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Publication numberUS1648565 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1927
Filing dateAug 25, 1924
Priority dateAug 25, 1924
Publication numberUS 1648565 A, US 1648565A, US-A-1648565, US1648565 A, US1648565A
InventorsKathleen D Primley
Original AssigneeKathleen D Primley
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Golf-ball carrier
US 1648565 A
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Nov. 8, 1927. 1,648,565

K. D. PRlMLEY GOLF BALL CARRIER Filed Aug. 25, 1924 Patented Nov. 8, 1927 UNITED STATES 1,648,565 PATENT OFFICE.


GOLF-BALL cannrnn. 1

Application filed August 25, 1924. Serial No. 733,945.

extra balls as well as score cards and pencils for keeping their scores. It is also desirable for the comfort and convenience of the players that they shall be provided with means for carr in various small personal belongings, an this is particularl sary inthe case of women players, w ose apparel is ordinarily not provided w1th as great a number ofpockets as the clothing worn by 16 men. My invention relates to a golf ball carrier which is designed to fulfill the requirements of players above mentioned, and the object of my invention is the PI'OVISIOII of a convenient andsatisfactory carrier so constructed and designed as to be particularly well adapted to answer the purposes in view and thus add to the comfort. and convenience of the players and their en oyment of the game. With this object in view I have 2 invented the golf ball carrier hereinafter described in detail, the essential elements of m invention being more particularly pointe out in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawing, Fig. 1 is a perspective of a golf ball carrier embodying my invention;

'Figure2 is a vertical cross-sectional view thereof; and

Figure 3 is a rear elevation thereof. as The carrier may be conveniently formed of leather, though it may also be constructed of any flexible material suificientl strong for .the purpose and sufficiently sti to retain its shape. The general shape of the carrier is oblong and rectangular and it is preferably of such size that it will receive half a dozen golf balls. On the rear wall 1 of the carrier there is provided a ocket 2 for the reception of a card or fo der containin the rules of the armor extra score car s, or any article 0 similar sha At one end of the carrier, on the inside t ereof, I have .provided a pocket 3 suitable for the reception of coins, and, at the other end I have provided a cross strap or pocket 4 which is adapted to retain any small article, such as a vanity box or a small folded packet of paper matches for the use of smokers. The end walls of the carrier are rovided at the top with inwardly folding aps 5, and the rear DOCBS- wall with a closure flap 6 suitable sna or fastener 7. this cover band or strap 8, suitable forthe reception of a pair of gloves or a handkerchief, or for a packageof cigarettes.

The front wall of the carrier is provided with anoutside pocket 9 which referabliv1 eguip ed with a n t e inside of and as shown, extends nearly the ull lengt v of such wall and is intended for the reception of score cards. The front end of the pocket 9 is open and slightly cut away as shown, so thatthe score card may be readily withdrawn and replaced as the players scores are entered from time to time at the conclusion of the play at each hole. A snap member 10 arranged to cooperate with the snap member 7 before mentioned is secured to the outer face of the pocket 9; On the outside of the front end wall of the carrier I have provided two pockets 11 and 12, which in the present instance and preferably are of different depths for the accommodation of pencils of different lengths.

The carrier is intended to be carried by means of a strap 13 equipped with a suitable buckle 14 or other fastening means by which it may be secured around the person of the player. This strap is arranged to run smoothly through a smooth sheath 15 secured to the rear wall of the carrier, so that the carrier may be readily slid on the belt to any desired position for the convenience of the player in removing and replacing articles or to adjust the carrier so that it will not interfere with movements in making a play.

It is obvious that some changes in the proportions of the carrier and the arrangement of theinside pockets may be made without departing from the substance of my invention, and I therefore desire my claim construed to cover such immaterial changes in the construction. of the parts.

I claim:

A golf ball carrier in the form of a flat rectangular box arranged to slidably engage a belt, said box having on its outer side wall a forwardly opening score-card pocket and being (provided with a flexible cover flap arrange to fold downwardly upon the outer side wall of said pocket and to be detachably secured thereto.


ap 6 I have provided a broad I

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International ClassificationA63B47/00
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European ClassificationA63B47/00