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Publication numberUS1650210 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1927
Filing dateFeb 12, 1927
Priority dateFeb 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1650210 A, US 1650210A, US-A-1650210, US1650210 A, US1650210A
InventorsHasty Walter
Original AssigneeHasty Walter
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Oil-dispensing tank
US 1650210 A
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Filed Feb. 12. 1927 Humm@ Patented Nov. 22, 1927.y



Application filed February 12, 192'?. Serial No. 167,770.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in dispensing tanks, and has for its primary object to provide a highly novel, simple, and inexpensive tankl prlmarily, though not specifically adapted for use in the maintenance and dispensing of motor lubricating oils. i An important object of this invention 1s to provide means whereby the oil may be rapidly dispensed from a visible oil chamber by reason of compressed air and wherein the oil is delivered into said chamber by another air pressure with the result that the oil. is properly dispensedregardless of 1ts viscosity which is usually very heavy during cold weather. 'Another important object is to provide a dispensing tank of this character that may be readily moved from place so as to facilitate the lubrication of automobile engines and the like and that' will not require. the hand pumpin of the oil or the dispensing of the same y gravity which usually requires the use of oil cans or other receptacles.

With the foregoin and other objects in view as the nature o the invention will be better understood, the same comprises the novel form, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, shown in the accompanying drawing and claimed.

The figure is a view mainly in side elevation and partly in cross section off an oil dispensing tank constructed in accordance with the present invention;

Now having particular reference to the drawing, my novel device consists of a main storage tank 5 of suitable capacity and design equipped at its bottom with one or more casters 6 in opposed relation with which are depending feet 7 said feet and casters being provided for permitting the tank to be disposed stationarily in upright position, or to permit the same to be rolled from place/to place when eanted over yupon the one or more casters 6. Directly above the casters, said tank is provided with a suitable handle '8 to permit of its easy movement from place to place, while surrounding thistank andas a means or securing the handle bar thereto, are metallic straps 9--9, preferably two 1n number.

The top wall of this tank 5 is provided with a normally capped filler neck 10, a'

'end with a` suitable strainer as suggested by the dotted lines in the drawing.

Upon the upper end of this pipe 13 and having communication therewith is a conventional visible delivery chamber 14, from the bottom' oi' whichleads a iiexible hose 15 equipped at its free end with a suitable nozzlel 16 directly in back of which is a suitable control valve 17. Arranged within the pipe i 13 between the visible chamber 14 and the tank 5 is a similar control valve 18.

Suitably arranged within the upper end of the tank 5 remote from the filler neck 10, gage 11, and pressure air inlet valve 12 is a small air storage tank 19, certain walls of which are defined by the outer and top wall of the main tank as clearly disclosed. Lead- .o ing into the tank 19 through the top wall of the main tank 5 is a pressure air Ainlet valve 2O and a pressure gage 21. Communicating at its opposite ends with the top of the storage tank 19 and the top of the visible feed chamber 14. is a pressure delivery pipe 22.

After the main tank 5 has been char edV with a supply of oil, it being necessary t at the oil level be at a point below the top wall of the tank a supply of air is injected above the level through the valve- 12, the pressure thereof being registered by the gage but obviously upon opening the valve 18, a

predetermined quantity of the oil will flow iniothe visible chamber 14. This valve 18 is l'then closed, after which the nozzle 16 of the "flexible hose 15 is injected into the breather pipe or other point to receive the lubricant. The valve 17 is then opened and obviously in view of the pressure of the air from the tank 19 being-'exerted upon the head of the fluid within the visible chamber 14 the tluid within this visible chamber is forcibly ejectedA therefrom and through the pipe- 15 andnozzle 16, and this regardless of the viscosity of the oil. Furthermore the spilled upon the uidwill be discharged in rapid manner and with little or no ,liability of the oil being Ground, the running of the automobile, or other place thereon which is a frequent occurrence in the now generally followed methods of lubricating automobile motors.

It will thus be seen that I have provided a hi hly novel, simple, and relativel inexpensive oil dispensing tank that 1s well adapted for all the purposes heretofore designated, and even though I have herein shown and described the invention as consisting of certain detail structural elements, it is nevertheless to be understood that some changes may be made therein without affecting the spirit and scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described the invention, wha I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters'Patent is In an oil dispensing device of the class described, a mam storage tank, an air inlet valve arranged in the top ofthe tank whereby air pressure may be built up within the tank above the level of the fluid therein, a visible feed chamber arranged above the tank, a supply pipe extending from the bottom wall of the feed chamber downwardly into the tank, the lower end of the ipe terminating adjacent the bottom of t e tank, the airin the tank forcing the fluid upwardly through the supply pipe into the feed chamber, a control valve within said pipe between the chamber and the tank, a flexible hose leading from the bottom of the feed chamber, a valved nozzle on the free end of the hose, an air pressure tank arranged within the main storage tank, a portion of the side wall of thema-in storage tank comprising the adjacent portion of the side wall of the air pressure tank, a portion of the top of the main storage tank comprising the top of the air pressure tank, an air inlet valve arranged inthe top of the air pressure tank, the pressure of the air within the main storage tank being greater than the pressure of the air in the pressure tank, and a pressure delivery pipe extending between the air pressure tank and the upper end of the visible feed chamber.

In testimony whereof I allix my signature.


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