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Publication numberUS1656943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1928
Filing dateFeb 25, 1927
Priority dateFeb 25, 1927
Publication numberUS 1656943 A, US 1656943A, US-A-1656943, US1656943 A, US1656943A
InventorsRoger S Firestone
Original AssigneeRoger S Firestone
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US 1656943 A
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Janl24', -1- 928. 1,656,943

' R. 5. FIRESTONE GAME Filed Feb. 25, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 B lTTEN BY I m/e 11161 Rage 1" SFWesl bne;

W s -CI, may. I

Jan. 24, 1928. 1,656,943

R. s. FIRESTONE GAME Filed Feb. 25. 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 EggerfiFiresfifge;

Patented Jan. 24, 1928.

UNITED STATES noeim s. rmnsronn, or AKRON, 01110.


Application filed February 25, 1927. Serial No. 170,841.

This game, which I call a Treasure Hunt, comprises a representation of a tract of territory, preferably an island, having numerous paths of spaced markings leading from certain landings to diiferent spots supposed to conceal buried treasure; certain parts of the paths bearing indications that the man landing thereon meets with some disaster, such as being bitten by a snake, buried in quicksands, eaten by cannibals and the like, and must be removed from the board.

Progress along the paths is controlled by numbers, as those designated by a spun dial; and the buried treasure can only be reached when the man nearest thereto gets the proper number to land him thereon. To

render the hunt more uncertain, each buried treasure is represented upon a small tra 3 door, which, when raised, shows whether the treasure is there or not. The treasure is preferably located in a small chest supported upon a rotatable wheel or the like, preferably three or more arms one of which carries the chest of treasure, and the others of which carry empty chests. This wheel or skeleton is set to rotating beneath the game board at the beginning of the same, so that none can know beneath which trap-door the treasure chest will be found.

In the drawings forming part of this specification, Fig. 1, is a plan view of the face otthe game board. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the box bearing the game board, a part of the latter being broken away. Fig. 3, is a plan view of a dial which may be provided for the game.

As shown in Fig. 1, the game board Gr bears the representation of an island 1, hav ing a much smaller one 2 located near by,

each having thereon paths 3 consistin of spaced circles 4 or other suitable markings united by short lines. At certain points about the islands are the representations of ships 6, designed to be the starting points for the treasure seekers.

In someof the paths are markings 7 suitably distinguished from the markings 4, as vby being of a different color, and designed to be hazardous to the man lighting thereon, and the same is to be removed from the board. The hazards illustrated upon the game board consist of the representation of a snake, of cannibals gathered about a kettle,quicksands, lost in a bog and drowning in swimming from the small island to the larger one.

()n this game board are representations of three difierent buried treasure marked North treasure, Easttreasure and West treasure, each being located on a small trap door 9 adapted to be easily opened.

In the box 10 carrying the board G is located a rotatable member preferably consisting of three arms 11 freely turning on a pivot 12, and bearing on their extremities treasure chests 18, 14 disposed to come he 'ber of spaces 4 to which the man may be moved; both for the beginning, and for each following move. If the number lands the man on a spot 7, it is considered dead and is removed from the board. The one who first reaches a treasure spot is entilted to lift the trap-door thereat to see if the filled chest is in sight below. If so, he is considered to have won the game. Otherwise, the man must be returned to the starting point, and begin all over again.

VVhat I claim as my invention:

1. The combination with a game board bearing representations of a tract of territory and of paths thereon leading to spots designated as concealing buried treasure, of a rotatable member thereunder bearing a plurality of chests one of which is filled with treasure, the game board being constructed with a small trap door upon which is the treasure-designation.

2. The combination with a game board bearing representations of a tract of territory and of paths thereon leading to spots designated as concealing buried treasure, the

" game board having normally closed openings at said spots, and means controlled by chance ior lnovlng beneath sand openings

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U.S. Classification273/254, 273/280
International ClassificationA63F3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63F3/00006, A63F3/00088, A63F3/00145
European ClassificationA63F3/00A24, A63F3/00A12