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Publication numberUS1653393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1927
Filing dateAug 23, 1927
Priority dateAug 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1653393 A, US 1653393A, US-A-1653393, US1653393 A, US1653393A
InventorsCox Joseph D
Original AssigneeCox Joseph D
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Holder for bags during filling operation
US 1653393 A
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Dec. 20,1927. I I 1,653,393 v J. D. cox



Patented Dec. 20, 1927.


aosnrn n. cox, or HEALDSBURG, CALIFORNIA.


The present invention relates to an improved holder for bags, particularly adapted for use during the filling of the same.

The invention has for its object to provide a simple device, the costof manufacture of which is reduced to a. minimum; one which when used will increase over the old method the number of bags filled and at the same time reduce the cost of labor by eliminating the workman necessary with the old method for holding the bag upright with its mouth open; one which will retain the bag in an upright position and maintain the mouth fully open and its body in aspread condition for filling; to provide a device capable of fitting any bag, and one which can be readily folded for storage purposes when not in use, or for initially positioning the device within the bag, for subsequent unfolding to spread the bag body and mouth and to retain the open bag in upright position for filling purposes.

With the above mentioned and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction and combination of parts hereinafter describet, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the claim hereto appended; it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of construction within the scope of the claim may be resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

Reference is directed to the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a view in perspective of one embodiment of the invention. in operative position, the bag being illustrated in dotted outline.

Figure 2 is a view in detail of the upper ends of the side members and the hinged connecting member uniting the same.

Fig. 3 is a view of the bag frame in folded position.

In the drawings wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts, the numerals 1 and 2 indicate inverted U-shaped frame members preferably of hollow tubular material, the parallel portions of said frames constituting legs 3 and 4 adapted to rest on the bottom wall 5 of the bag 6 when in-' serted therein. Corresponding legs of the frame members 1 and 2 are connected preferably near their upper ends by a'uniting frame 7, the ends 7 of which are pivotally connected with the legs 4 of the frame members 1 and 2, as shown at 8, thus permitting swinging movement of the frame members land 2 at the outer ends of the uniting frame 7. The uniting frame 7 is centrally hinged at 9, enabling said frame members to flex inwardly, permitting the frame members 1 and 2 to lieadjacent to each other,

as shown in Figure 3 of the drawings.

Any. means may be employed to maintain the ends 7 of the uniting frame connected with the frame members 1 and 2, the preferred means being pins 10 passing through the legs 4: between which the frame ends 7 lie. To lock the uniting frame 7 in open position. a latch 11 is provided, one end 12 thereof being pivotally mounted at one side of the hinge 9 and the free end being hooked hinge, thus locking the members of the uniting frame in alignment.

In operation, with the uniting frame preferably folded, the frame members are inserted within the bag 6 with the legs 3 and 4resting upon the bottom. wall 5 of the bag, the uniting frame 7 is then operated to extended position and locked. The frame members 1 and 2 are then swung on their fulcrum connection at the ends of the uniting frame until the forward legs tightly engage. the front wall 5 of the bag, as shown in Figure 1, thus holding the bag walls taut and the bag in an open position during the filling operation. When filled, the uniting frame may be collapsed, the bag frame members may be swung on their fulcrum connections and the structure withdrawn from the bag, as a unit, and the top of the bag closed for shipment.

The lightness of the structure enables the bag filler to readily handle the same, both in inserting it into a bag to be filled, removingit from a filled bag or folding it for storage purposes. By the employment of this frame, the bag filler can readily lift, shake the bag to settle its content while the frame isrin position as the top portions of the frames afford gripping surfaces and with a port-ion of the bag mouth gripped in each hand, there is no liability of the frame pulling from the bag during the settling operation.

I claim A bag filling frame comprising a pair of bag spreading frame members, each consisting of parallel leg members united at least at one end by transverse members, said frame members adapted for insertion within the at 13 to engage on the other side of the bag to be filled, with their united ends upwardly disposed, a hinged uniting frame hingedly connecting at its ends correspond ing legs of said bag spreading frame members near their point of connection, said bag are adapted for swinging to lie parallel 10 with the hinge of said uniting frame when the frame is in folded position, or at right angles thereto when the frame is in extended posltlon.

In testimony whereof I have signed my 75 name to this specification.


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