pressure pis all evenly distributed throughout the device and there is no liability of crowding or pinching the-iiesh of the wearer, as y.would befthe case with flexible fastening devices secured between sectional portions of the masy. lsage pad or marginallywith' relation thereto. Thefdevice according tothis invention, While applicable to all parts of the body is 4, among lother uses particularly adapted for Y the treatment of thebaclr of the human body. The device is inflated by the wearer himself by'means of a iiexible conduit o'r the in conformity with theparti-cular requirements of the case. Inconsequence ofthe expansionand contraction of the body inciv 935 dent to the action of breathing and as a re'- sult of every movement of the wearer and of" the back-pressure produced lby the comparatively stiff sectionalbacking of the device ior foreign'power.

warming ofthe part of the body submitted i ly applied. By defiating the device the massage treatment may be interrupted and. the belt `or bagwill then lie so close to thebody that itsA presence Will not show and cannotk be detected from the outside. Inview thereyof it is afurther object of this invention to provide means of giving` a better hold to the vbody andfparticularly to' the waistof the stiffening 1 rnembers,

series. lof preferably a massage treatment of Vthebody is readily-f obtained without necessitating any outside In addition thereto the. devicewhen iniiated produces very desirable tothe massage treatment and in viewtherethereto. It is then inflated 1)so.that and securely conform tothe ,applicate the; bbdyiaad in @aime ofibeing. *Hilti-lied Figures and` ,afaregregspecaa from and freer .elevations fof; the dvi Figures .4' and 5 are .longitudinal `v sectionsr .Sher/ingame. d' vie@ inthe deflated @dile 'nflated ondition.L Vure e stellt@-berferdltbs :IliBiau shownv in"V Figure 7 in l'friil'j 'vie'wgfand vin Figure 8 in longitudinalsection, and iny Figure Qin transverse Section through the front.` wall thereof. I' v The belt-shapedbody of thedeviceinay i i a be provided with the bucklesl and-carries'v on its inside an air bag, padjor the likej. adaptedto be inflated by means of the viexil u l ble tube 4.; A clamp of any suitable con` struction serves to close theftubing and to` regulate the air pressure and to retain the air. in thebag or cushion In order to pre-l vent bulging ofthe inflated bag it is pro- Y vided on, its 'outside with spaced transverse such as rods-6. sl'ats,` v bloclsor the like. l

In placev of thesl'atsv ortransverse rods @6 which serveas stiii'ening means a suitable number of adjacently or spacedly disposed as shown in Figures 7 and 9 of the drawing.

In addition toV these stiffening vand .rein-vv`v forcing means a piece of cloth or any suit'-, Vable fabric 'i'v may of the belt 2which,.when the device-*1s Y be attached to} one `edge use,V may be folded overfthe pad or -thelike so as to protect the same from perspiration. l

The belt according to thisinvention is,

tightly buckled around thewaist sforfasto locate the pad orcushionl uponthe spine of the'v wearer (Fig, '4),' andy transverselyy body of thewearer (Fig. 5 `).1 The ySend of; the liexible tubingf-i may be insertedinfa small pocket 8 on the belt (Fig. 6), which! dition.

porous` reinforcing. -en-iv 'largements or projections 9 may be provided 95 11o is shaped to receive itin a, fiatlycoiled con-1f l Among the various other uses besides the I such` cases it may be applied in a higher po-` sition onV the body, for instance around the chest so as to provide anY excellent elastic hold and support therefor. p v

I have herein shown the device in what I consider to be the most favorable realization' ofthe principles thereof, but it'should be understood that it is susceptible of such modifications and changes which will suggest themselves to the expert to more ad.- vantageously adapt it to the articular use and without thereby deviating om the spirit of the invention as pointed out in the appended claims. A pocket 8 is provided on the kbelt outside for receiving the coiled end of the tube .4' when not` in use.

'I claim:

' 1.y A massaging device comprising av band v ly oblong rectangular form: secured upon the contact Withthe band, means for inflating said bag, and stiffening members on the outerside of the band'arranged transversely y thereof in s aced relation opposite the outer wall ofthe ag. v

2. massaging device comprising a band adapted to be appliedvto embrace a portion of the body, a pneumatic bag of substantially oblong rectangular form secured upon the inner surface of the band andpresenting a broad inner Wall adapted` to lie in contact with the body and an outer Wall lying in Contact VWith the band,means for iniiating said bag, a cover flap carried by the band and movablevto cover or uncover the inner wall of the bag, and stiffening members yon the outer side of the band arranged trans- Vthe outer Wall of the bag.v f

In testimony ture. y


versely thereof in spaced relationoppositev whereofy I aiiix; my signa-

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Cooperative ClassificationA61H11/00, Y10S128/20
European ClassificationA61H11/00