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Publication numberUS1652437 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateFeb 14, 1925
Priority dateFeb 14, 1925
Publication numberUS 1652437 A, US 1652437A, US-A-1652437, US1652437 A, US1652437A
InventorsDaniel Handelan
Original AssigneeDaniel Handelan
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Vapor-bath attachment for bathtubs
US 1652437 A
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- 13, 1.927. 1,652,437 1 v D. HANDELAN VAPOR BATH ATTACHMENT FORBATHTUBS Fild Feb. 14, 1925 2 Sli-eats-Sheet l ,Panel Handelen( atto: new

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 D HANDELAN VAPOR BATH ATTACHMENT FOR BATHTUBS Filed Feb. 14, 1925 Dec. 13, 1927.

gwuahoz Panic! 'Handclan 'y tion ofa bath tub illustrating the faucets'fand l showing thehnianner of applying-'myinvenf n n i :useny lThisV opening' is@j connected with .a

. placket 39 for faQilit'ati'ng tliieinsertionof Y the usersheadf thru the said opening.' A

'Fig. VGis 'a' vievvjsimilar to Figf4', illus-f Patented Dec. 13, i927.:

* Vunrrefsi'imrs.



- My invention relates to vapor bath attachments for bath tubs and has for'itsoloject'to provide a device Which' may be readily attached toy existing bath tubs to yenalole the 5 user to secure a Turkish or vapor bath therein. Y i i Another object ofthe invention'resides in providing a,removablefcover'or` closure for the top Vof the hath tub, thru vvhichl the users l0 head may protrude While heis takingY the bath and which may readily be removed vvhen not in use and for the purposefof giving access to thetulo; y .Y

A still further objectresides in providing afsupport secured to thegjaiiccts of the bath tub and to 'pi'votally' inoniit said closure thereon so that the saine nia he swunfvu Wardly and out offtheiv'ay When'not'in use and `may be quickly'dropped'f'in place` when top Yof the tub to into the room. i k Y Another objectof t e invention residesin providing a vaporizing ,device inV conjunction 'With ythe'bath tub faucet's'by means of which prevent the escape of vapor may beAv converted vinto hot Water vapor." Othervo'bjects offthe invention reside in the specific Ico'nstructio'n of the samev as disclosed in the specification claims and drawings.y

- in the aawiflgs illustrating my invention.

'Fig 3 is Aa side elevational vvieivof a 4V`lied form of inyinvention.

Fig-tis a` 'side'. elevational vieivof a portion thereto.` y y structure shown in; Fig; 4'."

` 'trating modified forni of the invention.- A f VVFig-7 isa plan view lof the lstructure y'fslimvnin Fig. 6.l Y', i `Incon'junction `vvith vapor `bath attachments 'for hath'tubs, it is'hi, :,rhly` desirableto havepa device whichv mayv readily be 'fitted' to the'top'of thel tub sov as to` form a" tight"clos' ure` therefore" and`V which may/'ghe readily l raised andreplaced to give accessinto the ytub,vvitl1out` .causing undue annoyance and to desired-to forni an efectivefclosure forftlie thev hot Water ordinarily supplied theretov Fig.' QisV an elevational sectional view of" modil forni a rigid frame for supportingthe fabric' cover 14. In the centerof'thecover, 14 is provided an V opening 38 thru which the user 1Fig.`5"is a front elevationalv view ofthe 14, 1925;l serial also'.

`further provide -astructure WhicliWillrremain in place While the device is inuse.

. Myv invention is particularly adaptedto y function inv this manner as Willbeconie vapparent fromV the following speciticationand claims.

completelyaround the edge thereof in the usual manner. Altho Il have describeda 'bath' tubhaving a rolled rim; 'it ,can readily be'` understood from" the following .descrip-Y tion that the invention may loev Well Vused with any type of tub.

The invention consists primarily of a clos muy ure indicated atV B which is liinggedly con'-` nected at oneend'r to a support D heldin place thru the agency of the faucet C, 1

j The closure B comprises a fieiiihle coveru meinberlt Wh'iclilly lie'ina'de Qifabric,VV

Y A y which will permit the same to beIfolded as desirehy vThis cover: member is shaped substantially rubberized o'r Waterproof material the same as the rolled rim 13, of thetulo and is ofV such a si'ze that {vv/hen theclosurefis placed upon the tulo,Y the' edge tlierefl falls.

along thecenter of the :rini A13,` Ythruoiit its fA length'.V 4'Along the edger fsadcoverll', the 'same iis-formed with hernfl-,vvhich is leut away at 16', 17; 418 and 1 9 fr'a 4pur-p0sejfto bepressnuy described. Within uns are 'placed fourjreinforcing band members- 20,

2l, 22 and' 23' vvhifcl'i- Whenlcnnected together may project-hisfhead when the' Vdevic'eis in V`around thev users'neclri YIt is toib'e understood vthat 'the' covermaybe made fullenough so that the user mayhave's'iiiiilcient2 reedoniand latitude of movement to meet with the "re-r quirements.

ii'ljhe: handniemloerV hasl i sleeve" 24: at i tached. tolitl in whichY the' corresponding end.v

of theband member 23 isadapted to bev rinserted. This sleeve is positioned in the cnt away portion 1.9 oit the beni 15 thru which it. is accessible and serves to ddelachabl)v secure these members together. `The hand nuanbers and 2l and the. band members :'23 and 20 are hingedlv connected together at and 26 to permit the entire closure to be folded across its middle and doubled up as clearly shown in lull lines in Fig. 3.

The struct-nre l'or suiiporting theY entire closureB upon the tub is illustrated in detailin Figs. -l and 5. The combination faucet C, there illustrated may be olf the type having two bibs T and 28 mounted in a. single housing 25.) which is connected to the water pipes .ll in the usual manner. This `faucet is formed with two threaded portions 30 extending thru thetub proper upon which two nuts 3l are serewable and by meansof which nuts the faucet may be tightly drawirup against two collars S2 formed thereon. to bear against the tub proper. The support D in the form ot the invention shown in Figs. 4 and 5, comprises a plate 33, thru whichthe threaded portions 30 of the .faucet C extend.` This plate `is adapted to `be clamped up tight against the tub proper when the, nuts 31. are tightened and thus held in place. rThe said plate is bentto conform to the contour `of the tub proper being curved at 3ft to tit along the rim proper 1S. At the end of the support D the same is bent over to `form a hinge 35 which supports the closure B. This is accomplished by bending the ends 3G and 37 ot the band members Q1 and 2O towards each other as shown in Fig. and by making the opening of the hinge 35 of such a size that said ends may be readily inserted therein to hingedliT connect the closure B to the tub. `The ends 36 and 37 may be easily spread apart suliicient-ly to permitot insertion into said hinge 35. by sliding the hem along the `band members and 2l. It will be noted thatthe `hinge talls inthe cut away portion 16 ot hem 15, which permits of the attachment o'l said i `elosureA to the support D and at the same Lil \ which the device is ready to be used.

fore the user steps into the tub the entire time permits ot' the entire closure swinging on said hinge.`

Then the device is collapsedjthe band members Q0, 2l, land 2? are eomiiletely removed from the hem 15. ln usethesc `bands are slid into said hem alnd the ends ofthe band members Q2 and 23 secured to one another by means ol the sleeve 2111.-. At-

ter this has been accomplished the ends 5G and 37 are inserted into the hinge 35 after closure-B `is folded back as shown in' full line in Fig. 2 which gives easy access'into the. tub. As soon as the user is' seated with- 1n thetub closure B can be folded back until it rests tbrnont its entire edge upon the ineen-37 rolled rim 13 ot the tub proper,` forming a relativeljr tight eloslilre therefor.`

For producing the vapor `within the chamber termed within the tub and closure A I employ a particular' type of faucet having ar third bib il controlling the `flow of water either thru the discharge nozzle 42 or thru a separate discharge neck -l-l. Such structures being known in the art I have not described the same in detail. Upon the end i ot the neck 4S is attached a vaporizing noz- Zle 4:4 which is adapted to convert hot water from the faucet C into a linelyv divided vapor or mist and discharge it into the tub. Bv regulating` the bibs 27 and 28 an)r degree ot temperature ma)f be maintained within the tub. lith `this arrangement it` will be unnecessary to have live steam available as the same .results can be produced with the hot water. i

` It desired theehingcs 25 and QG in the closure B may be dispensed with and the band members 21 and 2, `and band members 20 and. 23 formed integral. Such a construction is shown in Fig. 3 illustrating the elo-` sure in its operative positionin full lines and in its raised posit-ion in dotted lines. The construction of the closure is somewhat simably up in the room. e

` In Figs. 6 and 7 I have shown aJnodified form of the support This device is here illustrated as a casing having two uprights 45 provided at their lower ends with clamps -ftt by means ot which the same may be securely attached tothe combination faucet C without `removing said `faucet. Upon the upper' ends ofsaidjuprights is cast a soap tra;T 47 which extends up above the bib-.41 and over and `upon the roller rim 13 ot `the tub A. ImmediateliT above thelcenter of the rim 13 on the` rear `of said tray 48` is east `plined in this form of the invention, tho `the closure when raised extends considertwo lugs 49 and 50 which are drilled `at 51" i `entire structure may be swung on the hinge" where lit is out of the way and may be permanently lett if desired. i l

Having described-mT invention in the form which I consider the best embodiment thereoi"7 I desire 'to have it understood that the invention maybe put-to other nScS and `port the closure B in the same nninner as# constructed inl different ways from that shown,`within the scope vof the following claims.

I claim: Y f

l. In combination with a. vbath tub having a faucet, a support mounted upon and carried by said faucet, a closure` hinged at rone end to said support, said closure having an opening thru it at `the. end Yopposite said support. A

2. A closure for bath tubs comprising a support, hinge means on said support having a transverse opening, a looped frame having the ends thereof facing one another and bei ing adapted to be inserted into said'opening from the both ends thereof to Vform a. hinge, and a iiexible cover attached to said frame.

3. In combination with a bath tub having a faucet, and a rim extending around'the same, a. support mounted on said faucet andr extending upwardly therefrom a. part of said support extending rearwardly therefrom and over a portion of saidrim, hinge means,

formed on therearward-side of said support,

a wire frame conforming in configuration to said rim and adapted to lhe upon said rim,

said frame having its ends turned towardsv awall thereof, a supportsecured to Said fa-u-Y cet and Vextending upwardly therefrom and along the wall 'of Ysaid rtub to which said faucet is attached, said support having a part extending over and upon said rim, and

va closure adapted to lie upon Said rim and detachably mounted in the portoverlying said rim` i n Y 5. In combination with a bath tub having a faucet, -a support `attached to said faucet, said support having afportion lying above part of said supthe rim of saidtub, and a closure for said tub detachably mounted in the portion of said support lying abovefsaid rim.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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