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Publication numberUS1653556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1927
Filing dateJul 3, 1926
Priority dateJul 3, 1926
Publication numberUS 1653556 A, US 1653556A, US-A-1653556, US1653556 A, US1653556A
InventorsGuy S Faber
Original AssigneeArt Metal Radiator Cover Co
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US 1653556 A
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G. S. FABER HAMPER Dec. 20, 1927. H 1,653,556

Filed July s, 1926 Patented Dec. 20, 1927.

or ear-case, 11.1mm; nssren on T ear Mn'raLnAnIATon cover.



Application filed July 3', 1926. Serial No. 120,459.

My invention relates to hampers for soil-edclothes and more particularly forsuch thereof as are to be sent to l-a'undries for cleansing; and my primary object is to provide a hamper construction which shall be of novel, simple, economical and attractive appearance and by the use'of which the re.-' moval of the soiled clothes therefrom may be effected without removing the articles, of clothing individually fromthe hamper;

Referring to the accompanying draw- 1ngsz- Figure l is a perspectiveview of my improved hamper construction.

Figure 2 is an enlarged" vertical sectional View of the upper end portion of the hamper construction, the section being taken at the line 2' on Fig. 1 and viewed in the direction of the arrow, the cover for the hamper be shown in closed position. 7

Figure 3 is asectional detail of the upper edge portion of the hamper showing the cover swun to. 0 en osition and with the clothes-receiving bag, forming" a part of the structure, removed.

Figure 4: hamper with the cover removed.

Figure is a view in elevation of the upper end of the-clothes-receiving bag show'- ing it in closed condition; and v Figure 6, sectional view oi ad acent- -portions of the body, or casing", of the hamper and of the bag, illustrating the form of fas tening used for supporting the bag in the casing.

Referring to the particular illustrated embodiment of my invention, the structure comprises a body portion, or casing, represented at 10 and which is of rigid self-sustaining construction. As shown this casing is constructed ofsheet metal to provice the casing of substantially rectangular form, the walls of which are perforated in any desirable way to permit of the circulation of air therethrough. The casng also comprises a cover, or lid, 11 shown as formed of sheet metal, preferably in the form of a one-piece structure and of a plan area greater than the cross-sectional area of the body of the casing 10. The cover 11 when in closed position rests upon the upper edge of the body f the casing 10 and is provided along its forward edge with a depending flange 12 and at its rear edge with a depending flange 13, these flanges extending downwardly into a plan sectional view; of the the body of the casing 10 when the cover isv in closed position. The, opposite ends of the cover 11 are formed with reenforcing strips 14 formed by bending the-ends of the blank inwardly and upwardly. The corners of the blank from which the cover is made aresuie ably'c-ut away and the metal at the front and rear edges of the blank bent to provide the inwardly extending portions 15 1 6 which underlie the front and rear edge por tions of'the cover and which terminate in the depending flanges 12 and '13, the cover so formed being rendered strong and rigid.

The flange 13 at the rear e'dge of the cover terminates in a .rearwardly extending, substantially horizontal, lip 17' which, when the cover is swung'to ope-n condition, becomes'hooked over the upper 'rear'ed'g'e-of the body of the casing 10 and serves,- in conjunction with the impingement of the rear edge portion 18 0f the cover against the rear surface of the body of the casing 10, to maintain the cover in connected relation with the body of the casing 10", with the cover extending in rearwardly tilted position, while permitting the cover to be readily lifted free of the body portion of the casing 10, if desired,without'requiring the manipu lation of any fastening devices, the use of which is rendered unnecessary.

The hamper construction also involves a receptacle for the soiled clothes adapted to be introduced into, and withdrawn-from, the casing 10 at will. The receptacle referred to, and which is represented at 19 ispreferably in the form of a fabric bag of such dimensions as to substantially fit within the casing 10 in which it is releasably secured, with its upper end open, by any suitable means. The means shown for this purpose, and preferably employed, comprise socalled snap fasteners each of which comprises a ball portion 20 and a cooperating socket portion 21. These fasteners are located adjacent the upper edges of the casing 10 and the bag 19 and are suitably disposed to maintain the upper end of the bag open and support the latter in the desired relationship to the casing 10 as shown. In the arrangement illustrated four of these fastener devices are employed, two at the back and two at the front of the casing 10, the socket portions 21 being provided on the bag and the ball portions 20 permanently secured to the casing 10.




the bag 19 andwhen it is desired to remove the clothes, and particularly where they are to be sent to a laundry, the user detaches the bagfrom the casing 10 by separating the parts of the fasteners which frees the bag for removal from the casing, the gathering string 23 permitting the bag to be closed.

The invention, as above suggested, is particularly useful where the hamper is to be used for soiled clothes to be sent to a laundry inasmuch as it renders unnecessary the removal of the articles individually from the hamper and the placing of the same in a receptacle or Wrapping for delivery to the laundry, it being possible by the use of this inventionfor the laundries to supply these bags to the users of the hampers and upon collecting a bag of soiled clothes to provide another of the bags for insertion, and attachment to, the casing 10, to receive the next batch of soiled clothes; the casing 10 being thus permanently retained by the user. i I

While I have illustrated and described a particular construction embodying my invention, I do not wish to beunderstood as intending to limit it thereto, as the same may be variously modified and altered with-' out departing from the spirit of my invention.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is: v

1. A receptaclecomprising a body portion open at its top, and a cover for said body open at its top, and a cover for said body portion extending rearwardly beyond said body portion and provided forward of the rear edge thereof with a depending flange having a rearwardly extending lip in vertically spaced relation to the body of the cover, the rear edge portion of said cover and said lip being adapted, when said cover is swung to open condition, to engage, respectively, with the rear side of the said rear wall of said body portion and the upper edge portion of said body portion for holding said cover in open condition;

3. A receptacle comprising a body portion open. at its top, and a cover for said body portion formed of sheet metal with the rear edge of the sheet bent downwardly and forwardly upon itself to provide a part of the cover which extends rearwardly beyond the body portion of the receptacle, the forward edge portionof said bent portion of the cover being bent downwardly and rearwardly to provide a lip projecting into the receptacle, the rear edge portion of said cover and said lip being adapted, when said cover is swung to open condition, to engage, respectively, with the rear sideof said rear wall of said body portion and an upper edge portion of said body portion for holding said cover in open condition.


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