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Publication numberUS1653657 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateFeb 28, 1925
Priority dateFeb 28, 1925
Publication numberUS 1653657 A, US 1653657A, US-A-1653657, US1653657 A, US1653657A
InventorsPretsch Elise
Original AssigneePretsch Elise
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Bed table
US 1653657 A
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Dec. 27, 1927.

E. PRETSCH BED TABLE Filed Feb. 28. 1.925

INVENTOR E. Pretscll ATTORNEY Patented Dec. 27, 1927.

'Emsn' rnnr'scn, air-BROOKLYN, nnwyonx.


,hpplication filed February 2,8, 19 2 5; Serial No. 12,242.

The main objectof this invention is to provide a table used in combination with. bed for convalescents and other bedridden persons and has a table panel whioh may be adjusted to var ous. posltions to serve either as a table or a stand for books or various other uses.

Another object is toprovide a bed table which be projected to any position over the counterpane of a bed and may be raised to any level desired and locked in such posit-ion.

Still another object is to provide a mechanical means for easily lifting or lowering the table panel vertically and locking the same automatically in any adjusted position.

The above and other objects will become apparent in the description below, in which characters of reference refer to likenamed parts in the drawing.

Referring briefly to the drawing, Figure l is a front elevational view of the bed table.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the same.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional elevational view of the table panel elevating and locking mechanism.

Figure 4 is a side elevational view of Figure 3.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the

numeral indicates a rectangular panel which serves as a table, This panel is provided with ridge boards 11 and 12 which are mounted on its long sides, and similar ridges 13 and 14 which extend across the width of the panel. The flange 15 of a sleeve 16 is rigidly mounted to the bottom surface of the table panel and into the sleeve 16, one end of the bent tubular arm 17 is secured. This arm extends horizontally from one end of the table panel 10 and has a strap flange 18 mounted on its extreme end. A T fixture 19 is mounted on the upper end of an elevator rod 20 and the arm 17 passes thru openings formed in the T fixture 19 and is slidable therein. Said arm 17 may be moved to any position and alocking screw 21 threadably engaged in the T fixture 19 is adapted to con tact with the surface of the arm 17 and lock the latter in any desired extended position. The elevator rod 20 is slidable vertically in atubular pedestal 22 which is mounted on a hub 23 at its bottom. This hub 23 has a pair of short legs 2% and a long. leg. 25 radiating therefrom. A semis circular housing; 26: is formed integral with. the: hollow pedestal 22, and in said hous-v 1ng,a wheel 27 having a V-shapec teeth 28,

is mounted. The elevator rod 20, slidable.

in the tubular pedestal 22, is provided with V-shaped threads, 29 whichextend thereon thruout the greater part of the length of the rod 20' and are adapted to be engaged, bythev teeth .28. formed on; the wheel; 27. Said wheel is rigidly mounted on a shaft 30 which extends outwardly from one side of the housing and to said extending end, a crank 31 is mounted. Beneath the housing 26, a sliding bolt 32 is mounted on pins 33 and is capable of being lifted thru an opening in the lower part of the housing into engagement with the teeth 28 of the wheel 27. This sliding bolt is provided with a looped handle 34 at its lower end and to this looped portion, a semi-circular flat spring 35 is secured. The semi-circular spring extends downwardly and lies upon the face of a relatively small lug 36 which is integral with and projects from the side of the tubular pedestal 22 beneath the sliding bolt 32 and normally urges the latter upwardly so that its upper end engages the teeth 28 on the wheel 27.

The table is convenient for use of convalescents and other persons who are bedridden. Meals may be supported directly over the bed patient upon the panel 10.

This table panel 10 may be adjusted so that it extends to various positions over the counterpane and may be adjusted by sliding the arm 17 in the T fixture after unlocking said arm by releasing the screw 21. In

order to elevate the table panel 10 to a desired height above the counterpane, the crank 31 is rotated. Rotation of the crank causes the wheel 27 to be turned and the teeth 28 thereon, in meshing with the teeth 29 formed on the elevator rod 20, raises the arm 17 and table panel to its desired height. During the time that the crank 31 is being rotated, the sliding bolt 32 is pulled downwardly by the fingers, which are inserted in the loop 34, against the tension of the spring .35. After the desired height has been secured, the sliding bolt 32 is permitted to be lifted by the spring 35 so that its upper end engages the teeth 28 on the wheelL 27 and locks said wheel free from rotation. Theelevator rod20 is provided with the V-shaped annular threads 29 at its lower end to permit the elevator rod to still be locked in longitudinal position and yet allow rotation of said elevator rod so that the panel 11 may be shifted to any convenient position manually without any adjustment whatsoever being necessary.

I. claim A device of the class described comprising a hollow tubular pedestal, an elevator rod in said pedestal, a panel mounted on said rod, a housing at the upper end of said pedestal, a toothed wheel having a serrated periphery, the teeth on said wheel being V-shaped,

' said toothed Wheel being rotatably mounted in the housing and extending tangentially into the tubular pedestal, a shaft rigid axially in said toothed wheel, one end thereof projecting from the housing, a crank secured to said projecting end of the shaft,

a plurality of successive annular V-shaped threads formed at the lower end of the elevator rod cooperating with the toothed wheel for locking the elevator rod against longitudinal movement and permitting rotation of the latter, said threads being engaged by the toothed wheel, means on said pedestal for locking the Wheel against rotation in one direction comprising a sliding bolt having an inclined nose at one end and a looped handle at the other end, said nose being adapted to engage the teeth of said wheel, a spring secured to the handle end of said sliding bolt, a rigid lug on saidpedestal upwardly into engagement with the toothed wheel. 7

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification108/141, 108/49, 108/146
International ClassificationA47B23/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47B23/046
European ClassificationA47B23/04E