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Publication numberUS1654330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateSep 5, 1924
Priority dateSep 5, 1924
Publication numberUS 1654330 A, US 1654330A, US-A-1654330, US1654330 A, US1654330A
InventorsJenkins Charles E
Original AssigneeJenkins Charles E
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Food-conveying truck
US 1654330 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Sept. 5, 1924 Dec. 27, 1927.

C. E JENKINS FOOD CONVEYING TRUCK 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 VE/V TORI Filed Sept. 5, 1924 BY W I if;

TTO RA/E Y Patented Dec. 27 1927.



Application filed September This invention relates to apparatus de signed especially for use in hospitals, asylums, and other institutions, for conveying food from the kitchen to the wards, rooms,

tures w1ll be particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

Referring now to the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a food truck embodying the invention in the form at present preferred; and

Fig. 2 is a side elevation, partly section, of thetruck shown in Fig. 1.

The apparatus shown comprises a frame which preferably consists of several angle iron members riveted together and properly braced." A floor or base 2 is supported on the lower horizontal angle iron pieces 3, and several casters having wheels 4 are secured to this base and support the entire structure. The frame also includes horizontal angle irons 5 which are riveted to the corner members 6 and form a support for a removable box or body 7.

This body preferably is made of metal and it'contains a-series of pockets, Wells, or compartments 8, each of which is adapted to hold a quantity of food or to receive containers in which the food is held. Preferably these compartments each consists of two vessels 9 and 10 mounted one within the other and both secured at their upper ends to the top plate 12 of the box or body. This arrangement provides a sealed air space between-the two vessels, and this space and the space between adjacent compartments may be filled with ground cork or any other suitable heat insulating material. In the arrangement shown four small cylindrical compartments are formed in the right-hand end of the body, while a large rectangular compartment is formed in the left-hand end. The large compartment is adapted to accommodate larger dishes containing roasts or the like, and for this purpose two trays orpans 14 are provided adapted to fit one on the other within the large compartment, each in cross ceiving 5, 1924; Serial No. 736,083.

pan having an internal ledge or shelf 15 near its upper edge to support the tray on top of it. The adjacent compartments are so thoroughly heat insulated from each other that frozen foods may readily be kept for a long time in one compartment and hot foods in the next adjacent compartment.

The compartments may have individual covers as, for instance, those indicated at 13, Fig. 1, for the small compartments, but the entire upper surface of the box or body 7 is protected by two covers 1616 hinged to the opposite ends of the body. These covers are so constructed, as will be evident from an inspection of Fig. 2, that they are highly heat insulating and means is provided to hold each of them in a horizontal open position yvhere they will serve as tables. For this purpose each cover 16 has two links 17-17 pivoted thereto near its outer or free end, and. the lower ends of these links are provided with headed pivot studs or bolts 18 which run freely in vertical slots formed in the brackets 19-49 which are secured to the corner members 66. This arrangement permits the free swinging of each cover from its closed to its open position, or vioeversa, and at the same time the links 17-17 form braces which support the cover rigidly in its horizontal open position where it may be used as a serving table. Clamps 2020, Fig. 1, are provided to secure the covers firmly in their closed positions while the truck is being moved. Handles 21--2l are also provided at opposite ends of the framevto facilitate the rolling,

It will readily be appreciated that the slotted brackets 1919 could be attached to the covers and the links pivoted to the corner members 6, but such an arrangement would be an obvious reversal of the contsruction shown. ,It will also be evident that the apparatus provided "by this invention can be manufactured economically and is very convenient to use, the arrangement of the covers so that they perform the function of serving tables being a great convenience.

Having thus described my invention, what I desire to claim as new is:

1. A food conveying apparatus comprising, in combination, a body having food recompartments therein, a hinged to said body for closing the upper ends of said compartments, and two links at opposite sides of said cover, said links being pivoted at their upper ends to said cover cover near its freeend, two upright slotted brackets rigidly mounted-at opposite sides of said body, and pivots at the lower ends of said links running in the slots of said brackets, whereby the links will support said cover in a substantially open horizontal position and permit the cover to swing freely into its closed position.

2. A food conveying apparatus compris ing, in combination, a frame, a body sup-, ported within said frame, wheels supporting said frame, a plurality of food receiving compartments extending downwardly into the body from the upper surface thereof and heat insulated from each other, two covers hinged to opposite ends of said body, and links connected with said covers and slidably connected with said frame to form braces for supporting the covers horizontally in a position approximately level with the upper surface of said body, when they are open but permitting the covers to be swung into position to close the upper ends of said compartments.

3. A food conveying apparatus comprising in combination a body havin food receiving compartments therein, w eels sup porting said body, a cover hinged to said body for closing the upper ends of said compartments, two links at opposite sides of said cover, said links being pivoted at their the upper surface of said body, where it performs the function of aserving table, said links permitting the cover to swing freely into its closed position.


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