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Publication numberUS1657391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1928
Filing dateFeb 15, 1927
Priority dateFeb 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1657391 A, US 1657391A, US-A-1657391, US1657391 A, US1657391A
InventorsHaney John Clifford
Original AssigneeHaney John Clifford
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Soap cake
US 1657391 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 24, 1928. 1,657,391

J. C. HANEY SOAP CAKE Filed Feb. 15, 1927 III; i

Patented Jan. 24, 1928.



Application filed February 15, 1927. Serial No. 168,435.

llhis invention relates to improvements in articles of soap manufacture, having for an object to provide a highly novel form of soap cake wherein aconvenieut arrangement of pocket is had, into which sheets or pamiphlets of advertising, direction. and other matter may be placed or positioned, whereupon, a wrapper is engaged about the whole, thus effecting packaging of the same without lending to or increasing the bulk and thereby avoiding detraction from the packing space economy of the article.

It is also amongst the principal desideratums of the invention to provide a soap cake having a matter receiving pocket in one side wherein such matter asmay be placed therein will be protected against mutilation and also, will be prevented from adhering to the bottom proper of such pocket with the usually resultant destruction or mutilation of the matter during removal by reason of the limiting of area of contact of said matter with the soap cake surface, hence, enabling a user to readily and freely remove the advertising, direction or other matter from thepocket. a i

Other objects of the invention will be in part obvious and in part pointed out hereinafter.

In order that the invention and its mode of operation may be readily understood by those'skilled in the art, I have in the accompanying illustrative drawings and in the detailed following description based ;fthereupon, set out one possible embodiment of the invention.

In these drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of the improved soap cake showing the manner in which the sheets or pamphlets of advertising or direction matter are retained within the pocket and also, the manner in which the sea cake together with the said matter is pacmged and v Figure 2 is an enlarged transverse section through the cake and its packaging covering,

Having more particular reference to the drawings, in connection with which like characters of reference will designate corresponding parts throughout, it will be noted that the opposite sides or faces of thesoap cake 1 are provided with depressed pockets 2, generally conforming in contour to that of the said cake 1, while the bottoms proper of each of these pockets 2 have certain 1ntelligence or words presented upon the same by molding thereupon various letters as designated by the numeral 3, these letters, as willbe noted upon reference to the Figure 52, being of the raised or cameo character, hence, having their outer marginal portions or faces spaced outwardly or beyond the bottoms proper ot' the several pockets 2, yet within or below the outer faces or sides of the soap cake proper, as is also shown in the Figure 2.

Sheets or pamphlets of advertising with direction or other matter generally indicated by the numeral 4 are adapted to be received within one or both of the pockets 2, it being preferably but not necessary that the general shape or method of folding of said matter shall conforn'l to the outline of 'the pocket or pockets receiving it as is indicated in the Figure l, and likewise, that the thickness of such matter shall be such that the upper side thereof Will lie approximately,

'it will be observed, upon reference to the Figure 2, that the lower side of this matter Wlll rest upon or be engaged with the outer space or marginal portions of the raised letters 3 distributed throughout or over the area of the bottoms proper of said pockets 2 and consequently thereupon, that the major portion of said side of the matter .t.- will be prevented from having contact with the bottom proper of its particular receiving pocket. In this way, it will be understood and appreciated that the area of contact of the matter 4 with the' bottom of the pocket receiving it will be minimized and therefore, that the liability of adhesion of such matter to the soap cake will be materially lessened and furthermore, will permit of free and convenient removal of said matter 4- t'rom the pocket subsequent to removal of the .wrapper (hereinafter more fully de scribed) from the soap cake. Further more, it should be noted at this particular point, that by reason of the limiting of the area of the contact of thematter 4 with the bottom of the pocket 2 receiving it in the soap cake, the soiling of the contacting surface of the soap by the transfer of ink thereonto from the intelligence rinted upon the matter 4 will be minimized. For obvious reasons, it is preferable that the .soap cake 1 with the matter 4 will be packaged and to effect this, a wrapper consisting of a piece of transparent material, designated by the numeral 5 is engaged about the soap cake in the fashion as is clearly shown in the accompanying drawings, the free portion or end flaps of the Wrapper sheet being suitably joined by adhesive or other suitable material, while a sticker label or similar device is joined or attached to that particular side of the wrapper 5 overlying the pocket 2 in which the matter 4 is received, hence, concealin such, matter from view and thereby lending to the sales appearance of such article. In this connection, it will be noted that the sticker label onsimilar device 6 is engaged over the meeting marginal portions of the wrapper 5, as illustrated in the Figure 1 and therefore, that it not only serves as a means for concealing said matter 4 but also, as a means for preventing any relatire movement as be tween the covered marginal portions of the wrapper sheet 5-and hence, insures an effectual packaging of the soap cake 1.

Manifestly, the construction shown is capable of considerable modification and such modification as is Within the spirit of my claims, I consider within the spirit of my invention.

I claim:

1. An article of manufacture comprising a soap cake having a pocket in one side thereof adapted to receive certain matter therein, a wrapper for said cake consisting of a transparent sheet snugly arranged thereabout, and an opaque sheet like device joined to a portion of the wrapper overlying the adjacenti free portions of the same and the matter in said pocket whereby to fasten the former and to conceal the latter from view.

2. An article of manufacture comprising a soap cake having a pocket formed in one side thereof adapted to receive certain matter therein, the bottom of said pocket having portions thereof throughout its area formed in cameo effect and integral with said pocket bottom and directly contacting with the matter in the pocket whereby to limit contact of such matter with the soap cake, a wrapper for said cake consisting of a transparent sheet snugly arranged thereabout, and an opaque sheet like device joined to a portion of the wrapper overlying the adjacent free portions of the same and the matter in said pocket whereby to fasten the former and to conceal the latter from view. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand,


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