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Publication numberUS1652402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateFeb 12, 1926
Priority dateFeb 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1652402 A, US 1652402A, US-A-1652402, US1652402 A, US1652402A
InventorsFriedman William
Original AssigneeFriedman William
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Toilet article
US 1652402 A
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nm mm1/f w`. FRIEDMAN TOILET ARTICLE @n n fm n Dec. 13, 1927.

Patented Dec. 13, 1927.



Application led February 12, 1926. Serial No. 87,811.

This invention relates to toilet articles and particularly to such articles as are used more especially by women for `make-up purposes. The objects of the invention are to provide a device of this character wherein a ong strip of make-up units may be contalned withinxa single packet; to require use of sald units successively; to maintain said units spacedrom each other and from any part of the c ntainer; to provide for tearing away the protector or divider from a portion of said make-up units at a time; to retain the base of the' strip and dividers within the container; to require tearing the unit from the strip for use; to secure simplicity of construction, economy of manufacture, attractiveness in appearance, and to secure other advantages and results as may be brought out in the following description.

Referring to .the accompanying drawing in which like numerals of reference indicate similar parts throughout the several views,

Figure 1 is a plan view with parts broken away for disclosing the interior;

Figure 2 is a sectipnal view on line 2 2 of Figure 1,;

Figure 3 is an elevation of a portion of the strip and its dividers before the same are rolled or introduced into the container; and AFigure 4' is a cross-sectional view on line- 4-4 of Figure 3.

In the specific embodiment of the invention illustrated in said drawing, the reference 'numeral 1 indicates a strip of considerable length which is slit inwardly from one longitudlnal edge so as to provide a plurality of units 2 which are transverse to the length of said strip. In making the slit between the several units 2, I show the preferred construction more particular] 1n Figure 3 wherein a portion of materlal is actually removed from between the several units, making a slot 3 so that the longitudinal edges of this preferred construction of strip of units are not in contact with each-other. ever, it is to be understood that while the construction as above described and as shown is the preferred embodiment of the invenl tion, the unitsmay be otherwise spaced or in engagement with each other as may be found desirable or -expedient in the manufacture or use of the invention.

It is to be noted that said units 2 are integral at what may be termed their inner ends `with the strip 1 and joined with the Howsame at substantially equal distances from the longitudinal edge of said strip and define in a general way a base portion 4 eX- tending longitudinally of the strip of a width from the inner ends of the units to the edge of the'strip. At the free or outer ends of the units I apply an appropriate toilet accessory such as lipstick, rouge, perfume and so forth. While the actual material applied may be varied in any one package, I prefer to manufacture Ieach package wlth only one toilet accessory o-n all of the units. That is to say, one package may be made with all of the units having lipstick and another made with all of the units having rouge, land so on, but I do not wish to confine myself to the limitation of all the units being provided with the same toilet accessory. As shown in the drawing, the toilet accessory is preferabl;7 applied to the outer end of each unit as a tip 5 of apporpriate size and shape for proper application and use only once. It will be observed that the construction is such that each` unit must be torn from thel base 4 in order to be used and that only a moderate amount of the toilet accessory is provided on each unit so that one application will use up the said accessory after` which the unit is thrown away.

As indicated above, said strip of units is of considerable length, andl in preparing the same for sale this strip is preferably coiled up on a suitable spool 6 providing a lurality of convolutions of the strip with t e units all up-standing in the same direction as clearly shown 1n Figures 1 and 2. In order to keep the tips from engaging each other or engaging the side wall of -the container, a suitable divider 7 is provided on either or both sides of said strip 4, said divider having an effective width when assembledless than the width f of the strip 1 so as to be spaced from the tips of the units which accordingly stand above the longitudinal edge of said divider. The divider may be of any suitable construction providing adequate thickness between the convolutions of the strip, and I have found it satisfactory to employ cardboard, and for added thickness to turn one longitudinal edge back upon itself, as 'at 8, this double edge being interposed adjacent the ends of the units which have the tips 5, and by providing a divider on each side pf the units in assembling the device there will be four-plies between the convolutions of said strip as clearly shown 1n Figure 2.


Suitable means may be utilized for maintaining the opposite edge ofthe convolutions of the strip correspondingly spaced, the means shown in Figure 2 comprising a narrow strip of cardboard 9 between the convolutions.

- However, this equal spacing at top and bottions.

tom may be accomplished, as in Figure 4, wherein the strip 1 is provided with dividers 10 on opposite sides thereof, each divider having both of its longitudinal margins turned back upon itself and directed toward each other. Obviously there are other means of obtaining necessary spacing of the units between coiivolutions, and I do not limit myself to either one shown herein.

The coiled-up assembly is placed in a suitable cylindrical container 11 and preferably made fast in the same by yglue or otherwise at the base edge of the said stiip. In the drawing I have shown the container as having a cylindrical side wall of substantially the saine depth as the width of the base 4 on the strip, and it is to be understood that as the article is manufactured the said base 4 remains in the container and the units are torn oil' at their juncture of the same with the base and this tearing off at this point is facilitated by the filled in condition between the convolutions of said base which will therefore not give and makes an appropriate plane of severance. It is also desirable to enable the guard to be torn away in sections, and for this purpose I have shown the same scored longitudinally, as at 12, at a distance 'from its lower edge corresponding to the width of the base 4 of the strip, and I have also sho-wn it scored transversely of itself, as :it-13, so as to be torn off in short sec- The container provides a cover 14 and when this cover is removed the tips may be seen above the divider 7, and to begin using the units the first section of the divider strip is torn away on the scorings 13 and 12 and when those units have been used the next section of the divider is torn away, and so on. It is to be observed that the portion lof the divider nottorn away is of substantially the same depth as the base of the strip and remains associated therewith at all times so the complete assembly remains in the container as the upper parts are torn away. Preferably in marketing the toilet article,

the same is provided with a glazed or trans.

parent inner cover 15 through which the units and tips may be seen upon removal of the outer cover 14.

inria-ica Ubviously detail changes and modifications may be made in the construction and use of my improved toilet article, and I do not wish to be construed as confining myself to the exact details of the construction shown or described except as set forth in the following claims when construed in the light of the prior art.

Having thus claim 1. A toilet article comprising a strip having a plurality of units, said strip being coiled and said units having toilet accessory tips thereon, and a divider between convolutions of said coiled strip.

2. A toilet article comprising a strip having a plurality of units, said strip being coiled and saidunits having toilet accessory tips thereon, and a divider between convolutions of said coiled strip, said divider'being removable in sections so as to expose only a portion of the units at one time.

3. A toilet article comprising a long strip providing a. plurality of units transverse to the length of said strip, a second strip at the side thereof and of less width than the lirst strip so the ends of said units project beyond the edge of said second Strip, and said second strip being scored longitudinally and at intervals transversely so as to be removable in sections.

4. A toilet article comprising a coiled strip having units with toilet accessory tips, and a circular container, said coiled strip being secured in said container so as to enable the units to be torn from the strip with the strip remaining in the-container.

5. A toilet article comprising a coiled strip having.' units with toilet accessory tips, and a circular container, and a divider between the eonvolutions-of said coiled strip, said coiled strip and divider substantially filling the said container and secured thereto so as to enable the divider and said units to be torn out with remaining portions of the divider and strip retained in the container.

6. A toilet article comprising a plurality of units arranged yside by side so as to form described the invention, I

'a strip of said units, strip portions of said units being also arranged so as to overlap lengthwise, and a divider between said overlapping st rip portions sn as to keep the-tips of the units on one strip portion from engaging tips of the units of another strip portion.


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