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Publication numberUS1648373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1927
Filing dateMar 14, 1925
Priority dateMar 14, 1925
Publication numberUS 1648373 A, US 1648373A, US-A-1648373, US1648373 A, US1648373A
InventorsKatherine G Vilas
Original AssigneeKatherine G Vilas
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Mattress and sleeping bag
US 1648373 A
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P. M. VILAS MATTRESS AND- s.LEEPING BAG Filed March 14, 1925 Nov. 8, 1927.

allllllllllllluln y .m TMN JM Mr NLT im f,

Patented Nov. '8, 1927-.




Application f led March 14, 1925. Serial No. 15,505.

This invention relates to a sleeping bag and mattress and particularly to a sleeping bag and pneumatic mattress adapted to be used therewith. It is very desirable for motorists, campers, tourists, etc., to have a. sleepingv apparatuspsuch as a mattress or sleeping bag which can be packed in very small space when not in use and yet can be expanded for use when needed.'m

It is an object of this invention, therefore, to provide a mattress comprising a casing having a plurality of partitions extending longitudinally thereof between its topand bottom layers and terminating short ofthe ends of said casing, together with an inflatable tube folded into parallel cgnvolntions disposed between said partitions and extending around the ends thereof.

It is a further object of theI invention to provide such a mattress having open ends and flaps at said ends adapted to extend over the ends of said convolutions of the tube, saidy mattress also having an inflated pillow connected thereto at one end.

It is also an objectof the invention to,

ing means, said bag extending at its closed end beyond the mattress and having a flap at its open end. t v

These and other lobjects and advantages of the inventionwill be fully set forth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters refer to the same parts throughout the different views, and in which,

Fig. 1 is a bottom plan `view of the sleeping bag with the mattress therein;

Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation thereof, as seen' from the bottom of Fig, 1;

Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken on the line 3-3 of Fig.'1, as indicated by the arrows;

Fig. Afis a vertical section taken on the line 4 4 of Fig. l, as-indicated by the arrows, al portion thereof being broken away, Figs. 3 and 4 being on an enlarged scale; and c l Fig. 5'is a perspective view of one end corner of the mattress. f

v Referring to the drawings, the device com1 prlses a sleeping bag formed I'as a iiat casing 6 which is substantially rectangular inplan' and in cross section, said casin being open at one end and being closed at 1ts other end 6a. The closed end of the casing'6 is tapered, the top and bottom layers thereof converging and meeting at the end of ,said casing.

The casing 6 is provided with an opening 6b extending valong one side'thei'feof substantially midway between kits'top and bottom layers, and this opening is provided .with a closing and locking means comprising a series of engaging vsmall fasteners adapted to be brought into holding position by a member 7 movable longitudinally,thereof.

Such fastening and closing means Sis now widely known and ^used and/1s not described in detail, the same being substantiallyl ofthe type shown in the patent to Cri'deon Sund-Y back, N o. 1,219,881, granted Mach'QO, 1917. The casing 6 has its bottom layer continued wat the open end thereof to form a flat 6c of considerable length, which ap is adapted to fold over the top layer of the casing when the same is in use. As shown in Fi 3, the casing 6 is adaptedv to fold inwar ly into bellows shape adjacent its top layer, as'

shown by the folds 6d collapsed condition.

Disposed within the casing'6 and preferably secured to the bottom layer thereof is a mattress of the pneumatic type. This when the case yis in mattress comprises a flat casing 8 substantial- I ly 'rectangular in plan and in longitudinal and transverse section, which casing is comparatively flat andcomprises' top andbotto'ml layers. The ends of casing 8 are provided with rfolds of extra thickness or with heav tape binding 8a and the adjacent end of the top layer is provided with similar thickened "folds or tape binding y8". The portions 8a and. 8b are provided with closing means which, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, comprise spaced eyelets 9 secured in portions 8a and 8b in aligning relation. 'The portions 8al have secured thereto and lprojecting through the eyelets 9 therein loops of cord 10, which loops are adapted.

to. be extended throughA the eyelet in p0rz tion 8b and through the loop of the adjacent eyelet, as shown in Fig. 5. The adjacent loops of -one side of the mattress vbeing tied together so that the open ends ofthe matf tress arevthen tightlyI closed. The casing 8 tions 13 arie formed in the casing 8-extend-` tom layer ing longitudinally thereof and substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom layers thereof when the mattress is' in expanded condition. The layer of-material 11 terminates short of the ends of the mattress, as shown in Fig. 1, so that a space'is left at' the ends of casing 8 beyondthe ends of the partitions 13. Fla s 14 of soft material extend across theenifs of the casing 8 and are secured along one of their edges to the botof the casing 8 by the stitching 15A An inatable tube 16, preferably of resilient material,'is provided, which tube is folded into parallel convolutions 16a extendingbetween adjacent partitions 13, the top extending around the ends of.said partitions at each end of the casing 8. Said tube'16 is provided with a valve-equipped i'nflating stem or nozzle 17 which projects at one side of the mattress adjacent the end thereof and lit projects through the open side of the casing 6. Tlie casing 8. has secured thereto an iniatablekpillow -18 substantially of rectangular shape in plan and this overhangs the casing 8 at' one end thereof, as shown in Fig. 4:. The pillow 18 may be attachedby enclosing the same in a cloth casing 19, the closed end of which is attached to the ltop layerof casing 8 byv stitching 20, as shown in Fig. 4. The casing 8, as stated, preferably is se- -cured to the bottom of casing 6 by lines of stitching extending longitudinally adjacent i the edges thereof.

.j so

In operation','wlieii the mattress and sleep ing bag are arranged fo'r use, the tube 16 willA be inflated by attaching an air pump or air supplying device to the valve stem 17. The

tube will assume lits cylindrical form, as

shown in Fig. 3 and the casing 8 will be expanded, as shown, the partitions 13 being substantially vertical. The mattress .so in- Hated, makes a very comfortable support `on -which toirecline and the person using the same may, if desired, merely recline on the top thereof and on the top layer of casing 6. the device being in position, as shown in Fig. 3. l

VWhen the weatherl is cold or when the de- 4 vice is used Afor sleeping out at night, the

casing 6 can be opened by sliding the inember 7 longitudinally of the open slit 6b and the flap 6 will then be thrown open. The blankets or otherwbed clothin to be used can now yery conveniently be'placed in the casing 6 and the occupants will dispose themselves in the casing 6 on the casing or mati, parts without departing yiap'plic'a'nts stated, consists in a device capable of carry- 'ing out the objects above set forth, in the tress 8., After the occupants are comforti ably disposed, the side opening or slit 6h can be closed b again sliding the member 7 to the openen of the casing 6. rThe casing 6 forming the sleeping bag is now closed and the flap 6c canv be brought over the heads of the persons in the casing 6. There will be plenty ofl opportunity for getting fresh air out of the side openings beneath the flap 6. It will be understood that when the device is to be packed and collapsed the tube 16 will be deflated and the whole 'apparatus can 'Ill' then be rolled and disposed in a very small space. The pillow 18 can be inflated through valve .stem 18a and this stem and stem 17,

(preferably will be equipped with closing aps. The casing 8 enclosing tube 16 and formin the mattress can be detached from the casing 6 and the mattress used alone, if desired.

From the above description it isseen that applicant has provided a very simple and efficient y sleeping bag and mattress. The mattress, when the tube 16 is intlated'to the proper degree, supports the body with great comfort. It has been found in practice that the convolutions 16al extending longitudinally of the mattress give a very effective support and fewer bends are necessary in the tube than if the tube were disposed with crosswise convolutions. The pillow 18 parv tially overhangs the end of-sthe casing 8 and furnishes a very comfortable support far the head and, in effect, increases the length of the mattress. The casings 6 and 8 are made of pliable and strong canvas and the whole device is of simple construction and very easily made and assembled. The device has been amply demonstrated in actual practice and found I to be very successful and efficient.

It will, of course, be understood, that various changes may be made in the form, vdetails, arrangement and proportions of the from the scope of which, generally invention,

novel parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claims. `What is claimed is: Y

1. A pneumatic mattress comprising an elongated flat casing of flexible material having spaced top and bottom layers, a series of spaced partitions extending betw en said top and bottom layers longitudina ly of said casing, said partitions terminating short of the ends of said casing, a continuous inflatable tube folded into parallel convolutions extending between said partitions and successively reversely bent aro'und the ends .thereof, flaps secured to one of said top and bottom layers and extending across said casing adjacent the ends thereof, said flaps belng of sucient width to cover the bent ends of said tube at the ends of said easing, said mattress being open along its end edges,-

foot thereof, and having an opening at the 10 head end and an opening at one side thereof, there being a flap adapted to extend over the head end of said casing and quickly operatable closing and fastening means adapted to close the opening at the side of said 15 casing.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature.


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European ClassificationA47C27/08A, A47G9/08