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Publication numberUS1652954 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateMar 29, 1926
Priority dateMar 29, 1926
Publication numberUS 1652954 A, US 1652954A, US-A-1652954, US1652954 A, US1652954A
InventorsPierce Charles C
Original AssigneePierce Charles C
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Prostate applicator
US 1652954 A
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Dec. 13, 1927.

c. 'c. PIERCE PROSTATE Arrmcmron Filed March 29, 1926 llll/l Inventor C. a-Pzer-ce,

' j This invention relatesto prostateapplicai t tors,.and has more particular reference to a means whereby infected. .p'r'ostaticglands Pa nee. 13, 1927;]f,


v I CHA ES C. rxnncn or NAooGnooH s-TEXAs;

V PR0sciuecria APrL oAToR;

np plication filed March 29,192 i $eria1 98,253. 1

I yo treateldbyihot or cold applications ivithout the media being used a'ctuallycoin ing in contact with said glands. w

' The invention easily and without pain inserted into the body, and that after .insertionmay have avcontinuous supplyof hot or cold water pass I ing therethrough without the fluid actually coming into contact with-[the part bei g treated. s r i .7

Other obj ectsv will become apparent asthe nature of the invention is better understood,

' 1 Thelfigu're is a'--longitudinal sectionf'of an applicator constructed, in accordance with the same comprising the novel form, combination andarrangement of parts her-elnatter more fully described,'shown in the aeco' n panying drawing'and claimed. v

In the drawing the present invention; a V

' Now; having particular reference. to the drawing, my prostatelapplicator constitutes the prov s on of a relatively short tube "5, of. fibre or hard rubber or metal preferably d 7 that is externally-"threaded at-its forward endlfor receiving the open internally threaded end of an elongated bulbous shaped head Gthat is pointed at its forwardendfor iafcilitating the easy insertion of the same into the afiected part the outer end of the tube] 5 being formed with a rounded enlargement,-

. or head 7 to act asa closure when inserted. The outer end of thetube 5 is internally threadedfor receiving the threaded end of a Y-pipe 8, the legs '9, andouter ends flexible pipes (not shown), the pipe attachedto the leg 9 being in communication with a source of fluid supply while the fluid that is dischairgedinto the head in the manner hereinafter describedcis adapted to discharge through'the pipe attached to the leg 10.

- "Formed integrally with the dischargeend vof the leg 90f the Y-pipeS is an elongated tube 1 1 that extends through thetubefi and 7 further a ms to provide an applicator of this characterthat maybe I out afiecting the pended claim. a 1 I v Having thus described the invention, what I claim as-new 1 and desire to secure by Let? 10 of which are adapted to have arranged 'th-ereover at their "intowrtheohad 65 he pardon t ereof Within Y said head being formed with openings 12 in order fto permit the fluid to discharge into 7' the head for' heating thesame which heat will be transmitted tofthe glands" being treated." ,Obviously as the fluid discharges. from the tube, the same will pass rearwardly and discharge from the applicator in "the manner as previously described.

The advantages of an applicator of this character willbe appreciated by those skilled I in the medicalart, and even though I have herein shown and described the device as a consistingfof certain detailstructura-l ele- 'ments it is nevertheless to be understood that minor changes may be made 'thereinflwithtersPatent is spirit and scope of the ap-" Asanew article of manufacture, a: rectal applicator for use in'association. With v pros tatic glands, a body including a oint composed of hollow converging branches merging into a; screw threaded neck having supply tube connected with one of saidbranch-esatthe juncture offsaid branches, 8O

and extendingthrough and beyondsaid coupling neck; a comparatively short outer tube socket at one end receiving said neck and an outstanding flangei an' apertured fluid surrounding said supply tube,' said outer tube being composed of heat insulation Inaoteriah being provided with a'screw threaded, a, H I

abutting said flange, being provided at said same end with an enlargement providinga' en with'external screw, threads,:said supply tube extending through and beyond the "screw threaded endfof the outer tube, andsto shoulder, being provided at'its opposite a hollow metallic head of bulbous form connected to the screw threaded end of said outer tube'and surrounding said inner supply tube said headbeing connected with thescrew threaded'end of said; outer tube and,

being of elongated ovate configurationj.'-j 1 In testimony whereof I aflix my signature? GHARL'EVSIOT PIERCE.

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U.S. Classification607/105, 606/192, 606/191, 601/15
International ClassificationA61F7/12, A61H23/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61F7/123, A61H23/04
European ClassificationA61H23/04, A61F7/12B