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Publication numberUS1650630 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1927
Filing dateSep 14, 1925
Priority dateOct 2, 1924
Publication numberUS 1650630 A, US 1650630A, US-A-1650630, US1650630 A, US1650630A
InventorsKlein Josef
Original AssigneeKlein Josef
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Advertising apparatus
US 1650630 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nav. 29, 1927. 1,650,630

J. KLEIN A ADVERTISING APPARATUS K Filed Sept. 14. 1925 i sgluumm'm JOSEF KLEIN, or nnnsDnN-Loscnwrrz, GERMANY. 1

- `Anvnntiisne Arrimnrus.

Application led September 14, 1925, Serial No. 56,313, and` in `Czechoslov'akia; October 2, 1924.

saine time a price indicator and an enter-` tainment, its object beuigto attract the at# tention of passersdiy and to vdetain them for the duration of a musical or acoustic display, so that the advertisements are brought to the notice of the people and a disposition is created to purchase the advertised goods.

The advertising apparatus accordingto the invention consists of a kiosk-like casing and of a tower-like top piece to which from a motor a rotating movement and a reciprocating movement in vertical direction are communicated. F rom the` same driving motor other mechanical apparatus are operated which serve to execute musical performances and to display advertising cards or boards. Un the side Walls of the casing and on the top-piece advertisement-cards are arranged, which may be transparent and lighted 'from a source of light arranged within the casing.

An embodiment of the invention is-illustrated, by lWay of example, in the accompanying drawings invwhich 1 Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the complete apparatus. Y

F ig. 2 shows in verticalV section the casing and the driving mechanism in the same.

Fig. 3 shows a casing with a moving ligure.

This apparatus includes a kiosk-like casing 1 having advertising cards 2 on its upper edge and a tower-shaped top 'piece 3. In the casing 1 a mechanical driving motor 4, for instance a spring motor or an electricmotor to be switched in by means Vof plug contacts, is arranged. The motor l4 drives a shaft 5 and has a propeller 6 serving as fank to cool theair in the casing. gear wheel 7 on shaft 5 rotates a worm wheel S keyed on the end of shaft 9 of the top piece which projects into the casing. This shaft 9 of the top piece has a slot 10 withwhich a catch pin 11 engages which is fixed on the worm wheel 8. The worm wheel 8 is located between two abutments 12 andl.` The shaft 9 is thus rotated but at the same time adapted to be moved in vertical direction of the length of the slot 10. l/Vith this objectin view a tooth 14 on shaft 9 is intermittently raised by a cam disk 15 on shaft 5, a spring 16 serving to return the shaft 9 an'dconsequently the top piece `Sinto the normal position. The top piece is thus continuously rotated and intermittently-raised and loW- eredso that advertising boards, flags and the' like on the top piece are made to move to attract the attention of the passers-by. A vertical rod linounted on the top plate of casing l has at its loweriend an arm 18 acted upon at regular intervals by the cam disk 15 on shaft 5 or by other cani disks on said shaft so that it is raised and then lowered again by the action of a spiral spring 19, bells 'or other musical instruments mounted on said rod 17 being thus made to sound.

terasse There may be arranged on the top plate, of f v the casing any desired numbers of bells or the like, oneseparate cam wheel or pin being provided on shaft 5 for each bell.

Any convenient musical' instrument, arranged in the casing or under the casing may be operated from shaft 5.

ln at least one side wall of the casing a window 2() is provided for the display of thek representation of a human figure 21. One arm of this figure carries'a flag in the national colors or bearing advertising matter, and this` arm 22 is fulcrumed on the body portion at 23 to swing in front of the figure. A lever arm 24 extends from this arm-and is'articulated at its outer end 24 to a strap 124 of an eccentric 25, which lat-l ter is actuated fromthe main drive shaft 5 in any suitable manner, for instance, as shoWn,by a 'belt drive 12 1.@In an advertising device of the character set forth, in combination, a casing presenting a window in at least one of its side walls, a motor'` in said casing, a drive shaft driven from said niotor,an actuator fixed on said shaft, a rod supporting advertising means disposed partly within and partly without said casingand operable by said drive shaft in continuous rotary and intermittent `axially reciprocatory manner, au'- dible means axially guided in said case and jar-operatedv by said actuator, and a representation of a human figure displayed in the casing window, one arm of said figure bearing advertisingv means and being articulated to the body, and means operated by said kdrive shaft for swingingly actuating said ciprocatory and rotatable rod in its com` ico pound movements, comprising, the rod present-ing a guide slot in its inner e'nd poi-tion, u drive shaft, a Worm thereon, n. Worm wheel meshing with said Worin and loosely riding on said rod, a pinextending from siil nioiin" Wheel for shdable cooperation with said rod slot, means for holding said Worin wheel stationary relative to the rod reciproeations,

a'pin laterally extending from Said rod, and un actuatoi on said drive shaft for' pei'iodic cooperation with said rod pin for lifting said rod once for each complete shaft revoluti'o'L I n testimony whereof I aiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/455, 40/421
International ClassificationG09F11/23
Cooperative ClassificationG09F11/23
European ClassificationG09F11/23