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Publication numberUS165054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1875
Publication numberUS 165054 A, US 165054A, US-A-165054, US165054 A, US165054A
InventorsFrank S. Baldwin
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Improvement in measuring-bottles
US 165054 A
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Patented June 29,1875.

wmf-#4 ffm enea,


r grooved plug, D, in the tube.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. gll, dated June 29, 1875; application filed May 27, 1875.

To all whom it muy concern Be it known that I, FRANK S. BALDWIN, of' Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented an Improved Measuring-Bottle, of which the following is a specification:

rlhe object of my invention is to so construct a measuring-bottle that a given portion only of its contents can be poured out every time it is tilted; and a further object ot my inven tion is to` register the number ot times the bottle is tilted, for the purpose of pouring out a given quantity ot' its contents. Ilhese objects l attain in the manner which I will now proceed to describe, reference being had to the accompanying drawing', in which* Figure l is a vertical section of my measurin g-bottle; Fig. 2, the same as it appears when tilted; Fig. 3, an enlarged View ot' pa-rt ofthe mouth-mecc; Fig. 4, a sectional plan on the 'line l 2, Fig. 3; and Figs. 5, 6, and 7, views appertainin g to the registering device.

A is a bottle, to the neck cot' which is adapted a mouth-piece, B, consistin g ot' a tube, c, tightly fitted to its place through the medium ot' intervening packing of gum or other suitable material, and within the lower portion of this tube is formed a spiral passage, b, in the present instance, by the snug fitting of a spirally- Above this plug, and communicating with the spiral passage, is an internal tube, E, above which is an inverted cup, F. It will be seen that the contents ofthe bottle, when the latter is tilted, cannot escape from the mouth-piece without first flowing through the spiral passage, then through the tube E, then retreating to a distance determined by the flange of the cup, the liquid finally escaping through the perforated guard d, secured to the end of the mouthpiece. The object of compelling the liquid to take this circuitous course is to prevent the entrance of air through the month-piece during the pouring out of the liquid. rlhe bottom G of the bottle is made et' the concaveconvex form commonly adopted in the manufacture ot' ordinary bottles, and has a number ot openings, e--three in the present instancefor a purpose explained hereafter. To the lower end of the bottle is tightly titted and secured the annular base H, between an internal shoulder on which and the bottle is confined the edge otl the elastic diaphragm I. rlhe interior ot' this base is threaded for the reception of the threaded edge ofv the disk J, in which are a number of holes for the admission otl air. On the Lipper surface of the plate is a pallet-wheel, K, which is arranged to turn on a central pin ou the said plate, and tothe latter is also hung the pallet-lever L, having at each end a projection adapted to the teeth ot' the wheel. A button, M, is con nected by a link, t', to the disk, and by a link, h, to one arm ot' the pallet-lever, the button with its two links forming a knee-joint, so that by raising and lowering the said butterfa duty performed through the medium of the elastic diaphragm, as explained hereafter-a vibratory motion will be imparted to the pallet-lever, and consequent-ly an intermittent motion to the pallet-wheel. This disk J has a segmental opening, f, for the display ot' marks and ligures arranged in a circle on the under side of the pallet-wheel, and one edge ot' the segmental opening f has marks and figures which, in conjunction with those ot' the pallet-wheel, indicate the number of intermittent movements ot' the same. There are, for instance, fifty teeth on the pallet-wheel, and the latter has live marks at equal distances apart, these marks being numbered consecutively from naught to forty. The marks on the edge of the opening are so graduated that, it continued in a circle, there would be as many marks as there are teeth in the palletwheel, the marks being numbered from naught to nine. The position of the numbered marks on the pallet-wheel with reference to those on the disk will indicate the number of intermit tent movements made by the wheel from its starting-point.

When the bottle is in the position shown in Fig. l, the contents will have free access to and will till the space between the elastic diaphragm and the bottom G ot' the bottle, but no more liquid can be poured from it during one tilting of the bottle than equals the quantity contained in the said space, for on tilting the bottle, say, to the position shown in Fig. 2, the diaphragm will yield, and, as the yielding continues, the liquid will ilow through the circuitous passage ot' the mouth-piece without permittin g the air to enter the same. The mo ment the diaphragm reaches the bottom of the bottle the openings in the'latter will be closed, and there can be no further iiow of liquidfrom the bottle until the latter is replaced in a vertical position and again tilted.

The quantity of liquid which can be poured from the bottle will be determined by the adjustment of the disk J within the annular base. By elevating this disk the space between the bottom of the bottle and the diaphragm can be contracted, and by lowering the disl the space can be expanded, the capacity ot' the space always determining the quantity of liquid which can be poured from the bottle durin g one tilting' of the same.

\Vhen the bottle is tilted the diaphragm will yield and permit the button M to move by its weight or by the action of a spring toward the neck of the bottle, thereby imparting one movement to the pallet-lever, which receives its other movement, when the bottle is restored to an upright position, from the flexible diaphragm 5 hence the indicator will show the number of measures of liquid which have been withdrawn from the bottle.

It will be noticed that the pallet-wheel is always under the control of the palletlever, which cannot be tampered with.

I claim as my invention- 1. A measuring-bottle, in which a perforated bottom, G, is combined with a flexible diaphragm, I, substantially in the manner and for the purpose described.

2. The combination of the bottle, its perforated bottom, and exible diaphragm with the detachable mouth-piece B, with which a circuitous passage is formed, substantially as and for the purpose described.

3. The combination of the exterior tube c of the mouth-piece B with the spiral passage b, tube E, and inverted cup F, all substantially as set forth.

el. The combination of the bottle, its perforated bottom, the annular base H and adjustable disk or plate J.

5. rIhe combination ofthe tiexible diaphragm, the pallet-lever L, and pallet-wheel K with mechanism substantially as described, through the medium of which motion is communicated by the diaphragm to the said lever.

6. The combination of the pallet-wheel K, having figures arranged in tens, and in a cir' cle with a plate, J, having an opening, f, and marks and figures indicating units 011 the edge ot' the opening, as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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