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Publication numberUS1652842 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateDec 6, 1926
Priority dateDec 6, 1926
Publication numberUS 1652842 A, US 1652842A, US-A-1652842, US1652842 A, US1652842A
InventorsTanner Charles H
Original AssigneeTanner Charles H
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Card-holder attachment
US 1652842 A
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DBC. 13, Y C. HY. TANNER 'CARD HOLDER ATTACHMENT Filed Deo. 6, 1925 Patented Dec. 13, 1927.



Application filed December 6, 1926. Serial No. 152,949.

This invention relates to article supports and has special reference to an attachment for automobile steering posts and the like.

One important object of the .invention is to provide a combined. mirror andV .card holder which may be readily attached to or removed from the steering post or other suitable part of an automobile or truck.

A second important object of the invention is to provide an improved device of this kind in which a car-d can be inserted, the de- .vice having openings so arranged that the card may be written upon through these openings and thus an account kept of the 1'* mileage for gasoline, oil and car greasing.

A third important object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which readily adapts itself for use as an advertising device. l

With the above and other objects in view as will be hereinafter apparent, the inven- V tion consists in general of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically7 claimed.

In the accompanying drawings like characters of reference indicate like parts in the several views, and:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device showing the same in normal position on the steering post of an automobile invfull lines, and in position for writing on the card in dotted lines. Y

Figure 2 is a plan view of the device removed from the automobile and showing thev .mirror side of the card holder.

Figure y3 is a plan view of the device with l, the card holderfolded over on the clip or support. v

Figure 4 is a section on the line 4-4 of Figure 2.

In the embodiment of the invention here shown the card holder'A or frame is made from a sheet of metal having a backv portion l 10. The sides of this sheet are inturned to form channel .nanges 11 and the top edge ofv the sheet is rolled to form a tube 12. The back is provided with a series yof spaced windows 13 and slidable into the channels 11 is a card 14 which is exposed through the windows 13.v The channels are of such dimensions that lthe card slides loosely therein and a mirror 15 is slid into these channels with its back toward the card thus holding the card firmly againstthe back 10. Under Vterial spirit thereof.

vone end of the frameV and these circumstanoesthe sides of the mirror can beseen fromthe channeled side of this back. The clip used with this Vdevice consists of a single length of wire having a straight hinge portion 16 which passes through'thetube 12. lFrom this hingeportion-the wire is continued to form convergent legs v17 which l,cross at their rear ends and the extremities of the wire beyond the crossing point are bent into terminal loops 1 8, the loops being curved in opposite directions so as to lform gripping jaws for a cylindrical object such as the steering post 19. Obviously, the device may also be attached to the windshield frame or any other l cylindrical object.

It will be noted from Figure 1 that the normal position of the frame, upon the device being attached to a steering post, is such that it depends from the hinge with the mirror facing rearwardly but, if itis desired to write on the card through the windows 13 the frame is swung up and over until it lies on the legs 17, the latter being of sutl'icient length` to permit the frame 'to assume this position. Then the mileage .for gasoline, oil and greasing may be written on the card through the windows 13. Ob-

viously, other data may be used in writing #Y Y efficient device of the kind described and for the purpose specified. v

It is obvious vthat minor changes may be made in the form and construction ofthe invention without departing from fthe ma.-

It is not, therefore, desired to confine the invention" to theexact form herein shown and described, but it is desired tol include all such as properly come within the scope claimed. I 'Y Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new,'is: v

1. In a device' of the kind described, a frame having lateral channeled flangepor- .tions for thereception of a card and provided with a back having windows affording access to the surface of said-card, a transverse eye formed at one end ofthe backend extending thereacross and a cliphingedito adapted. for en-V f i gagement with a iiXed object, said clip having arms yextending; forwardly and inclined downwardly t0 provide means for suspending the clip vertically `with its front side ontwardly, said arms being at least as *long as the frame whereby to enable the frame to be swung on its hinge and rest on top of said arms thereby supporting the frame in yposition on top of said arms with the windows uppermost, said Clip further having a transverse portion connecting said arms and engaging in said eye. Y

Q. In a device of the kind described, a frame having lateral channeled iiange portions for the reception of acard and pro- `vided with a back` having windows affording access tothe surface of said card, a trans verse' eye formed at one endfoi the back and extending thereacrosss a. clip hinged to the 'frame whereby to enable the frame tobe swungon its hinge and rest on top of said arm thereby supporting the frame in lposition on top of said arms with the windows uppermost, said clip 'further having `a transverse portion connecting said arms and engaging in said eye and a mirror slidable into the channels of the frame with its back against the card to hold the latter against the frame back. y

ln testimony whereo't` I aiiix my signature.



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