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Publication numberUS1653608 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateMar 9, 1927
Priority dateMar 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1653608 A, US 1653608A, US-A-1653608, US1653608 A, US1653608A
InventorsAllen John F
Original AssigneeLouis C Brammar
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Milk bottle
US 1653608 A
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Dec. 27, 1927. 1,653,608

J. F. ALLENI MILK BOTTLE Filed March 9,` 1927 Inventor Patented Dec. 27, 1927.


JOHNl F. ALLEN, or IRONTON, oHro, AssrGNoa To LoUIso. BRAMMAR, or raoNToN',

. oHTo. l


Application filed March 9, 1927. Serial No. 174,023.

The present invention relates to containers for milk and the like, and the primary object is to provide a milk bottle with an indicia receiving pocket or pockets on the vertical wall thereof, adapted to receive an indicia carrying element, for example, a panel containing certain advertising matter, and a retaining glass panel disposed in the pocket over the advertising panel for holding the same in vplace and further` in the provision of a continuous groove in the inside of the pocket for -receiving a continuous pro- `iecting bead or the like from the glass panel so as to properly center the glass panel in the pocket, whereby cement applied to the periphery thereof may properly set to be of uniform thickness about the periphery of the glass panel.

Another very important object of the invention resides in the provision of a structure of this nature which may be manufac-l tured at an exceedingly low costso as to be thoroughly practical, efficient, and reliable.

Before my inventionon, labels and the like have been applied to recesses formed in the surfaces of bottles by cementing over the labels, glass plates, but in order to do this properly, the expense and liability of breakage of these glass plates has been exorbitant, and has made such devices prohibitable from a practical standpoint. c

My improved structure overcomes these practical deficiencies in the prior art, so that a'device -ofthis nat-ure may be lmanufactured in competition with the ordinary well known milk bottle. A

With the above and numerous other lobliects in view,'as will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the novel features of construction, and in the combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed.

In the drawing Figure 1 is an elevation of a milk bottle embodying the features of my invention,

Fig. 2 is a horizontal transverse section taken substantially on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the arrows, and

Fig. 3 is an enlar 'ed vertical detail section taken substantizly on the line 3-3of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing in detail, it will be seen that the milk bottle isl indicated generally by the numeral 5 and is of the same generalappearance and outline as an ordinary milk bottle, such as 1s now commonly in use.

I provide this milk bottle in its vertical wall with'a pocket or recess 6 of suitable shape and in the bottom of this pocket or recess, I form a continuous channel or groove 7 very close to the edge thereof, and having conduit conforming with that of the pocket. vThe numeral 8 denotes a glass plate or panel adapted to be received in the pocket 6 so as to-be flush with vthe'eirterior surface of the bottle 5, and of course is curved concentrically with the bottle for this purpose.

On the inner surface of the plate or panel 8 I form an outwardly projecting continuous bead or rib 9 adapted to seat in the 'channel or groove 7 for the purpose of holding the panel 8 properly centered in respect to the pocket 6. The numeral 10 denotes an indicia carrying element such as a plate, panel, or the like, of suitable material having printed or otherwise provided on the outer surface thereof, suitable advertising indicia.

This plate or panel 10 is applied to the inner surface of the plate or panel 8 so as to be received within the confines of the bead or rib 9, before the plate 8 is inserted in the pocket 6. In the actual manufacture of the device, suitable cement will be applied to the edge periphery of the plate 8 and the plates 10 and 8 will then be placed in the pocket and the rib 9 and groove 7 will hold these plates or panels properly centered in the pockets 6 so that the cement will have an opportunity of properly setting so as to be of uniform thickness and strength about the entire periphery of the plate 8.

This enables a bottle of this nature to be manufactured Vin an efficient manner with great speed, because the proper accuracy attained without taking up too vmuch time of the workmen. Furthermore, the bead and groove structure provides the necessary strength to the assembly when finished.

f The bottle 5, of course, is made of transparent material, preferably glass as is now the common practice and the plate or panel 8 will be made` of the same material, so that the advertisement on the plate or panel 10 will be readable clearly and distinctly.

It is thought that the construction, utility, and advantages of this invention, will now eX'a'nip'le,` since'inactiiz'ilpracti'ceit hasnt;l tained the features of advantage enumera-t1' ed as desirable in the statement of the Ainvenf tion and the above description.

It ivillbe apparent-thatch-an-ges iii-they materials, in the sizes, aiidin the details .of construction.maybe" resorted to ivith'oiitdepjartiiigifroin lthe spiritoriscope of the invention as hereinafter claimed, and Without sacrificing; any vof= its advantages;

Having thus:desc-ribed'iny invention, what I claiin as new is l. Afinilk bottle-havinga pocket in the vertical ivallithei'eof, with the inner face thereof provided ivit-lia continuons groove-concentric with and-in close-proximity; to the edgewall thereof;` and a: transparent panelL receivable inthe `pocketto have its outer surface iiiish with the outer surfaceof-the bottle yand provided oniits inner surface adjacent-its edge with a continuous outwardly projecting bead to seat in the groove. 4

2.' A ni'ilkbottl'e hav'inglapocket inthe vertical Wall thereof, With a. continuous groove formed in the inner surface thereof adjacent Ithe edge thereof and concentric with theedgetliereof, a transparent plate shaped to fit in the pocket, so that its outer surfaceis flush 'With the outer surface of the bottle yand itsl inner surface is provided adjacent its edge with a continuously oiitivardly projecting bead to seat in the groove,

an indicia carrying element in the form Ofa panel fitted in the confines of the bead-.onithe inner surface ofV the' plate, and ceinentfapplied to the-edge ofthe plate for holding it, said Vbead andV groove insuring the proper setting off said cement.` I y In testimony whereof I aiiivxiny signature.


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U.S. Classification40/310
International ClassificationB65D23/14, G09F23/00, B65D23/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F23/00, B65D23/14
European ClassificationB65D23/14, G09F23/00