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Publication numberUS1655498 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1928
Filing dateApr 8, 1927
Priority dateApr 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1655498 A, US 1655498A, US-A-1655498, US1655498 A, US1655498A
InventorsWilliam Fisch
Original AssigneeWilliam Fisch
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Bathing amusement apparatus
US 1655498 A
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Jam. 10, 1928. 1,655,498

w. FlscH BATHING AMUSEMENT APPARATUS l v Filed April 8. 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet l 'w. FlscH BATHING AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Jan. 1o, i928. s 1,655,498

Filed Apil a. 1927 s sheets-sheet 2 Miha/@Fisch Jan. 10, 1928. 1,655,498

w. FlscH BATHING AMUSEMENTl APPARATUS Filed April 8. 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 william nach.

Patented Jan. 10, 1928.

- g UNITEDA sra-TESl PATENT fori-"ica,



Application niet apra 8,1927.; serial no. 182,168.

y My present invention has relation to amusement apparatus of a character in which large public bathing poolsaretdesigned and mounted for movement and adapted, b y the resulting.displacement otwater therein,to Y

tain Jthe latter in constaiit motion with butY small expenditure ot energy. In all such arrangements it was essentiahto reduce the power factor, that the fulcrum of the pool ybe nearits center of gravity and this resulted in ksubstantial vertical movementl for bot-h ends of the pool. One object of Vadapted to rockabout anend axis on a counter balance having a rolling oriixed fulcrum so that only a very lsmall amount Vof power applied Vthere will produce and maintain the desired rocking movements of the pool or pools requisite forthe produc- 5' tion of the surf etlect.- The advantage of this arrangement is that the pool can be adapted yto rock about an axis at its shallow end so thebathers maywalk from` the groundor stationary platform yonto a`- gradually dey scendingv pool bottom to the desired depth and thus the naturalness of thebathing isr cnhanched to the highest degreefespecially; when the rush of water towards the deeper,

end of the tank as it is loweredk produces of pools are grouped together they may be used to counterbalance each other with a seesaw etl'ect and the opposite movements 'of the juxtaposed pools will also tend to heighten whole. v l

A further object of my invention is to simplify thecounterbalancing 4means for pools which counterbalance eachother by the pro- Vvision of a plurality of rocket supports cav pable of operating on either a ixed or rolling my present invention isto` devise an amusement apparatus lemploying one or more bathing pools whicha're each there the eii'ect of suriwWhere a plurality,`

the attractivenessof the .apparatus `as ak tulcrum and each co-acting at corresponding point with reinforcing `elements under the two tanks, whereby cooking strains on the Y pivota'l'axes of tlie'poolsare eliminated.

My invention further `contemplates the provision*otsuitable pivots vtor the pool and 1 of flexible connections between the counterbalancingsupportsand the pool, so that the latter will be held against lateral play on its supports and yet permit-ted to move freely without side bearings asit rises andvtalls.

My invention further comprises, the novel details ot constructionand arrangements of parts,- which,` in their preferred embodiments only are illustrated in the. accompanying .drawings which 'form a part ot this ,Y

specification, and in whicl Fig. l is a side elevation of a bathing pool constructed in accordance with my present invention and adapted to-*be counterbalanced by a similar adjacent pool. Fig. 2 is an end elevationof Figfl, showjing the two ycounterbalancing pools vand their roller supports, La typical` power actuatingmeans being shown only in this view.`

Fig. 3 isa corresponding view tofFig. 2

`showing a inodiiication of my invention'with the counterbalancing .supports adapted to rock on fixed fulcrums. l

Fig. 4 is still another view showing a further modification ot the arrangement ofthe supports for the larger and heavier types of tanks. i u i,

Y Figisaysideview, and Fig. 6 a plan View of. i a v4tank with counter-balancing weighted rocker arms. .j

Similar* reference numerals refer .to similar parts throughout the drawings. y In the embodiment of my invention illusn trated in Figs. 1 and 2, I show a fixed lbeach `5 or approach for bathers which slopes upwardly from the upper or highenend of each of two poolsortanks and 7, which are duplicates in constrfuctionso that the description of one will serve for both. EachV tank has a sloping bottom 8 leading., vfrom the uppery end wall SPthat rims above the .Waterleveh` downwardly `to and merging into a curved reinforced end wall 9 so designedas to convert'the rush of water toward the top `ledge'of the end wall 9 toward and practically disappear at the ,shore line or water level. at the higher end of the tank.

The bottom 8V at its higher end is provided it into fa breaking wave-like surf. The side 'n walls l()` of the tank slope downwardly lfrom beneath u'itlrliookdike hinge straps 11 which rest upon and overhang` a transverse axis or bearing 12, areferably of a very strong rugged' design which is suitably mounted on heavy concrete foune ations 13 adapted both to support the Weight of the 'tank its shalloiv end and to withstand lateral thrust strains from the tank as it moves. v"Ihereis but slight rocking motion of the hinge straps about the shaftor of the shaft in its bearings and friction this point can be reduced to any degree desired by che employment of' Well known n', chanical expediente varying` inaerorcance th the expense one desires to incur. The tai'ik bottoms are supp longitudinal reinforcing 'beams 1-i which are `cross-connected near the lower end of the tank by a transverse I-be( in 15 and to the ycenter of this beam is attached a bearing bracket 1G to which a link 17 is pivotally connected, the link at its other end being connected to lugs or ears 18 at one end of a rocker beam 19, which is thus by the links 17' connected at each end to the center of the transverse channels of the tiro juxtaposed A. fluid pressure motor 22 is shown with its piston plunger 23 pivotally connected to one of the cross channels 15 and vfluid pres sure is supplied to the motor and exhausted therefrom by a three-Way control valve 24: by a pipe 25 leading from airy suitable source of fluid pressure supply. This cylinder 22 is designed to supply the necessary power only to unbalance the tanks and cause them to rock with a see-saw motion on their counterbalancing rocker beam. rlhe cylinder has an upper restricted air outlet't which willv act as a dash-pot on the upstroke of the piston to check thetanks and the valve 2d can be controlled to dashpot the dovvnstroke for the same purpose or tank", as may be desired.

nFi'g. 3, the manner of constructing and Amounting the tanks is the same as described in `connection With Fig. 1, except thatv instead of a single rocker beam I employ tWo ycounterbalancing beams 27 and '28 which are, mounted to rock on fixed fulcrums 29 on suitable foundations 30, the counterbalancing` beam 27 being connected byV links 17 with the left hand ends of the cross channelsr l5 on the t-Wov tanks and the counterbalancing beam Q8 being connected by links 17 with the right hand ends of the cross channels 15. In this Way each rocker beam counterbalances the corresponding sides of the tank and they thus divide the load of the tanks.

In Fig. the construction shown is suitable for veryheavy tanks and here a third counterbalancing roller beam 31 is provided in coml'iination With the levers 9,7 and 28, this lever 31 having its respective fulcrum bearing 29 and the Vsupport 3() therefor and being connected by a link 17 with the central portion of the transverse channel 15 of each tank. By this arrangement, the corresponding sides and the center 'of the tanks have separate counterbalancing beams betiveen which the load is divided.

In operation, the tanks, which may be of a size such as is commonly employed in public amusement bathing pools, will be arranged side by side and pivotally mounted and supported as described. By starting the power mechanism shown, or any equivalent means, the counterbalancing tanks will be unbalanced and given a see-saw motion responsive to Which their lower ends will rise and fall causing displacement of the Water endrvise of the tanks and producing the ellcct of artificial surf at said low ends of the tanks. rIhe bathers can Walk up the gradually rising bottoms of the tank and onto the ground or stationary approach in a manner that Will very naturally reproduce sea bathing conditions, uhich can be heightened by the provision of a sand bed leading from; the stationary approach 5 dovrn to the high end of the tank.

In Figs. 5 and 6 I show a modification ofr my invention wherein a tank constructed and pivotally mounted as described is provided With a cross beam BQ preferably adapted to project at each side beyond the tank and there to be connected by a link 33 to one end of a longitudinally disposed counterbalancing rocker beam 3a. Each beam is connected to a'suitable counterbalance `Weight and as tank supporting end Vrocks down the levers shift their fulcrum pointsl farther and farther from the weights, thereby increasing their leverage effect. The motor 22 acts to imbalance the vtank and to control its oscillations and bring The tanks ycan be built in any shape or size and of any suitable material and can be reinforced and braced as good engineer-y l. An amusement device comprising aV bathing pool pivotally supported near one end and a counterbalance means adapted to support the other end ot the pool free to oscillate vertically.

trol said vertical oscillations.

3.` An amusement device according to claim l, in combination power means to control said vertical oscillations, and comprisinga counter-weighted rocker beam.

4. An amusement deviceaccording `to claim l, in combination power means to control said vertical oscillations, and compris ing a plurality of counteiwweighted rocker beams.

5. An amusement device according to claim l,.in combination power means to control saidvertical oscillations, and compris inga counter-weighted rocker beam adapted to actwith a shifting fulcrum point.

6, An amusement apparatus comprising a pair of pivotally mounted vertically oscillatory bathing pools and common rocker supports on which the pools act to counterbalance each other, and power means` to control the oscillatory movements 'of the pools.

7. An amusement apparaus comprising a bathing pool ofvincreasing depth towards one end, a pivotal support, means for the shallow end of the tank, a counterbalancing ysupport for the free end of theftank, and means to control thel vertical oscillations ofv the pool.

. 84An amusement apparatus comprising a bathing pool of increasing depth towards one end, a pivotal support, means for the shallow end of the tank, a-.curved wall at the deep end of the tank, a counterbalancing support 'for the free end oi' thetank, and meansto control the vertical oscillation of the pool. 4-

9. An amusement apparatus comprising a bathing pool inclined in the direction of its lengtlna pivot support for the pools sha1 low end, and a counterbalancing rocker sup- Y Y port for the pools deep end.

2. An amusement device according to,` claim l, in combination power means to con-l lO. An amusement apparatus comprising a bathing pool inclined in the direction of its length, a pivot support for the pools support for the pools vdeep end having av shifting fulcrum.

il. An amusement yapparatus .comprising a bathing pool inclined in the` direction of -its length, a pivot support for the pools Y .shallow end, and a counterbalancing rocker

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Cooperative ClassificationE04H4/0006
European ClassificationE04H4/00A