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Publication numberUS1653592 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1927
Filing dateFeb 27, 1926
Priority dateFeb 27, 1926
Publication numberUS 1653592 A, US 1653592A, US-A-1653592, US1653592 A, US1653592A
InventorsStratman Joseph W
Original AssigneeChas W Breneman Company
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Window-shade cloth and process of constituting
US 1653592 A
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\ J. W.-STRATMAN WINDOW SHADE CLOTH AND PROCESS OF CONSTITUTING Filed Feb.27. 192s nozukw WWW Patented Dec. 20, 1927.




Application filed February 27, 1926. Serial No. 91,277.

My invention relates to window shade cloth, and to a process for making the same. My invention particularly is directed to a window shade cloth combining certain e physical properties and advantages with desirable ornamental or decorative effects. My invention also includes the preferred process of manufacturing the window shade cloth having said advantages and efl'ects.

The object of my invention is to provide a light flexible window shade cloth which will not crack or fade, which is not injured by exposure to moisture, and which will have a permanent and decorative structure.

Another object of my invention is to provide a configurated ornamental window shade cloth which is adapted to roll readily on the conventional window shade roller.

vide a process of manufacturing such a window shade cloth.

Another object of my invention is to provide an economical process of constituting and manufacturing a durable and ornamental window shade cloth.

Other objects and certain advantages will be more fully set forth in the description of the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, in which:

The figure of the drawing illustrates a length of window shade cloth stretched on the processing frame.

For purposes of illustration, the window shade cloth is disclosed as hearing a striped ornamentation.

The stretching frame comprises an upper member 1 which is suspended as by chains 2. The cloth 3 is stretched between this upper member 1 and a lower member 4, the cloth being glued or otherwise attached to each member. Stretching ieces 5 are hinged to the lower member 4: y means ofv bolts 6 passing through both. These frame members and stretching pieces may be ordinary wooden two by fours. The upper member is provided with sockets 7 each one directly above a. hinge between a stretching piece and the lower member. These sockets are open at one side in order that the stretching'members may be swung into the sockets and are secured to the top frame member'by bolts 8. The portions of the stretching members adapted to enter the sockets are provided with lineally extending Another object of my invention is to pro oxide containing g rows of apertures 9. The faces of the sockets are provided with apertures 10 aligned with the rows of apertures 8 when the stretching members are seated in the sockets.

Pins 11 are attached to the upper frame member by means of chains 13. These pins are adapted to enter the socket and stretching member apertures in order to hold the upper and lower frame members the desired distance apart and stretch the cloth bet-ween to the proper extent.

In constituting and manufacturing the window shade cloth, a length of the cloth itself is secured on the frame. The ornamentation is constituted by the weave of the to convert-it into the finished window shade cloth without increasing too greatly its weight. Moreover, the heavier portions of the. cloth give the same a certain body which permits the cloth to roll properly on the shade roller without the conventional relatively heavy finishing coatings.

The cloth is next sized with water solution of a high quality of hide glue having zinc oxide suspended therein. The best quality and most finely ground zinc oxide obtainable is recommended in order that it be dispersed as thickly and evenly as possible throughout the glue. The solution is formed by dissolving one pound of the zinc ue in between thirtyfive and forty pounds of water. This solution is approximately one-half as concentrated as the conventional sizing solution.

This is a material saving financially.

The sizing is applied with brushes or in any conventional manner.

The next step is .to paint the sized cloth with oil'paints. For this confignrated muslin shade cloth, paints containing only coloring compounds chemically pure such as lead chromates, sienna, sublimed lead, lithopone umber, ochre and ultramarine blue are recommended. The paint is thinned down to about 15 B. (light liquid scale) with naphtha and benzine and the sized cloth painted therewith on both sides. This paint is materially lighter than the standard window shade cloth paints which range in weight between 35 and 10 B. (heavy liquid scale).

The paint is allowed to dry after which the window shade cloth is removed from the stretching frames and cut to the desired dimensions.

Thus I provide a durable ornamental configurated window shade cloth relatively economical to manufacture and of proper weight and flexibility to be used on the conventional window shade rollers.

Having described my invention, I desire to be limited only by the following claim:

The process of makin ornamental window shade cloth comprising the steps of sizing a length of muslin, having stripes woven therein, said muslin weighing approximately 123 grams per square yard, with a glue containing zinc oxide, said glue diluted with water in the proportion of one pound of glue to between thirty-five and forty pounds of water, and painting the sized surfaces with oil paints of approximately 15 B. (light liquid scale) in order to form a window shade cloth of proper weight and flexibility to roll upon a window shade roller. I

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name.


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