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Publication numberUS1655365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1928
Filing dateMar 3, 1927
Priority dateMar 3, 1927
Publication numberUS 1655365 A, US 1655365A, US-A-1655365, US1655365 A, US1655365A
InventorsMorris Gurtov
Original AssigneeMorris Gurtov
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Picture frame for fountain pens
US 1655365 A
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Jan. 3, 1928.



mvEmon MORRIS Gum'ov BY AnoRiuzY Patented Jan. 3; 1928.



Application filed March 3, 1927. Serial No. 172,451.

[This invention relates to an improved picture frame for fountain pens and has for an object to provide a construction, which in combination with parts of a fountain pen,

will present a pleasing arrangement of holder for pictures or other objects.

Another object is to provide a combined frame and fountain pen cap with the parts so arranged that the frame may be secured to the cap.

A further object of the invention is to provide a frame for a picture or other objects, with the parts so arranged that the picture or object is protected while constantly exposed to view.

In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a side View of part of a fountain pen, showing the cap broken away at the upper end and an embodiment of the invention applied thereto.

Figure 2 is a view at right angles to Figure 1, illustrating the hinged structure of the device.

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the structure shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1 is a view similar to Figure 1 but showing a modified form of the invention.

Figure 5 is a sectional view through Figure 1, approximately on line 5-5.

Referring to the accompanying drawing by numerals, 1 indicates the body of a fountain pen and 2 the cap. These members are of any desired construction except that the cap 2 at the upper end is open so that the depending portion 3 of the frame may fit therein. As indicated in Figure 1, particularly the frame 4i is provided with a depending portion 3, a bottom 5, a hori- 4O zontal section 6 and an exterior depending section 7. U ,lir addition, the fra 1e is providcd'with a cover or cap 8 which is formed eah arming 9 carrying a magnifying glass 10. The ring 9 is formed with. one or more knuckles l1 co-acting with the knuckles 12 extending from the horizontal section (5 whereby the pintle 15 will cause the cover or cap 8 to be hingedly mounted. Ring 9 is also provided with a depending tongue 5 14: having an inwardly extending portion 15 adapted to fit into the notch 16 formed in the section 7. The parts except the glass 10, are preferably made from metal and are more or less resilient so that the depending section 3 and section 7 will pinch somewhat the side walls of the cap 2 whereby seen as indicated in Figure 3.

the frame is held in place by friction. lirranged on the bottom 5 is a picture 1'? or other object and this picture or other object is held in place by a clamping ring 18.

When the parts are in the position shown in Figures 1 and 2, the picture 17 may be Whenever desired, the member 1 1 may be manipulated or sprung out of engagement with the depressed portion 16 and the cover or cap 8 swung to the position shown in dotted lines in Figure 1. This will permit access to the picture. Under some circumstances it is desired that the picture shall be positioned on one side of the cap 2 and when this is the case the construction is modified slightly as shown in Figures d and 5. In this figure a frame member 19 is provided which is substantially U-shaped in cross section and straddles part of the side walls of the cap 2. A picture 20 is mounted on the back plate or bottom 21, soldered or otherwise secured to frame member 19. A resilient ring 22 acts to hold the picture 20 in place while a cap or cover 23 is provided which is very similar to the cap or cover 8. It will be noted that the cap or cover 23 is provided with a magnifying glass 24 held in place by ring 25, which ring at one end is provided with a pintle extension 26 coacting with pintle extensions 27 projecting from the frame member 19. A suitable pintle 28 connects these extensions or knuckles so that the parts are pivotally mounted. An extension 29 is provided opposite the hinge, said extension being adapted to snap over part of the frame member 19 and yieldingly lock the cap or cover 23 in a closed position. It will be noted that all parts are shown many times larger than full size as the device is intended to be used. on an ordinary fountain pen and to be made of a corresponding size.

What I claim is:

1. A picture frame for a fountain pen cap provided with an opening comprising a frame member fitted into said opening, means for clamping a picture in said frame member, a hingedly mounted cover for said frame, said cover including a magnifying glass positioned in line with the picture-for enlarging the same and means for releasably holding said cover in a closed position.

2. A picture frame for" fountain pens comprising an annular member substantially U-shaped in cross section, a bottom connected to one leg of said annular member adapted to receive a picture, a clamping ring arranged against said picture, a hinged ring mounted on said annular member, and a glass carried by said ring, said glass extending over the picture.

The combination with a fountain pen cap having an opening, of a picture frame formed with means fitting into said opening and pressing against the interior walls of the cap adjacent the opening, a bottom connecteiil with said means, said bottom being adapted to support a picture, a member for holding a picture against said bottom, and a glass covering connected with said means and normally positioned to cover said picture.

l. The combination with a fountain pen cap having an open upper end, of a frame fitting into said open end adapted to carry a picture, said frame including in its construction an annular substantially J-shaped member straddling the walls of said cap with one leg fitting interiorly and one leg exteriorly of said walls, a bottom connected to one of said legs, said bottom being adapted to receive and support a picture, means for holding said picture against said bottom, a glass co *ei'ing said picture, a ring formed with a hinged knuckle, said ring supporting said glass, said ring being also formed with a resilient catch, said annular U-shapet'i member being formed with a knuckle co-acting with the first mentioned knuckle, and a pintle pin extending through all of said knuckles whereby said ring is pivotally mounted in position.


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