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Publication numberUS1648354 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1927
Filing dateAug 21, 1926
Priority dateAug 21, 1926
Publication numberUS 1648354 A, US 1648354A, US-A-1648354, US1648354 A, US1648354A
InventorsErnst F Lied
Original AssigneeErnst F Lied
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Golf club
US 1648354 A
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Nov. 8, 192 7.

E. F. LIED GOLF CLUB Filed Aufl. 2l, 1926 gwuenlfoz EXW/s- ?.7 Li A v1am-aaai Nov/i; s, 1927.

` i..JNrrlsn ffsTArEsf PATENT OFFICE.



n Application led August .21, 1926.f eria1 No. 130,705.

- The invention relates to golf clubs and has for its object to provide a handle at;V

' ta'chment for a golf club, which handle attachment when grasped by the .player allows the player to swing the club accurately so that the lower end thereof willmove in sub.- stantially a horizontal line and the club to 'havea pendulum movement, ereby insuring an accurate swinging of the-club.

A further object. is. to provide a handle. attachment for a golf club, which handle atl tachmentwhen grasped by the hand of the operator prevents cramping of the muscles of the player, allows a grlpping in a naturalv gis position and in a position there'will be free mo ement of the wrists of the player, therebvinsuring maximumX efficiency while making a stroke.

A further vobject is-to provide a golf club handle membercomprising a gripping member having an arm; extending outwardlyA from the rear side ofthe'club and adapted to be gripped by the fingers of the operator',

and an`extension extending outwardly from whereby the ljusted upwar -the forward side ofthe club adapted to be gripped bythe thumb of the player, thereby 'allowing the club to -be supported ina normal position without cramping of the-musclesl of the arm.

A further object is Ito provide vmeans gripping member ,may be adly 'and downwardl on the club for adjustmg the 'same to t 'e height. of various players.

- With theabove andother 'objects in view the invention'resides in the combination and l tachment.

i designates the shaft of the golf club and 2 the head thereof. Mountedon the shaft 1 i Figure 3 is a farther mad-ined fqrm of handle attachment.

Referring to the drawing, the numeral 1 is a sleeve 3, one sideof which sleeve lis provided, with an outwardly and upwardly inclined grip 4, which grip when the club is in position for use is substantially horizontally Sdisposed, and around which grip the second ,and third fingers extend as clearly shownin Figure 1. Extending out from the opposite side of'the sleeve 3, and to the front of the shaft 1 is a finger engaging member 6, which is engaged on its upper side by the thumb 7, and on its underside by the first seen the club is gripped in a natural position and the wrist is not twisted or the muscles of the arm Astrained or distorted, which is the common difficulty with clubs as at. present constructed. It-willl also be seen that when the operator grasps the handle y8 `of the shaft 4finger 5? of the player, therefore it willbe with his. other hand in reverse relation to that shown in dotted lines, thewrists of the operator are in position where thereal swing can be from'the wrists for insuring an accurate driving of the ball with the head 2, and

the head 2 will". move in substantially a horizontalline at the bottom of the stroke, and the clubv will have a pendulum action. Extending throughthe extension 4 is a set -screw 9, which set screw forms means' for securelyy clamping the handle member on the shaft and at the same time allows the handle member to be' adjusted tovarious positions lon the shaft 1 according to the height of the player. The set screw'9 is provided with a ball weight 9? for balancingpurposes.

Sleeve 3 is preferably provided with a rear- `wardly extending member`10 below the -member 4, and which member '10 engages the undersideof the second finger 5 and preventsfany downward movement thereof.

Referring to Figure 2 wherein a modified form is shown, in this figure the member 4.*

is substantially the same as the member 4 in Figure 1, as well as the member 6, and is gripped .in substantially the same manner, however in this form a finger receiving hole .11 is provided through which the second linger 12 may be placed, and the'irst finger 13 is lplaced under the extension 6, otherwise the operation of the device is substantiallly the same as shown in Figure 1. In

this) form the grip is shown as formed integral with the shaft 1 for purpos/es of illustration, however it is to be understood that the same may be made adjustable if desired.

Referring to Figure 3 where a further modied form is shown, in this figure the ex'- tension member 4b is provided with a finger loo receiving recess 14 adjacent inner end,

and the extensions 6 and 6aL are eliminated,

however the operation isl substantially the same when swinging the club, as a pendulum swing free at the wrists is provided, which insures a maximum drive under perfect control and without cramping vthe 'muscles of the arms of the player.

From the above it will be seen that a golf club grip. is provided which is simple in construction, maybe easily applied to a conventional form of club, adjusted according to the height or length ofthe arms of a player, and a pendulum swing may be made, straight back and straight forward, that the hands are opposite each other, thereby allowing a swing from the wrists,eliminates jerking and jabbing at the ball and maintains the head or blade at proper angle and position during the swing. Y

The invention having been set forth what is claimed as new and useful is l 1. The combination with a golf Club shaft, ofa grip carried thereby, said grip comprisingl a sleeve surrounding the shaft, a hand engaging member extending angularly outwardly from the rear side of the shaft and sleeve, a finger engaging member carried by the forward side of the sleeve and a set screw extending through the rearwardly e'x\ tending member and the sleeve and forming means whereby said sleeve may be adjusted' carried by the handle member and extending 'outwardly `vfrom the forward side fof the shaft and a. lug extending outwardly from the handle member under the finger gripping-member. i

In testimony whereof I hereunto aix my signature.



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European ClassificationA63B53/14