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Publication numberUS1646632 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1927
Filing dateNov 12, 1926
Priority dateNov 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1646632 A, US 1646632A, US-A-1646632, US1646632 A, US1646632A
InventorsPhilip V Spinner
Original AssigneePhilip V Spinner
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Receptacle for smoking materials
US 1646632 A
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, l 646,632 Oct. 25 1927. P. v. SPINNER v RECEPTAGLE FOR SMOKING MATERIALS Filed Nov. l 12, 1926 w55: MfS/MQW??? Pergame Oct.- 25, 192.7.



' pplication' led November 12, 1926. Serial No. 147,856.

l is disclosed in the accompanying drawings,

in which v Figure 1 is a perspective view of thereceptaclein open position.

Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view of' the receptacle taken on line 2 2 in closed position.'

The receptacle consists generally of a cover,l 1 and .a receptacle vor tray 2, the former bev ingV made of theusual materialbf which books are bound,- namely, leather, cloth or other suitable covering. The cover consistsv of two cover sections 3 -3 and a rounded back section 4' having flexible connection with both cover sections.

The tray or receptacle 2' is made of a solid non-inammable material, such as porcelain or other ceramic material having a glazed f surface. The dimensions of the tray as well as its outer appearance, conforms to that of the pages or contents of a bound volume,

so that when the same is positioned between v -the closed covers, it has every appearance of a closed b ook. l

The `tray 2 is removably secured to the cover 1 by means of binding posts 5, 5 which pass through openings 2, 2fL vdrilled .or

otherwise joined through the tray and adlo jacent to its rear edge. These posts also pass `through hinged flaps 6, 6 secured to the inside of the cover, and extending alongthe flexible hinge connecting the stii covers 3 with the back section 4. These flaps over-v 5 lie the rear edges of the tray 2, and have holes punched .thereinto register with the posts 5, 5. The posts may be of any suitable form, preferably consisting of an internally threaded tubular portion 5"L and an externallythreaded screw 5b which telescope within each other, and provided withv heads at opposite ends.

The tray preferably-is made of glazed pori celain, as already stated, and of a hollow construction so that it will be as light as possible, the walls being about three-sixteenths of an inch in thickness'. The top surface of the tray is depressed to form several shallow compartments divided by partitionwalls 7,

preferably of different sizes, so that dilferent articles may be placed therein. In the arrangement shown, the lar er compartment may lbe used for cigarettes and the smaller compartments for matches and as lan ash receiver. The partitions, however, can be omitted and the single receptacle'used as a humidor for cigars.

As thus constructed, the tray can be read ily removed fromthe cover and thus can be washed and otherwise kept clean, which would not bepossible if it were fixed to the.

cover. v

I claim as my invention:

1.4 An article of the class described comprising a tray of ceramic material moulded in the form of the contents of a book, and provided with a relatively shallow com artment, -a cover of book bindin materia enclosing said tray provided witIi hinged flaps adapted to enclose the rear edges of said tray, and posts Aextendin transversely through said tray and holes in said flapsto removably secure said tray (within said cover.

2. An article of the class described, com prising a tray of glazed porcelain moulded into the form of the contents of a book and having a hollow interior and shallow compartments in lone face thereof, a cover of book binding material enelosin said tray, one cover thereof forming a lid or said tray, said cover havin hinged flaps'engaging the rear ledge of sai tray and removable bind- 1n try and said flaps.

`si ed at chicago, r11., rthis 11 day of.

oci-.0 er, 1926. y

- PHILIP v 'sPINrIERy posts extending through openings in said

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U.S. Classification206/242, 206/819, 206/457, D03/271.5, 132/315, 206/92
International ClassificationA24F15/02
Cooperative ClassificationA24F15/02, Y10S206/819
European ClassificationA24F15/02