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Publication numberUS1655300 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1928
Filing dateSep 16, 1926
Priority dateSep 16, 1926
Publication numberUS 1655300 A, US 1655300A, US-A-1655300, US1655300 A, US1655300A
InventorsVizzard May Belle C
Original AssigneeVizzard May Belle C
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Combination undergarment
US 1655300 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 3, 1928.

M. B. C. VIZZARD COMBINAIION UNDERGAEMENT Filed Sept. 16, 1926 2 SheetsSheet l Jan. 3, 1928. 1,655,300

M. B. C. VIZZARD COMBINATION UNDERGARNIENT Fiied Sept. 16. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patentecl Jan. 3, 1928.



Application flled September This invention relates to a combination undergarment and it is primarily an object of the invention to provide a garment of this kind especially designed and adapted for use by a female having a stout figure.

It is also an object of the invention t0 provide a garment of this kind which is.adapted to snugly engagethe body of the wearer to provide an efl'ective'support or brace therefor and which garment is constructed in a manner rendering the same light in weight and in fact of a weight slightly more than the weight of the average corset worn by a stout w01nan.

The. invention also has for its object to provide a garment of this kind which is constructed in a manner to provide a brassire, corset, vest, garters, pants, and a 511p together with means whereby the slip 1s V rendered shadow-proof.

An additional object of the invention is to provide a garment of this kind Which permits quick dressing and which is also of a character to be easily packed for traveling and also easy to launder.

A still further objectof the invention is to provide a garment of this kind tvhich assures cool wear in warm weather due to the fact that it eliminates the need of the dif- 0 ferent Separate garments now generally wom.

An additional obje;ct of the invention is to provide a combination garment of this kind Wherein certain. of the parts are readily removed when not desired or to facilitate the placement with similar clean or laundered parts.

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the combination and ar-- 40 rangement of the several parts of my improved combination undei*garment whereby certain important advantages are attained and the device rendered simpler, less ex-' pensive and otherwise more convenient and advantageous for use, as Will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

The novel features of my invention Will hereinafter be definitely claimed.

In order that my invention may be the better understood, I Will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the accompanying d'rawings, whereinz Figure 1 is a view in perspective of a combination' undergarment constfucted in accordance with an embodiment of my in- 16, 1926. Selia1 No. 135,874.

vention, the upper portion of the garrhent being fastened;

Figure 2 is a view in perspective Of the garnient as herein disclosed, the same being in substantially a full open condition.

As herein disclosed, my improved garment comprises a bodice having a straight back panel 1, side panels 2 and a front panel 3 having a marginal portion secnred along the marginal portion of one of the side panels 2 so that when the garment is applied the front panel 3 is secured to the outer edge of the second side panel 2 and to one side of the body of the wearer. The front panel 3 and said second side panel 2 are detachably engageable or connected one to the other in any desired manner but preferably through the medium of the hooks and eyes 4.

Interposed between the lower portionsof the back panel 1 and the side panels 2 are the elastic gores 5 While the lower free portion of the second side panel 2 is prov1ded with the elastic gore 5. These gores 5and' 5 assure effective fitting of the garment.

The upper portions of the front and back panels 1 and 3 adjacent to each side thereof are adapted to have detachably connected thereto, as at 6, the extremities of the shoulder straps 7, said shoulder straps being either elastic or non-elastic as ma be preferred. These shoulder stra s 7 are removable in order to facilitate t e laundering of the garment and also to ermit ready replacement of such straps in't e event they become unduly soiled. v

' V Stitched or otherwise permanently secured to the lower marginal portions of all of the panels and the gores associated therewith is the upper marginal portion of a slip or skirt 8. The upper and lower marginal portions of this slip below the back panel -1 are provided with the attaching elements 9, herein disclosed as sock ets, witlrwhich are adapted to be engaged theresilient heads 10 carried by the opposite end portions of the apron 11. This apron 11 is of requisite dimensions and serves when applied to overlie the inner face 0 V the rear portion of the .skirt, to render the skirt shadowproof. This apron 11 is formed of rubberized silk so as to be used as a sanitary apron.

The lowerportions of the front panel 3 and rear panel 1 are also provided with the attaching members 12, herein -disclosed as eye members, with whioh are adapted to be engaged the fastening members 14, disclosed as hooks, carried by the extremities of a separable crotoh strip 15 which also may be termed pants. This detachable application of the strip 15 permits the same to be readily replaced when desired and conveniently removed when it is desired to launder the arment proper. This ready removal of tl%e. strip 15 permits frequent changing thereof without the necessity of changing the garment as a whole.

The construction of the bodice is such that it fits the body in a manner whereby the upper portion thereof eflectively serves or functions as a brassire, said bodice in itself also serving as a vest.

In order to further increase the efliciency of the garment When worn by women of stout build, I find it of advantage to provide the corset structure 0, the rear portion of said structure comprising a textile band 16 of requisite dimensions having its intermediate portion secured at desi1ed spaced points to the marginal portion of the rear panel 1 or, if preferred, comprised in the seams conneCting such rear panel 1 and the side panels 2. This connectmn is such as to leave the lower portion of the back of the corset C free so that it may be caused to have eiective engagement with the body of the wearer and more especially at the abdominal portion.

The ront part of the corset C comprises the panels or sections 17 reinforcd in a conventional way by'suitable stays and which have their inner margins secured to the end portions of the back band l6. Ooacting with these Panels 01' sections 17 and the extr'emities of the band 16 are the laces 18 in order to provide for the most efictive ad,

' justment of the corset 0 to the body of the wearer. The outer or free end portions of the panels or sections 17 are connected one to the other, as at 19, in any desired manner but preferably through the conventional type of hooks and eyes.

wish to be understood as .limiting my'self The lower portions of the panels or sections 17 have secured -thereto the extremities of the elastic straps 20 the opposite end portions of which being attached to the botto1fl portion of the front panel 3 and With each of which is frcely or slidably engaged a hose supporter 21 so that when the garment is in use the coaction with the hose of the wearer Will further facilitate the proper fitting of the garment upon the wearer.

The back panel 1 and the side panels 2 are also provided at their lower portions with the garters or hook-ons 22 of any desired or preferred type t0 further facilitate the fitting of the garment together with the desired support of the hose.

From the foregoing description it=:is* thought to be obvious that a combinatiofi undergarment constructed in acccordance with 'my invention is particularly well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and faeility with which it may be worn, and ?0 it- Will also be obvious that my invention is susceptible of some change and modification without departinv from the principles and spirit thereof and for this reason I do not to the preoise arrangement and formation of the several parts hereinshown in carrying out my invention in pratice except as hereinafter claimed.

I daim An undergarment for stout women comprising a corset having upper and lower edges adapted to lie under the breasts and above the hips respectivly of the wearer, a bodice Secured to the upper rear portion 01? the corset and extending above the upper; edge of the corset forming a bust cover, shoulder straps connected With saidextended portion of the bodice, the lower edge of the bodice being free from the lower edge of 9 the cor'set and a skirt depending from the lower edge of the bodice and adapted to lie over the hips of the-wearer.

In testimony whereof I hereuntoafiix my signature.


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