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Publication numberUS1654379 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1927
Filing dateJun 30, 1927
Priority dateJun 30, 1927
Publication numberUS 1654379 A, US 1654379A, US-A-1654379, US1654379 A, US1654379A
InventorsWincenty Matzka
Original AssigneeWincenty Matzka
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Displaying and dispensing apparatus for beverages
US 1654379 A
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Dec. 27, 1927. 1,654,379

W. MATZKA DISPLAYING AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR BEVERAGES Filed June 30. 1927 2-Sheets-S'nee'c 1 x INVENTOR W a w z tnmii v E TLLIE: 1 1E F 1 .l:: m A g 1 Dec. 27, 1927. 1,654,379

w. MATZKA DISPLAYING AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR BEVERAGES Filed June 30. 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ?atented @ec. 27, 1927.

g S H M 115;



Application filed June 30, 1927. Serial 3:20. 202,654.

Continuous stream or fountain of the bever age while afiording means for dispensing the beverage directly from a cooled container.

The invention furthermore comprehends a novel valve construction which is connected with a source of beverage supply in a cooled container for constantly feeding to a fountain or display stream, a uniform quantity of beverage irrespective of whether the valve is in a dispensing or non-dispensing position with respect to a dispensing nozzle.

time of the principal objects in view is to provide a combined displaying and dispens ing apparatus for beverages, which avoids unnecessary increase in temperature of the cooled beverage by the portionv which is used "for thedisplay stream or fountain.

Other objects reside in the comparative simplicity of construction of the apparatus, the economy'with which the same may be produced, and the general cfiiciency derived therefrom.

With the above recited and other objects in view, reierence'is had to the following deparatus scription and accompanying drawings in which there is exhibited one example or embodiment of the invention, while the appended claims define the actual scope of the invention.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through the displaying and dispensing ap- Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional View of the valve taken approximately onthe line 2-2 of Fig. 1, and illustrating the valve in a position for dispensing the beverage through the outlet nozzle;

Fig, 3 is a similar view illustrating the valve in a non-dispensing position.

Referring to the drawings by characters of reference, 10 designatesa receptacle or container for a liquid beverage which may be cooled in anysuitable manner, such as by placing the receptacle in. a vessel 11 supplied with ice or by any suitable cooling or refrigerating means. The container or receptacle 10 together with the vessel 11, is preferably installed under a suitable counter 13 u on which the base 14 of the display and ispensing mechanism is arranged. The

base 14 supports a bowl 15' having a dependng peel; 1t which is seated in a tubular supporting member 17 having an outletnozzle 18 at its lower end. The outlet nozzle '18 is connected by a pipe or conduit 19 leading to the receptacle or container 10. The bowl 15 has projecting upwardly therethrough an 20, the upper open end of which maintains a suitable level of the beverage within the .bowl,while the lower open end thereof communicates with and permits the drainage of the overflow outwardly through the outlet nozzle 18 and pipe 19 to return to the container or receptacle 10. The upper end of the bowl is covered by a transparentinverted cup-shaped element 21'. If esired, the bowl and element 21 may be enclosed by a second larger inverted cup-shaped transparent element 22 which will positively exclude dust, dirt or other foreign matter from gaining access to the interior, and which will further serve to insulate the beverage being displayed from the temperature of the room or outer atmosphere. If desired, the bowl 15 and member 21 may be made in one piece or substantially in the form of a bottle. Leading from a point adjacent the bottom of the receptacle or container 10 is a supply pipe 23 which extends upwardly and connects with a suitable pump 24. The pump outlet has leading therefrom a'pipe 25 which connects with the inlet port 26 of a valve 27. The valve 27 is provided with a circular bore 28 in which a core 29is rotatahly mounted. The core is provided with radially disposed ports, 30 and 31, the former being of greater size than thelatter.

The valve 27 is provided with an outlet port 32 with which a dispensing nozzle 33 communicates, and with a fountain or display stream port 34 and a beverage return port 35. From the fountain or display stream port 34 a pipe 36 leads into and upwardly through the neck 16 and overflow pipe 20 slightly above pipe. From the beverage return port 35, a pipe 37 leads through and into the discharge nozzle 18. The valve core 29 is provided with a manipulating handle 38.

In use and operation, the valve core is limited to a movement from the position illustrated in Fig. 2 to the position illustrated in Fig. 3, and vice versa. When in the position illustrated in Fig. 2, the en-- larged port 30 of the valve core establishes communication between the beverage supply pipe 25 and the fountain or display stream pipe 36, due to-the the upper end of said overflow t ct th tthe ports Ill) 26 and 34 are in communication. At the same time, the smaller port 31 is in communication with the dispensing nozzle port 32 to dispense the beverage into a glass or drinking vessel 39. In this position it will be observed that the supply of beverage to the return pipe 37 through the beverage return port 35 is closed. 4. 1

When the valve core 29 is in the position illustrated in Fig. 3, the enlarged'port 30 of the valve core establishes communication between the valve ports 26, 34 and 35, while the valve core port 31 is out of communication with the dispensing nozzle port 32. In

L this position the beverage supply in excess of the fountain or display stream supply, is returned to the container or receptacle 10, through the pipe 37 and the pipe 19 Without being led into the display apparatus. It thus follows that the beverage display apparatus is not affected by the dispensing operation so that-"the fountain or display stream maintains a uniform appearance. lit will be further noted that the beverage which is dispensed is always drawn directly from the supply in the cooled container or receptacle 10, insuring to the purchaser a cool drink.

What is claimed is:

1. A displaying and dispensing apparatus for beverages, including a display fountain, a dispensing nozzle, a valve connected with a source of beverage supply and through which the beverage is constantly fed'to the fountain, and a common return connected with the valve and the fountain overflow.

2. A displaying and dispensing apparatus for beverages, includin a display fountain, a dispensing nozzle an a valve connected to a source of beverage supply through which the beverage is constantly fed to the fountain and by means of which the beverage is selectively fed to the dispensing nozzle or returned to the source of supply, withoutaf-- fecting the uniform appearance of the fountain.

3. In a displaying and dispensing appw from said valve to the display fountain, and

the reservoir Without affecting the beverage supplied to the display fountain, said-valve comprising a casing having circumferentiah ly spaced beverage inlet, dispensing, fountain supply, and return ports, and a core having angular large and small ports constantly establishing communication between the inlet and fountain supply ports and selectively establishing communication between the dispensing and return ports. I,

5. In a beverage dispensing and displaying apparatus, a reservoir, a transparent vessel for dis laying a beverage stream, a dispensing va ve having inlet, display feed, dispensing and'return ports, means for continuously supplying beverage under pressure to the valve inlet port, and a ported valve core in said valve movable to positions for respectively dispensing a portion of the beverage and for returning said portion to the reservoir while constantly feeding a uniform portion to the transparent display vessel. 6. A valve including a casing having an inlet port and three outlet ports, the outlet ports being approximately one-half the ca-v pacity of the inlet ports, and a core havinga pair of radially disposed ports of a size to establish communication between the inlet port and two of the outlets, the other port being of a size to establish communication with the remaining outlet, said core being movable to positions for respectively opening and clo'sing'one of the first-mentioned outlet ports while obtaining a reverse condition of the, last-mentioned outlet.

port simultaneously with the establishment of communication between the inlet port andv the other of the first-mentioned outlet ports.


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