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Publication numberUS1654064 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateJun 9, 1927
Priority dateJun 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1654064 A, US 1654064A, US-A-1654064, US1654064 A, US1654064A
InventorsJoseph Zaki
Original AssigneeJoseph Zaki
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US 1654064 A
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Dec. 27, 1927. 1,654,064

J. ZAKI HOSYIERY Filed June 9. 1927 Patented Dec. 27, i921. 7


:osnrn zaxr, or ammonia.


Application flied June 9, 1937. Serial No. 197,584.

This invention relates to hosiery and particularly to womens stockings, the ob ect of the invention being to so construct and design a stocking as to give attractive and 8 modish effects.

Particularly the object of the inventionns to design a stocking which will give a desirable appearance of slenderness to the leg of the wearer. The stocking is particularly de-. it signed for women with thick ankles and legs, 'ving an appearance of slenderness which 1s esirable, while efiectively disguis ng the method employed to obtain this result. In the drawings: Figurel is-a side view of a stockm made in accordance with the invention; an

Figure 2 is a partial front view. The distinguishing feature of the invention is the provision in the, stocking 1" of stri es 2 of a contrasting shade on the front an back of the stocking. They feature of the invention however, resides in the fact that the stripes 2 are of a sltihghtly contrasting or. blen a tone with e tone of the main body oft e stocking and between thecenter of each strips, the contrastin tone is gradually shaded" 1nto the main bo y of the stocking as indicated by the area 3 on e1ther side of the stri in which the color of the stripe is graduay blended'and merged into the shade of the main body of the In this manner the presence of the areas or stri of different color from the main body f t hfstockin is not so readily apparent to 3 the observer, at, nevertheless, the efiect of the areas of contrasting shades is produced.

In this wayalarge or bulky leg will have the appearance of a slender leg.

The areas of color may be obtained in various ways, a. convenient method being to dye 40 the threads in the desired shades before weavin the hose. The two tone shade may be obtained b making the stripes on the front and bac of the stockin lighter or darker than the shade of the ody of the stocking, either combination providin the desired results. The stripes may be 0 any suitable width, and the shading may be blended in any manner found deslrable, provided that a distinct line of demarcation is '50 not evident to other than a close inspection.

What is claimed is:

1. A stocking having a body of one shade and stripes of a contrasting shade on the .iront and rear of the stocking, said stripes runningivertically from the foot to the top of the stoc mg, and intermediate areas in either ,side of the stri es where the shade of the stripe is blende into the shade of themain body of the stocking 'without the formation 00 of positive lines of demarcation between the shade of the stri and the shade of the main body'of the stoc g.

2. A stocking having a body of one shade and a vertical stripe at a contrasting shadeq running from the foot to the top of the stocking, and intermediate areas 1n either side of the stri where the'shade of-the stripe is blend into the shade of the main body of the'stoc without the formation of pogiti've lines of emarcation between the shade of the stri and the shade of the main

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U.S. Classification2/239, 2/241, 66/178.00R, 66/180
International ClassificationA41B11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41B11/00
European ClassificationA41B11/00