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Publication numberUS1655881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1928
Filing dateOct 26, 1925
Priority dateOct 26, 1925
Publication numberUS 1655881 A, US 1655881A, US-A-1655881, US1655881 A, US1655881A
InventorsSteeves Stanley A
Original AssigneeSteeves Stanley A
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Bottle holder
US 1655881 A
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Jan. 10, 1928.

1,655,881 s. A. sTEEvs BOTTLE HOLDER Filed Oct. 25, 1925 natalia-a iai-i. iey iena.

llldlllEi) c STAThS ,tartan tiriet.N


Application filed Uetohei' 2G, 19535. Serial No. 65,019.

f lllhe present invention relates to a hottie holder which is more especially adapted tor holding; milk hotties, and aime to provide a novel and improved device of this character which can he attached to a wall, or the like, to convcnientlj,7 receive hotties for e'lhcicntly supporting the saine. i

Another object of the invention the provieion ot' a hase hoard havinp; eprint;l jaws arranged thereon hetween which the ncclie oi? liottlrn are receive/rh one oil? the springt jawe oit `each hottie receiving unit lining' supported agrainnt down 'ard movement hy an ainrularly extending' liracc, which hare their lower ende attached to the liano hoard,

A tui-ther object oit `the invention is to provide an indicating means attached to the hase hoard for reinleringi` iarious inetruc tione ae to the quantity ot niilh deeirechy etc.

lt is also an object ot the invention to provide a device oiA the lrind indicated, which ie siinple and euhetant-ial in construct-ion., which can he manufactured economically, and which will he tl'ioroughly eiiicient and practical in use.

llVith the foregoing and other objects in i view7 which will loe apparent as the description proeeede, the invention resides in the construction and arrangement oi' parte, as hereinaiter described and claimed, it being nnderatood 'that changes can he made within lille miope olt what ie elainwd without de- ;Yiartinigj troni the s-ipirit nii the invention.

'lho invention ie, illuetrated in the conimnying;` dra'winnya, wlmrein:

Figure jl n 'perspective view olf my in1- proved device allowino` niillc hotline apport ed thoreliy in dotted linee,

ll` nre 2 is :i vertical Section tahenvon lino 52h-2 olf liginre l,

lige'ure S Via a horizontal section taken on line 5&3 oit Figure l,


Figure i ie a fragmeiitary vertical section on line l-l oit Figure lj and lli1 ignre 5 is a fragmentary Section taken online 55 of Figure Li.

lin carrying out the invention, the nuineral il() designates a hase hoard, which in adapted to he attached toa wall. or the like at a spaced distance Yfrom the iloor for 'preventing the hotties :troni coming in contact with dirt and dust on the Floor and tor eliminatingI to a great extent accident-al breakinga or turning' over of the hotties. Attached to the ;l`iorward tace oii the hase hoard :nljaeent each side edge thereo'l' is a etripol.l epringg metal lll, Said Stripe heing secured to the hoard. hy means oit wood Screws l2, or the li the strips lll have right angularly lient portions 13 extendin outwardly troni the hoard and have their outer ende arranged in an arcuate lorn'i, aeat 14h tor iorn'lingi; the outeide awe ot a. pair ot bottle holding .nienihera tru ranged between the ntripe ll ie another atrip l5, which has; ita intermediate portion :'--ceured -to tl e l'ioard, aa at 11h while ite ende are provided with angl" portions ll' niniilar to tl` i angled portions; '13 ot the nleinhere il and are provided `with arcuate poi-tiene lil which :forni the other two jaws et the eupporti ng unite. ',lhe angled portions l-l ot the strips llt li e parallel and in enfrgiureaicnt with the angled port-ione il' ot' the Strip l5, said angled portions heing attached together in a rigid manner hy ineens oit rivets 20. The ends of the istrip l5 al'fter iorniingI the arcuate port-ione l@ are lient downwardly and rearwardly at. an angle? as at 19., and have their free ende secured to the hase hoardj afi at 20. From the l'foregoingit can he seen that the two strips 1l and the Strip 15 are lient or vtorined in such position ae to provide a pair oit spring jaws i'or each ot a pair ot bottle receiving uni-ts.

Above the pairs of spring' jaws and attached to the hase hoard l0 h v ineane ott screws or the like, 2l in a, dir-lli' 221 which has the major portion therool fipaccd 'from the `hoard i0 in a circular formation in order to torni a Sliace hotween the hoard and the ren"- ""'tral 'portion ol the (liek 22 tor receiving ar i indii'falfing dink 23. he indinatinn` dieli 23 haal arranglged thereon indicia which in adapted to he hrougght to a certain poaition :for aligning with. an opiniiogf 25 in the apaccd portion ot the dial( 22 ttor remlering infstructions as to the quantity et inilk desired or for instructing the inilk man to call at the door of? the building where the mill( is being lett. ln order that the disk 23 may he turned for bringing the various indicia in alignment with the opening 25 lt have provided a square opening 26 in the center of the disk 23 which reeeive'h a Squared portion 27 of a linger engagging linolo 28 pivoted centrally in the disk 22. By turning the :ng'er engaging lnoh 2t the dial( 23 is rotated so that certain et the indicia thereon `will he vieihle through the opening 25,

.ln operation, the housekeeper adjli indicalotingr ineens eo ae to @fre inetrn is; th e one to Sli Elfi


the milk man who forces the necks of the milk bottles between the arcuate portions 14 and 18 of the lspring jaws which will yieldably hold thebottles in an efficient manner. Thebottles may be removed easily byl gripj ping the same 'andmoving the bottles away from the base board 10.

Fromthe foregoing, it ,caribe seen that, I have provided aj simple means for conveni-ently permitting the .placing of bottle between the jaws and for also permitting lthe vconvenient removal of .the bottles.

yHaving thusl described vmy invention, what Iclaim asinew is:

V'A bottle holder' comprising aboard, a bottle supporting strip having a portion thereof attached to the board and provided with an angularly disposed portion standing ont from thel board for formmg a ]:\w, said angularly disposed por-tion being provided

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U.S. Classification248/312
International ClassificationA47G29/30, A47G29/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G29/30
European ClassificationA47G29/30