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Publication numberUS1652581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateFeb 15, 1927
Priority dateFeb 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1652581 A, US 1652581A, US-A-1652581, US1652581 A, US1652581A
InventorsLawson L Roberts
Original AssigneeLawson L Roberts
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Portable toilet or convenience
US 1652581 A
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Dec. 13, 1927. l L. L. ROBERTS PORTABLE TOILET on CONVENIENCE Filed Feb. 15. 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet l .Hoberfs ua -iff atto: nu,

"Dec. 13, 1927.

L. l.. ROBERTS PORTABLE TOILET 0R coNvENlENcE 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 F" b, l5, 7 1 2d Fe lSZ MMU- Inventos 1.11 )7o eri's Gwenn.

Dec. 13, 1927. 1,652,581

L. L. ROBERTS PORTABLE TOILET OR CONVENIENCE Filed Feb. l5. 1927 3 Sheets-Shea"- 3 Patented Dec. 13, 1927. 1,652,581



PORTABLE TQILEI R CONVE}1\TIE1}I(},`I 1l Application led February 15, l1927. Serial No. 168,429.

This invention rela-tes to portable strucare pointed so that they may be forced into tures consisting of a vframe and a canvas or the ground. One of these posts which is 55 other fabric cover and the general object identified by the exponent a applied to the of the .invention is to provide a tent-like numeral 10A constitutes theright side door` structure which may constitute a touristl `post for the front of the structure.

toilet or rest room. Each pair 0f posts is connected by links or Another object is to provide a structure of braces l1 and 12 pivotcd to the correspondthis character rectangular in plan and which ing post at 13, and pivoted to eachother is formed of a collapsible frame which may at their adjacent ends. Preferably one of be`readily folded upto be carried and which these bracing links` as, for instance, the link may as readily be unfolded and set up. l1 is formed with an elongated Groove 13 A further objectI is to provide a collapsiblel whlle the other link is formed witzh an elonframe of this character which will support gated projection or lug 14 adapted to fit in the tent structure so as to provide the roof the groove 13a. A pivot pin 15 in the form of thereof wi-th the proper pitch to permit rain a small bolt passes through the overlapped to run off. ends of the links and through the aperture in A still further object is to provide a structhe recess 13a and in the lug 14 and a coiled ture of this character having corner posts compression spring 16 fits around this bolt,

which may be forced into the ground. bearing at one end againsta stop 17 and at Other objects will appear in the course of the other end bearing against the inner link'.l

the following descriptlon. This spring, therefore, acts to force the lug My invention is illustrated in the accom- 1.4 into therecess or slot 13* when the two 7o panying drawings wherein zlinks are disposed in alignment with each Fig-ure 1 is a. perspective .view of a portother and thus lock the two links in this able structure constructed in accordance'with alignment. Preferably one of the links, as my invention; the link 11, has a laterally projecting lug Fig. 2 is a fragmentary end elevation of 18 which extends beneath the other link 12 7 the tent supporting structure; so that the links cannotbreak upward.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary side elevation of From each post and the bracing link 11 3o the Same; which is pivoted thereto,.ex'tend the braces Fig. f1 is a like view to Figure 2 but showformed of the linksl `19 and 20. These linksV ing the structure partially collapsed; are pivoted at their extremities to the post so Fig. 5 is a fragmentary face view lof the and link 11 respectively and pivotally conend of one of the main braces; nected to each other in the same manner Fig. 6 is alike view to Figure 5 but of as are the links 11, that is, the conthe complementary brace; joined ends of the links 19 and 20 are Fig. 7 is a horizontal section through the provided one with a recess and the other 85 conjoined ends of the main braces; with a lug and a spring urges the lug into Fig. 8 is a vertical section through the the recess so as to lock the links in aligned conjoined ends of the main braces. relation. These links are also adapted to Referring to these drawings it will be break downwardly and vwhen they are in seen that the frame consists of four main aligned relation act to support` the main corner posts designated 10. These posts are links 11 or braces against downward thrust. arranged aboutl 3 apart though any other In order to hold the top or roof of the cansuitable dimensions may be used. The posts vas cover in position to provide a ridge, I

are preferably between 5 and 6 high and mount upon the rafter braces formed by the maybe made of angle iron or have any other links 11, the two pairs of links 21 and 22. 95

cross section. The lower ends of the posts These are pivoted at 23 to the respective links eok structure so that the ridge of the roof runs parallel to the front of the structure.

Each of the corner posts is providedat its upper and lower ends with outwardly projecting buttons 26 whereby the canvas cover may be attached to the posts .and-

the post 10'sl is not only provided with these buttons 26 but with inwardly projecting buttons 27 at the lower end ot the post and at the middle thereof and an outwardly projecting button 28 at the middle ot the post.

The canvas cover 29 may be formed of separate panels buttoned to the buttons 26 or may be sewed around three sides and at Y the inside to the buttons 27.


the top, so as to provide three walls and a root portion. The front wall 29e ot the canvas. cover is intended to be buttoned at its upper end and free edge to the upper button 26 on the post l()a and is provided with button holes 30 on its tree edge whereby it may either be buttoned to the lower button 26 and the button 28 or buttoned on Thus this door may be opened and closed either from the outside or inside. Preferably one of' the posts is provided with a paper rack or holder 3l.

It will be seen that the structure described may be made of very light material and that when it is folded it will be in compact form for easy transportation and that it may be readily set up at any place desired and that when so set up the corner posts are strongly braced not only to support the weight of the canvas cover but to support the structure as a whole against the action ot wind. I do Vnot wish to be limited to the details of construction and arrangement ot' parts illustra-ted as itis obvious that many changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit of the invention as deiined in the appended claims.

1. A portable foldingl struct-ure ot the character described including i'our corner posts, main braces connecting thecorner posts with each other, each brace being formed ot' ,two links pivoted to the respective cornerv posts and to each other, means locking the links in aI position ot alignment when the links are in a horizontal position, auxiliary braces each formed oiltwo links respectively pivoted to a post and one of main links and having means for locking ehem in alignment with each other and exoted to each other and to the links or" the main braces inward oi' the outer ends thereot and extending upward convergently when the main braces are horizontal, and a tent adapted to encloseV and be supported by said structure and having a root portion engageable with the ridge supports, the tent structure having one wall thereof adapted to be opened orclosed.

2. A portable folding structure of the` character described` including four corner posts, main braces connecting the corner posts with yeach other, each brace being formed of two links pivoted to the respective corner posts and to each other, means locking the links in a position-in alignment when the links are in a horizontal position, auxiliary braces each formed of two links respectively pivotedto a vpost and one of the main links and having means for locking them in alignment with each other and extended diagonally from the po-st to the corresponding link o1c the mainrbrace when the main braces are horizontal, and ridge supports consisting 'of a pair of links tor each main brace, the links of each pair bein r pivoted to each other and to the links ol the main braces inward of the outerends thereotl and extending upward convergently when the main braces are horizontal,and a tent adapted to enclose and be supported by said structure and having a root' portion engageable with the ridge supports, the tent structure having one wall thereof adapted to be opened or closed, one of the corner posts having buttons on the inside and outside oiI the post whereby the 'fr-ee edge Voi said last named wall may be buttoned either from the inside or outside.

5. A portable toldable structure ot vthe character described including tour corner posts having pointed lower ends, main braces connecting each corner post vwith adjacent corner posts, each main brace consisting ot' two links pivoted at their outer ends to respective posts and at their inner ends to each other, means for locking the links ot the main braces in aligned position, auxiliary braces each formed or" two links pivotally connected to each other at their adjacent ends and at their outer ends respectively pivoted to a. corner post and to one ot the links of a main brace, means Jfor locking the auxiliary links in aligned position, means permitting the links -ot the main braces and the links of the auxiliary braces to break downward but vpreventing them Jfrom breaking upward, two oppositely disposed ridge supports each consisting ottwo links, the links of each support being pivoted to each other at their adjacent ends and pivoted to the links of oppositely dismiddle by the ridge supports, one of said 10 posed main braces inward of the ends there- Walls having a free edge and one of the coro'l, one of the links of each ridge support ner posts having buttons on its inside and extending beyond the other link and being outside 'forengagement with said free edge, delectedto torni a relatively flat surface, each of the remaining posts having buttons said ridge supports breaking upward7 and for engagement with the Walls of the cover. 15 a cover of textile 'fabi-io Aformed to provide In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my four Walls and a roof portion, the roof poil signature.

tion being adapted to be supported at its LAWSON L. ROBERTS.

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