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Publication numberUS1652972 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1927
Filing dateJan 22, 1927
Priority dateJan 22, 1927
Publication numberUS 1652972 A, US 1652972A, US-A-1652972, US1652972 A, US1652972A
InventorsBeck William E
Original AssigneeBeck William E
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Article clip
US 1652972 A
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W. E. BECK v ARTICLE CLIP led Jan. 22. 1927 Dec. 13, 1927.

Patented Dec.v '13, 1927.



Application filed January 22, 1.927. Serial No'. 162,811;

This invention relates to clips for holding articles, such as bank books, day books, spectacles and the like.

An important object of the invention is* to provide a device of this character which 'may be readily applied to thel article and which affords a means for vvery iirinly grip- ;f ice and a general improvement in the art.

These and other objects I attain by the construction shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of my invention and wherein :--v

Figure l is a side elevation showing a clip constructed in accordance with my invention applied to a note book;

Figure 2 is an edge elevation thereof;

Figure 3 is a section on the lin-e L3--3 of Figure l;

Figure 4 is a plan of the blank employed in the construction of the clip. l o Referring now more particularly to the drawing, the clip is in the form of a hook having stein and bill portions 10 and l1. The bill portion adjacent its p. terminus is transversely corrugated, as at l2, to produce ribs confronting and closely engaging against the forward face of the stem portion.v The terminal is out-turned from the stem portion, as indicated at 13, so that this terminal may be readily engaged over the edge of a pocket or the like.- The stemv por-` tion is provided at its marginal edges at longitudinally spaced points with tangs 14 adapted to enter andbe clamped upon the material of the article to which the clip is to be applied, a pair of these tangs being disposed at opposite sides of the'stem at the free end thereof. The clip is formed offiat spring material from which the blank may be struck at a singleoperation with a stamping die. This same operation may serve to place the tangs at the proper angle to the shank and 'form the corrugations in the end ofthe bill portion 1l. i

Ifk desired, the shank Vconfronting faces of the ribs produced by the corrugations` i and the portions of the shank confronted thereby may be pressed to produce rounded protuberances which will increase the gripping eiiiciency of the clip.

Since the construction -hereinbefore set forth is capable of a certain range of change and modification without `materially departing from the spirito-f the invention, I

do not limit myself to such specific structure eXc-ept .as hereinafter claimed.

I claim: i A clip attachment comprising a. body blank having opposite end portions, oneV end portion being provided with parallel side edges and the other end portion being provided with side edges which converge to-v ward each other from the intermediate portion `of the blank to the extremity thereof, that portion of the blankwhich is provided with parallel side edges having'outstanding tangs located at the ends of saidparallel edges, that portion of the blank which is provided with the converging side edges being broader at its inner end than the trans verse breadth of th-e end `portion having the parallel edges and narrower at its outer portion than the transverse breadth of that end portion having the parallel edges, the end portion having the converging edges being bent over the portion having the parallel side ledges and said portions being provided at their inneropposite surfaces with article engageable protrusions. 1

In testimony whereof I hereunto affix signature.


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U.S. Classification24/3.12
International ClassificationF16B2/20, F16B2/24
Cooperative ClassificationF16B2/241
European ClassificationF16B2/24B