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Publication numberUS1655440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1928
Filing dateSep 30, 1926
Priority dateSep 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1655440 A, US 1655440A, US-A-1655440, US1655440 A, US1655440A
InventorsJacob Soble
Original AssigneeJacob Soble
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Make-up mask
US 1655440 A
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Jan. 10, 1928;

J. SOBLE MAKE-UP MASK Filed Sept. .30, 1926 INVENTOR: lumb ablg BY ms ATTORNEY flag Patented Jan. 10, i 1928.




Application filed September 30, 1926. Serial No. 138,603?

While my improvements are. adaptable to masks for general use and various purposes, they are designed primarily and more especially for embodiment in masks for the use 5 of professionals, as actors, artists models, and others where facial make up so called, is desirable or essential,the object of my invention being to afford a flexible mask con"- formable to the features of the wearer and mobile therewith, and also adapted to have imposed on its exterior surface distinctive marking and embellishment according to the requirements of the character to be depicted; and to this end the invention consists essentially in an elastic resilient profile cast of rubber combined with means--for attachment to the head of the wearer, all as hereinafter fully set forth.

In the accompanying drawings I illustrate a practical embodiment of theessential features of my invention in a mask and accessories of the character designated, although I do not limit myself tothe combination of parts therein shown by way of exemplilication, since changes may be made in minor details and'equivalent supporting expcdients resorted to with like results, and without departing from the spirit and intent of my invention in this respect.

With this understanding Fig. 1, represents a frontal perspective of my elastic resilient facial mask equipped with plural supporting means comprising a wig and head and neck bands; and

Fig. 2, a side elevationof the parts shown in Fig. 1, with the rear portion of the wig raised to show the head band.

A preferable method of producing my elastic resilient profile mask is to form same on a positive convex plaster model or reproduction of the physiognomy of the individual by whom it is to be used, and this preparator plaster model may include other portions 0 the head besides the face of the individual, if so desired. Thus'my' face mask M, may be attained by applying to the said preliminary plaster model a rubber solution, either by dipping or otherwise, which on congealing and set- 50 ting, forms a relatively thin but tenacious elastieresilient .reproductive facsimile of the superficial area towhich it has been applied, the inherent elasticity of the rubber cast thus attained admitting its removal intact from model, and its application to or removal from the head of the individual for whom it is designed, as occasion may require.

As before intimated, portions of the head other than the face may be included in the rubber cast, as for instance a neck 3 portion n, and a posterior head band 12, as indicated in the drawings; and if preferred, or found desirable, the cranial portion of the head may be also included in the rubber cast to form a base for a wig structure in lieu of the attached wig shown in the drawings. Ineither case the wig W, is adapted to function as a support for the facial mask M.

Openings coincident with the eyes, nos- 7 obviating the time, labor and ex ense ordinarily involved in preparation or an appearance, as well as the subsequent removal cleansing of the face after use.

Furthermore, in case of necessity, it affords an invaluable accessory for an understudy or substitute erformer of personality approximately sinii ar to the original of the mask.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is i A make-up mask including a unitary shell -of the concomitants of the make up and the of thin, resilient rubber to cover the face and head of the wearer and having a circumferentially continuous neck covering portion, said cast conforming substantially to the parts covered thereby and without substantial concentrated pressures, said cast bein so thin and resilient as to permit substantia 1 free and natural mobihty ofihe wearers eatures. i


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U.S. Classification2/206, 2/173
International ClassificationA41G7/00
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European ClassificationA41G7/00