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Publication numberUS1655295 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1928
Filing dateMar 29, 1927
Priority dateMar 29, 1927
Publication numberUS 1655295 A, US 1655295A, US-A-1655295, US1655295 A, US1655295A
InventorsSteinberger Irwin
Original AssigneeSteinberger Irwin
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US 1655295 A
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Patented Jan. 3, v1928.




Application filed March :29,r 1927. Serial No. 179,260.

This invention relates to gloves and has for an object'to provide an improved fastener for slip-on gloves wherein a proper clamping action is secured and at the same time a pleasing appearance presented.

A further object ofthe invention is to provide a fastener for slip-on gloves, which absolutely secures the gloves in place and makes the glov'eslook more sightly.

A further object, more specifically, is to provide a fastener for gloves, wherein the fastening buckle or member' may be threaded by a back Vand forth movement of the strap carried by one hand. l

In the accompanying drawing` Figure 1 is a plan view of a glove, dis-V closing an embodiment of the invention, the same showing the fastener in its kfastened or functioning position.

FiOure 2 is a view similar to Fionre 1 ex- C! i i D n 7 cept that the fastener is showndisconnected.

Figure 3 is a plan view of the fastener clip or buckle.

Figure 4 is an edge view of the buckle shown in Figure 3. y Y f Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional 'view through Figure 2 on line 5 5.

Referring to the accompanying drawing by numerals, 1 indicates the body of a glove, which glove is of the usual slip-on type. In order that the glove may be properly fastened on the hand, a fastening strap 2 1sv provided which extends around the wrist of the glove and acts to fasten the glovey m place when in use. The fastener strap 2 is an ornamental stra-p, shown as a platted strap with a single endsection 3.. If desired, the strap could be of some other formation, as for instance, an ordinary straight strap. In forming the strap 2, certainparts are formed to present a loop Il, said loop being looped over the central bar 5 of the fastener clip or buckle 6. The fastener kelip'or buckle is not only7 formed with a bar 5 but with side members 7 and 8 merging into end members 9 and`10 substantially parallel with the bar 5 whereby oppositely facing notches 11 and 12 are presented. The loop 4* fits over the bar 5 and is permanently connected to bar 5 by lines of stitching 13. Also, lines of stitching 14 are provided which extendV through the strap 2 near stitches 13 and also through part of theglove body 1 whereby the buckle 6 and associated parts will always remain in the same place, which is preferably centrally of the back of the glove. The

glove body 1 is also provided with any desired number of loops 15, stitched or otherwise secured to the glove body for presenting guiding supports for the strap which is threaded therethrough.

W'hen the device is to be placed on thek hand, ythe end section 3 is preferably disengaged and moved to substantially the posi- Y tion shown' in Figure 2. The hand is then placed in the glove and the glove adjusted to the desired position, after which, the end section 3 is grasped by the free hand, moved slightly to one side and then back into the notch 11. It is then moved over the bar 5, to one side, and then back into, the notch 12 as shown in Figure 1. y After thishas been done, the extreme end of the end section 8 is n placed beneath the keeper 16 and the fastening operation has been completed. In performing this fastening operation, the desired tension is maintained on the strap or it is secured immediately after it is fitted into slot 11,y as the fitting into slot 12 binds the parts, and under ordinary circumstances, there will be no movement so that the device secures the glove properly in place and pre` sents in addition, a very pleasing wrist band.

To remove the glove, the end Sis removed from keeper' 16, shifted to one side and raised so as to move the same from the slot 12, shifted to the other side until it is removedk from slot 11, and then thrown back to the position shown in Figure 2. After the strap has been thus unfastened, the glove may be removed in the usual manner.

- That I claim is:

A glove and fastener, comprising a slip-on glove structure, a strap guiding loop secured to the glove structure near one side thereof, a contracting strap for the glovev structure normally positioned to extend loosely through said loop, abuckle structure operatively connected with one end of the strap, said buckle structure'having oppositely extending openings rfor successively receiving the free end of said-strap for locking said free end in operative association with the secured end of the strap, a strap keeper mounted on the strap near said buckle, and stitching securing the buckle end of said strap to the back of the glove body near vthe center thereof, the opposite end of said strap be- 'ing interlocked with said buckle structure yIRWIN STEINBERGER.

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