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Publication numberUS1653213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1927
Filing dateAug 22, 1924
Priority dateAug 22, 1924
Publication numberUS 1653213 A, US 1653213A, US-A-1653213, US1653213 A, US1653213A
InventorsKates Edgar J
Original AssigneeVergne Machine Company De
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Engine-exhaust tester
US 1653213 A
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m M S m ST E Tmw H HM J W ll Gi NF E Dec. 20, 1927.

Patented Dec. 20, 1927;




Application filed August 22, 1924 serial No. 733,483.

This invention provides a simple and in I expensive means for testing the condition of the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines and consistsin an attachment to the engine, as below described, which capable of application to internal combustion engines of various designs, and by means of which the condition of the internalcom bustion can be readily determined, being especially useful in multi cylinder engines wherein it greatly facilitates the adjustment the inlet valve is marked 1, the exhaust valve 2 and the exhaust, pipe 8. The usual water-cooled cylinder head is *novided with a hole 1 leading through theacketed space into the exhaust gas passage, as close as possible to the exhaust valve itself. This hole is normally closed by a tubular plug having a knurled head 5 and a closed inner end which projects through the hole into thepath of the exhaust gas. For a distance just below the knurled head, the plug shank is tapered, as indicated at 6, to make a gase tight fit in the outer end of the hole, closing it completely. Thehollow plug forms a well subject to the temperature of the 6X- haust gas and is intended and adapted to receive the bulb end of a thermometer, such. as indicated at 7. With the thermometer so placed the temperature of the exhaust can,

be easily observed. By removing the plug the exhaust gas will issue from the hole so as to be observable as to color, sound and smell, thereby also giving an index, useful to those skilled in the art, as to the char acter of the combustion occurring in the engine cylinder. The diameter of the plug inward of its tapered part, is considerably smaller than the hole through the engine wall, thereby forming an annulargas space which insulates the plug from the surrounding metal and thereby minimizes escape of heat from the inner endof the well, correspondingly enhancing the accuracy of the temperature indication.

The exact point oflocation of the hole/t is of course accommodated to the engine design and may be located at any convenient I point adequate for producing the indicia referred to, in the head, or exhaustypiping,

as desired. In multicylinder, engines one such plug is used for each cylinder, the

single thermometer serving for all of them; When placed in a vertical position as indicated, the weight of the plug alone is sufficient to keep it in place against the internal gas pressure and it is accordingly very quickly removed when it is desired to allow the exhaust to escape.

I claim: j

1. An engine testing device comprising the combination with an engine having an exhaust passage the wall of which has a gas test aperture, of a tubular closure plug having a quickly detachable connection with the wall of the apertureand adapted to contain i a thermometer, a head on the plug upstanding away from the wall of the aperture and forming a hand grip by which the plug may be detached from the engine without the useof tools whereby the quality and temperature of the exhaust gas can be simultaneously ascertained. 2. An engine testing device as claimed in claim 1, in which the weight of said plug exceeds the exhaust pressure thereagainst, whereby the plugis held in contact with the Wall of the aperture by gravity only.

3. An engine testing device as claimed in claim 1, in which the plug is provided with an aperture-closing seat adapted to engage the wall of the aperture adjacent the outer spaced from the wall of the aperture.

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification.


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U.S. Classification374/148, 374/E01.18, 374/144
International ClassificationG01K1/14
Cooperative ClassificationG01K1/14
European ClassificationG01K1/14