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Publication numberUS1656157 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1928
Filing dateMar 27, 1926
Priority dateMar 27, 1926
Publication numberUS 1656157 A, US 1656157A, US-A-1656157, US1656157 A, US1656157A
InventorsCorrenti Josephine L
Original AssigneeCorrenti Josephine L
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Nipple for nursing bottles
US 1656157 A
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Jam W, 1928..

1,656,157 J. L. CORRENTI NIPPLE FOR NURSING BOTTLES Filed March. 27, 1926 fici. E."

gwvamfoz JOJEPH/NE L COEEEA/I/ lit Patented an. w, 1928.



nppiloatton flied March 2?, 1928.

My invention relates to and has tor its purpose the provision of a nipple tor nurs inp; hottles ot simple and inexpensive constructien and in "which is incorporated means hy "which only a portion ot the nipple can he talren into the rnouth hy the intent to there hy prevent the larger or hase portion of the nipple trons entering the mouth and allow-- ingg air to he admitted et the corners ot the latter along with the liquid nourishment, the said means tnnctioninp; as so air seed around the edges ot the month during the operation et suclrinp; upon the nipple so that the such- .ing in ot air With the liquid nourishment end the consequent torination oil gas in the stomach ot the intent will he prevented. ll. second and equally important advantage in limiting" the invvard movement ot the nipple into the intant s mouth is that it prevents distortion ot the rnouth and hence will not permanently change the norrnal contour ot the mouth, as other nipples do.

it. turther purpose ct my invention is the provision ot a nipple ot the ahove described character preterahly torrned ot resilient material such as tor instance ruhher, and which is so constructed that the intent can chew upon the nipple vvithout injury to the 'pg'unas and yet its complete and pernrenent collapsing will he prevented, to the end that the discherge port ot the nipple "will remain open at all times, and the strolling ot the liquid through the nipple accomplished vvith ease end dispatch vvill descrihe only one terns et nipple einhedyinn my invention and Will then point out the novel tentures thereet in claims.

-ln the accompanying drevvin qs Figure l is e view in. vertical centred tion ot the nipple; and

l ipgure is horizontal. sectional view trthen on the line ot ll igure ldeterring specificully to the drawing in which similar reterence characters designate similar ports in each ot the two vievvs nov invention, present embodiment, is


preterahly incorporated in a nipple ot con ventional torni molded et resilient noateried such as ruhher, the nipple comprising the usuel elengeted hollovv hody id having; on enlarged open tortured with e reintorcing head to edepted to he stretched over the neclr oil it conventional. nursing 'hottle (not shown) to therehy detachahly secure the nipple to the hottle will he understood dental No. 98,013.

The opposite end ot the nipple is termed With the usual discharge port 11 and adjacent its necked portion 12 I provide a later ally extending flange lil "Which is relatively thin end tlexlble and termed integral vvith the hody B. The flange 13 is curved in its cross section, as clearly shown in lligure lo, and ot ovate contour, so as to entirely our round the mouth of the intent "when the head portion i l ot the nipple is talren into the mouth. The flange provides an ahut nent or stop which engages the mouth dur ing" the operation ot sucking upon. the nipple and lirnits the inward movement ot the nipple to the end that only a sullicient amount ot the nipple can he talren into the mouth to enahle the intent to such: in the liquid nourishment. Due to its tlenihility the flange else provides no air seal oround the edges ot the month while the intant is sucking upon the nipple as the tlange is drawn snugly against the month during the sucking operation and the entrence ot vvith the liquid with the consequent torreation ot in the stomach ot the intent, pre-- vented,

To provide rneans tor preventing complete or permanent eollrqisinp ot the head end tlll lll


neclr portions ot the nipple the hody id is provided interiorly with a tuhular nieinher 'll ot resilient inaterial torined integral with the hody and connected. thereto at one end in surrounding relation to the discharge pert ll, 'lhe tuhular nieinher is serially dis posed and extends longitudinally ot the hody to a point suhstantially the flange lht The tree end ot the neeniher is open vvhile adjecent its connected end ports 1th entend redially through its Wall so that liquid on tering the nipple tree to pass either around the rnemher and. through the ports or through the rnernher and thence out i. the discharge port ll. By the provision t nnernher "ll, the side walls et the head end neclr portions ot the hody are prevented trom complete collapsing" during the opera-- tion ot sucking upon the nipple so that the discharge port ll Will remain open at ell times and the delivery ot the liquid nourish-- ment to the mouth ot the intent greatly tacilitated.

Although it have herein shown and described only one term ot nipple tor nursing hottles it is to he understood that verious changes and modifications may he rnade l lti l ltl therein without de arting from the spirit I of the invention an the spirit and scope of ing a hollow body formed of resilient material and a laterally extending flange interme iate the ends of the body adapted tobe engaged by the mouth, said flange being of ovate contour and concavo-convex cross section and-formed of resilient material so as to be drawn into air-sealin engagement with the edges of the mouth uring the operation of suckin upon the nipple for. the purpose describe 2. As a new article of manufacture, anip- -ple molded of resilient rubber and comprising a hollow body having a necked portion and an open end adapted to be expanded upon the neck of a bottle to thereby secure the nipple to the bottle, said body having a discharge port at its other end, a relatively thin flange exteriorly of and projecting laterall from the body adjacent its necked portion, said flange being of ovate contour and concavo-convex cross section, and an axially disposed tubular member interiorly of the body connected at one end to the latter in surrounding relation to said discharge port and having ports adjacent its connected end efiectin communication between the interior of the ody and said discharge port.

3. A ni ple for nursing bottles comprising a hollow y of resilient material having a dischar e (port at one end thereof, and means on theio y interiorly thereof for prevent- Leeann ing complete collapsing of the body, said means comprisin a tubular member connected at one en to the body in surrounding relation to its discharge port and extending longitudinally of the body, said member having its free end open and pro vided with ports adjacent its connected end.

4. A nipple for nursing bottles comprising a hollow body ada ted to be secured to a ottle and having a end, and resilient means exteriorly of and intermediate the ends of the body adapted to surround the ed es of the mouth when the nipple is inserte into the mouth, whereby during the operation of suckin upon the nipple an air seal,will be provi ed around the ledges of the mouth for the purpose set fort 5. A nipple for nursing bottles as embodied in claim 4 wherein said means comprises a continuous flange of ovate, dished form.

6. A nipple for nursing bottles comprising a hollow bod havin a discharge ort, and means exterlorly o and interme iate the ends of the body ada ted to surround the edges of the mouth w en the nipple is inserted into the mouth whereby during the operation of sucking on the nipple an air seal will be provided around the edges of the mouth for the purpose described.

7. A- nipple for nursing bottles as eInbodied in claim 6, wherein said means comprises a flange of dished form.


ischarge port at one-

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U.S. Classification215/11.1
International ClassificationA61J11/00
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European ClassificationA61J11/00