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Publication numberUS1653701 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateDec 29, 1924
Priority dateJan 8, 1924
Publication numberUS 1653701 A, US 1653701A, US-A-1653701, US1653701 A, US1653701A
InventorsHenri Guerard
Original AssigneeHenri Guerard
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Means for producing luminous showers
US 1653701 A
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H. GUERARD Filed Dec. 29, 1924 "Dec. 27, 1927.


Patented Dec. 27, 1927.


HENRI GUERARID, or LE nnvnn-ennvirnn, rnnnon.

{MEANS FOR rnonuorno LUMINOUS snownns.

Application filed December 29, 1924, Serial No. 758,575, and in France January 8, 1924.,

It is wellknown that certain hard bodies, when placed in contact with emery Wheels in rapid rotation, will produce showers of sparks of a very brilliant nature by reason of the friction and wear of the materlal, and which can be compared for their attractive-.

ness with the showers of fireproduced by the known pyrotechnical pieces employed as luminous attractions. r

The present invention relates to an apparatus for the production of showers of fire for luminous attractions or other purposes, consisting in the use of rapidly rotating emery wheels against which are placed in friction contact suitable pieces of steel or more generally, of any common inexpensive substance or compound adapted to produce showers of sparks by Wear or friction upon grinding wheels. In order to obtain the desired results, I may apply against a rotating grinder a single piece of metal, thus pro ducing a single shower of sparks, or a plurality of metal pieces mounted in a suitable supporting frame and producing a corresponding number of showers of sparks which are spaced around the said grinder. By a suitable rotation of the said frame about its centre, I am further enabled to obtain an efiect which is comparable with the effect produced by the piece of fireworks known as the sun-wheel.

In the appended drawings which are given by way of example: 7

Fig. 1 is a side view of an apparatus whereby the method according to the invention may be carried into effect.

Fig. 2 is a section on the line AA of Fig. 1.

Figs. 3 and 4 illustrate the eflects which can be obtained with the said apparatus, the frame carrying the metallic members being either stationary or rotatable.

The apparatus shown in the drawings comprises a grinding wheel or disc 1 mounted upon a shaft 2 which is driven for example by an electric motor 3. A frame 4: which is mounted by'easy friction upon the said shaft comprises for example, and as herein represented, six radial arms 5 having mounted at the ends the members 6, sticks or blades, which are in friction contact with the said wheel. Upon the said frame is also mounted a toothed disc 7 engaging a pinion 8 which is driven either by the said motor or by hand by means of the crank 9; by means of the said pinion, the said frame can be rotated in either direction about the shaft 2. i y

The members 6, sticks or blades, which are madeof steel or like material and are in friction contact with the wheel, 1, are mount- A ed .in the oblique holders 10, being slidablc therein and adapted to be placed in contact with the edge or the side of the said grind ing wheel, by means of the springs 11 which are contained in thesaid holders. The latter are mounted upon the axles 12 which are engaged in the radial slots 13 formed in the ends of the arms 5 of the said frame, the axles being secured upon the said arms by means of the nuts 14; this arrangement allows of regulating the inclination of the said holders relatively to the horizontal position, and of taking up the wear of the members 6 and of the said grinding wheel by the displacement of the axles 12 in the slots 13. lVhen the grinding wheel is set in rotation, a shower of sparks will be produced at the point of contact of each of the members 6 with the grinding wheel, and the whole combination of the said showers of sparks will produce the effect which is shown in Fig. 3; if the frame 4 is rotated about its centre, the showers of sparks will move with the frame, thus afiording the effectwhich is shown in Fig. 4.

The apparatus according to the invention, which enables the production of showers of sparks by means of suitable members of steel or like unexpensive material acting by friction upon grinding wheels, will produce luminous eifects of the most varied character, and these may obviously be combined with other effects obtained by known pyrotechnical methods, or by electrical or like means, for instance by electric illumination. The said luminous effects may be employed in theatres as well as for displays of fireworks, for advertising purposes, or the like.

The apparatus producing the luminous displays according to the invention may be exposed to the weather or to dampness without inconvenience; it will not produce smoke or any disagreeable odour, and will offer no risk of-fire or other accidents. Compared with the known pyrotechnical devices, it will produce the desired luminous effect for a much greater length of time.

Obviously, the said invention, which has for its object the obtainments-of luminous no effects for all desired purposes, which effects result from the production of showers of sparks due to the frictionor the wear of metallic or like members in contact with emery or like Wheels, is not limited to the constructional forms hereinbefore setforth,

the emery wheels may be replaced by any other suitable devices.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: I a a 1. An apparatus for the production of luminous showers for fireworks and the like, comprising incombination a motor, agrinding wheel secured on the shaftofsaicl motor, a rotatable frame, means for supporting said frame coaxially with the motor shaft, at least one friction member carried by said ing wheel secured on the shaft of said motor,

a rotatable frame, means for supporting said frame coaxially with the motorshaft, friction members adapted to engage with said grinding wheel, means for yicldingly and ad justably supporting the friction members on the frame, a rotary shaft opcratively connected with said frame and means for rotating said shaft. a

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification446/22
International ClassificationF42B4/20, F42B4/00
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