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Publication numberUS1648530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1927
Filing dateOct 9, 1926
Priority dateDec 16, 1924
Publication numberUS 1648530 A, US 1648530A, US-A-1648530, US1648530 A, US1648530A
InventorsAltorfer Alpheus W
Original AssigneeAltorfer Alpheus W
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Washing-machine tub
US 1648530 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 8, 1927. 1,648,530

A. w. ALTOR FER WASHING MACHINE TUB Original Filed Dec. l6, 1924 INVEN'IEIR BY WAN/7 W 3 W ATTDRNEYEV Patented Nov. 8, 127.



October a, 1926.

This invention relates to washing machines.

This application is a division of my ap plication filed December .16, 1924, bearing Serial Number 756,313.

The invention herein has special reference to battle arrangement within the tub for service in procuring a certain character of circulating action-with respect to water and clothes content.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a vertical cross sectional View in part, taken through the center of housing and frame supporting portions for the tub and of the tub itself, with a portion thereof broken away to show interior parts; and

Fig. 2 is a plan View showing the same structure as Fig. 1, except that the top or cover portion of the housing frame is omitted. v

- Referring to the drawings, 10 refers generally to a shellmember commonly known as a cabinet, the same being supported in conjunction with a bottom framing (not shown). 11is a top section of the cabinet fashioned with an opening about its axial center. 12 is a tub designed to contain liquid and clothing, the same being supported in a basket frame 'comprising the, ring member 13 and bars 14, the latter'being inturned at right angles attheir lower ends and connected with a plate 15.

' The tub is bodily removable from its sup: porting frame by simple vertical lift.

The housing frame for the tub is supported from a gimbal' ring unit comprising a pair of rings, as 16, pivoted at points on a line across the axis of the rings, and the outer ring is pivoted to bracket members as 17 which said bracket members in turn are attached to shell 10 of the cabinet. Ring member 13 of the tub support is pivoted as at 18 to the outer ring member of the gimbal ring set and atright angles to the ivotalconnection of the outside ring with Bracket su port 17.

19 is a riven shaft. The tub support is held permanently ofi center with respect to shaft 19 by means of crank arm 20 engaging a post member 21 connected at the axial center of the tub support. By the arrangement hereinabove. specified, the body of the tubimay be caused .to be moved in a continuous direction, while the tub frame and Qvriginal application filed December 16, 1924, SGIj/l No. 756,313. Divided and this application filed Serial No. 140,435.

tub will be held against turning about its to the inventor herein, No. 1,519,715, dated Dec. 16, 1924, and donot constitute any part of the present invention, and in fact,

the tub structure herein is notv limited for service to the character of support and driving arrangement exemplified in said patent.

As previously noted, this invention contemplates provision of novel baflie plates within the tub, whereby a thorough agitation of the liguid content of the tub is effected during operation of the machine. To

this end a plurality of baflie members 22 are secured. to the inner periphery of the tub, the said baffle members being arranged substantially midway between the top and bottom portions of the tub. As illustrated, the

baflle members 22 are corrugated, being formed with a plurality of convolutions or channels 23 which incline downwardly and inwardly towards the axial center of the tub.

In addition, it should be noted that the baffle members 22 are'bodily inclined slightly with respect to the vertical. During the operation of the machine, the liquid content of the tub will be intercepted by the members 22, and

due to the 'peculiarhformation and inclina- 35 tion of the latter will be hurled or directed downwardly and towards the geometrical axis of the tub, thereby effecting great agitation.

' In addition to'the bafile means described, a second set of bafile members 24 is provided in thebottom of the container, the members 24 belng alternately arranged with the baflie plates 22. The baffle members 24 are preferably pyramidal in form, the base thereof being secured to the bottom of the tub, while the apex reaches slightly above the bottom edge of the bafile members 22. While this relative arrangement of'bafiies has upon test proven satisfactory and is preferred, never- 1 a preferred ferent forms of embodiment to accom'lish the same result, and therefore I do not imit myself to the particular form herein shown.

What I claim is:

1. In a washing machine, a container for water andclothing, a luralit of relatively spaced corrugated ba e mem ers u on the interior wall of said container and isposed medially of its height, and a plurality of bafiie members attached to the floor of the container and spaced relatively and in alternate relation to the medially disposed baflies.

2. In a w'ashingmachine, a container for water and clothing, a plurality of relatively spaced corrugated baflle members disposed medially of the container and a second set of pyramidal baflie members disposed in the "bottom portion of the container and arranged in alternate order with respect to the medially disposed bafiie members.

3. In a washing machine, a container for water and clothing, a plurality of convoluted baflie members spaced at intervals about the container intermediate its hei ht, and a second set of bafiie members in the ttom portion of the container arranged in alternate relation to the first named set of baflles.

4.. In a washing machine, a container for liquid and clothing, a plurality of relativel spaced, circularly arranged corrugated ba e members thereon disposed medially of the height thereof, and a second set of similarly arranged baflie members at the bottom ortion of the container spaced from the mentioned set.

5. In a washing machine, a rotatable tub, a pluralit of spaced bafiies secured to the inner wal of the tub, said baflies being constructed and arranged to deflect the water downwardly in the tub, and a plurality of battles secured to the tottom of the tuband disposed in alternate relation to said first mentioned baflles.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my si nature.



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