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Publication numberUS1651738 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1927
Filing dateJun 2, 1927
Priority dateJun 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1651738 A, US 1651738A, US-A-1651738, US1651738 A, US1651738A
InventorsCharles Stein, Heller William M
Original AssigneeCharles Stein, Heller William M
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US 1651738 A
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c. STEIN ET AL DOLL Filed June 3, 1927 Patented Dec. 6, 1927.

u rsn ormnms swam AND wmmsm M. HELLER, or Ari-inane orrr, new JERSEY.


, Application m June a, was. Serial no. 198,051.

The object of our invention is to provide 'in very simple and yet ve'r attractive form, a doll, especially an in ant doll, having readily movable members, especially head and arms, which by easy manipulation may be made to strikingly simulate the natural movements by a living infant of the corresponding members.

Our invention consists in whatever 13 described by or is included within the terms or scope of the appended claims.

In the drawings: I Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a doll em bodying our invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical section thereofi Fig. 3 is a detail view in perspectlve of the upper portion of the body-sack.

Briefly describing the embodiment of our invention shown in the drawings, it pom ae prises an infant doll and a bed with pillow or a cushion upon which the doll appears to lie, with the upper part of the body, head and arms exposed above what appear. to be covers for the remainder of the body, and 8% such loose or flexible connection between the doll and the pillow or cushion as to permit movements, corresponding to an infants movements, of the exposed members or parts, either by manipulation of the fingers $0 thrust through an opening provided for that purpose in the bed or cushlon, and into contact or engagement with the head and arm members, as well as by mere shaking, when the bed or cushion bythe hand. Describing in detail what is shown in the drawings, thereis the imitation of a bed or apillow, the bed or bedding P cam s-sin a pad, 10 (which in a rough way considered as corresponding to a v and a pad, 11, which may be considered as; roughly corresponding to the bed clothesforcovering, and between these two ads'is' placed the lower portion. of the od 12, of; the doll, the portion of the doll 'the' waist upwards being exposed topedgeof thecover-pad, 11, the expose rtion including the doll head, 13,

ojarms. 14, each of whichtermiopen hand, each arm up wrist mg" hollow and flexible, and the head-being hollow and having in the neck a-hole,115,through-which a finger may be 4 thrust, "the doll body,". 12, being of flexible material, ;.8oiithatalthough the head is of. rigid material, the "head may nevertheless to thefreely move, either in response to pressure from the inserted finger, or from the slight shaking of the pad-like supports for the doll, and in like manner, the arms with the hands may be moved in simulation of the movement of an infants arms and hands, by the thumb thrust in one arm'and a finger thrust in the other arm, or the arms and hands with the head may be' given the desired motion by grasping the supporting pads by the hand and shakingthe same. In rear of and extending above the doll head, 13, 1s a pad, 16, corres onding to a pillow, and this pad, 16, may b the lower pad, 10, a space or hole, 17, being left 'or provided at the back of the doll, so

e a continuation of that the hand and fingers may grasp the being open at the bottom and suficiently.

loose so that the hand may be thrust upward from the bottom inside the curtain or cover mg, when the movements of the doll are to be produced by the fingers thrust into the several members. The fingers notthrust'in the members may grasp the doll body to hold the device during the manipulation of the head and arms by the inserted fingers,

the body being slender enough for that purose.

The doll body includes a sack-like contalner, 19, of cotton or other suitable material, which at the top issecured by sewing or otherwise to the hollow neck of the head, and which is closed at'the bottom, and it is an important feature of our device that the body though pliable has sufficient stifi'ness or rigidity as normally to remain in the 11pright position with the head touching, or close to the pillow, so that although the upper portion of the' trunk and head extend above the top edge of the cover pad, 11, and

' hence, derive no support from the latter above such top edge, the headand trunk will not loosely fall forward, which would be objectionable, and materially spoil the effect sought by the protrusion of the chest and head above the cover pad; We secure this result by stuffing the container, 19, with a filling, 20, of cotton or other fibrous or loose material, and also by placing therein a voiceproducing device, 21, of familiar construction, the latter being located so that when the doll body is grasped, the sound-producing device, 21, will be grasped in the palm of thehand with the ball of the thumb at the front, so that pressure at front and back may be exerted to cause the emission -of sound. Thus, we provide a body that is of long slender shape, that may be readil held in the hand and surrounded by the ngers and thumb with the manipulating fingers and thumb free for the desired movements of head and arms,- one that has sufficient flexibility so that the sound-producing device may be operated by pressure of the hand and one which supports the upper portion of the trunk and the head above the top edge of the cover pad with sufficient stifiness so that it will not fall limply forward. The doll shown in the drawings has movable eyes pivoted as usual, and to whlch are attached a weighted arm, 22, automatically to swing the eyes to position, and as the interior of the head, especially on account of the eye moving device may be roughly finished, so that the bare finger in contact therewith might be scratched, or the interior of the head injuredby too much pressure from the finger, we attach to the neck portion of the body sack, 19, a stall or finger, 23, of cloth into which the finger for manipulating the head is thrust through vthe opening 123 glee Fig. 3), and thus, the portion of the ger within the head is completely covered. The eyes may be opened and closed by manipulation of the inserted finger contacting with the Weighted arm, 22. The finger or stall, 23, limits the extent of thrust of the finger into. the head and to that extent safeguards the head parts from injury.

Te employment of the finger stall, 23, prevents the existence of a lpose or unfinished edge of cloth around the neck hole of the head which would be objectionable because of the likelihood of its being caught by the finger and pulled away from the neck open- 1n hould the presence of the finger stall in the doll head-prevent the free movement of the e es in the customary way by laying the 7 features.

By the structure shown inthe drawings, and as above described, not only is the simulation of an infant in a bed produced, but the. mechanical advantage "is securedin the provision of the members corresponding to the bed members, of giving a substantial support, and one that is sufiiciently flexible, so that the desired movement in simulation of the movements of an infant may be produced with the familiar and usual background when an infant lies or reclines in its bed or carriage.

'A very desirable feature of our invention is the combination of the infant or baby face and the simulation of the conventional cushion.

The armsof the infant are in reality mere sleeves with hands secured to the sleeves at the wrist, and by making the sleeves of a fabric, such as organdy, the sleeves have suflicient stiffness so that the motions of'the arms under the application of the thumb and fingers back and forth have an attractive liveliness, such as those of an infant, in reaching out to a person, and the fabric has sufficient elasticity or spring so that when the fingers'or thumb are removed, the arms and hands will fall back. and occupy an outstretched position at each side.

As is indicated in the drawings, an ornamental and characteristic appearance may be secured by the use of lace trimmings for the parts which correspond to bedding.

' Those parts which require to be secured together may be secured by stitching or by safety pins applied at the necessary points. i

- What we claim is:

1.' A toy that comprises a support with parts corresponding with a pillow and bed covering, and a doll having the head and the upper portion of the trunk exposed above the top edge of the bedcovering, andmeans for supporting the head normally from falling forward when the toy is held in a vertical position comprising a slender body which includes a sack-like container with a flexible filling, said bodyproviding means for hold-- ing the doll in operative position, an openingbeing provided at the rear of the body communicating with the neck to provide for insertion of a finger within the head and a I ljke head and arms, and a support of rectan ar cushion form the upper portion of which lies behind the head and arms, and the lower portion covers the lower portion of the doll body, the head and arms bein accessible from behind for en agement an mampulation by the hand the doll body 7 consisting of a sack-like container with fiex- I ng, to the upper end of which the ible filli head is attached and thereby supported from falling forward when the toy is held in a vertical position, but allowing back and to pressure by a finger of the hand, the head a being hollow for inserting the finger for that purpose, the body providing means for holdmg the doll in operative position and an opening being provided at the rear of the body for insertion of a finger within the head and the arms being open at the rear to admit of insertion of the fingers for operating them.

3. A toy comprising a doll with a hollow headwith an opening at the neck for inserting the finger into thelhead, a body including a sack-like container with a flexible filling having an opening at the top to which the neck portion of the head is attached, and

a finger stall of flexible material joined to said container adjacent the neck and passing through the neck into the head with an exterior 0 enin for the thrusting of the finger into t e sta movable hollow arm memv ers adapted to receive fingers thrust therein for manipulation, and a support comprising a portion in'rear of the'head and a portion substantially belowthe head and extending over said body.

4. A toy comprising a doll with a hollow head with an opening at the neck for insert-- 7 ing the finger into the head, a body including avertically elongated sack-like container with a flexible filling to the top of which the neck part of the head is attached, said body being of a size for grasping by the hand when a finger is'thrust in the head, an openingbeing provided at the rear of the body communicating with the neck for insertion of 'a finger wlthin the head, movable hollow arm-members adapted to receive fingers thrust therein, a pad-form member extending over and concealing said body with its upper edge below the head and arm mem bers, and being substantially rectangular in contour, and a similar pad-like member in rear of the head and arm members.

In testimony whereof we hereunto aflix our signatures.


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