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Publication numberUS1657413 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 24, 1928
Filing dateFeb 10, 1927
Priority dateFeb 10, 1927
Publication numberUS 1657413 A, US 1657413A, US-A-1657413, US1657413 A, US1657413A
InventorsLouis Schumer
Original AssigneeLouis Schumer
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Display device
US 1657413 A
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Jan. 24, 1928.


:z bearing the picture Panarea ne. ieee.




Application filed February 10, 1927. Serial No. 167,315.

The present invention is concerned with the provision et a device primarily intended ttor a lvertising piu-poses, and particularly suited `for display in beauty shops or other o establishments where the hair is treated or 'oreparations for the hair are sold.

One ot the prime objects of the invention is to provide a liielile dim 'il ray consisting ot pictured head associated with natural hair ro which maybe previously dressed or treated in any desired manner.

In a preferred embodinientof 'the invention, the face is pictured on a card or sheet having a cutout portion thereinwhich eX- 1C poses natural dressed hair arranged behind the card or sheet. Freterably the hair is removably mounted on a second card or backing member secured behind the card bearing the tace, and it the hair is properly i waved or otherwise dressed, a startlingly realistic appearance may be had. It' desir-ed, the hair may be tlutted through the cut-out opening and overlie its edge at some parts, further enhancing the attractiveness @bviously the same pre pared or dressed section ot hair may be associated with various displays and arranged various angles relatively to the pictured head to get the desired angle ol the wave 11u relatively to the pictured head.

[t teature oit the invention is the novel method of mounting the hair on its card, and removably retaining` the card with the hair thereon in position behind the sheet and having the cut-out therein. f

Further Objects of the invention are to provide a display device oit simple, practical construction which will be neat and attrae- -10 Ytive in appearance, rugged and durable in use, and well suited to the requirements ot economical manufacture.

With the above noted and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel el? features of construction and combinations ao tion in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein-i Fig. l is a view in trent elevation oi. a dis play device embodying the present invention, the dotted lines indicating the loca 1.5 tion ot the hair-carrying card.

Fig, is an enlarged vertical sectional View therethrough on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1'.

F ig. 3 is an enlarged transverse sectional view on the line 3 3 of Fig. l.

F el is a perspective view ofthe united picture-carrying and backing sheets before the display has been assembled.

Fig. 5 is a view showing the hair mounted on its carrying card betere ithas been assembled with the sheets of Fig. 4r.

G is a transverse sectional detail on the line t-`t5 of Fig. 5.

CI' is a view similar to Fig. l, but illustrating another display.

ln the drawings I havey used the reference numerals l() and ll to designate a picturebearing sheet and a backing sheet respectively, these sheets being integrally hingedly connected at one edge l2. Displayed upon the outer tace of the sheet is a picture 13 including a human face lll, the sheetbeing cut away `as at l5 in accordance with the contour of the hair ot the figure. Arranged between the backing sheet 1l and picture-bearing sheet 10 is a card or other sheetoi1 material 16 `to which is removably attached a suitable number of strands of hair 17, such tor instance as a switch. switch -forming strands may be conveniently removably attached to the cards by the use ot securing clips 18 at one edge, and the switch is preferably waved or Otherwise treated so that when the hair is exposed 'through the cutout l5, the ligure displayed on the sheet l0 will appear to have a carefully dressed coidure.

It desired, there may be arranged'a suitable pad 19 also ot hair between the switch 17 and its n'iounting card 16, so that the former will be slightly bulged outwardly through the cutout l5 when the display is assembled. ln assembling the device, the

haincarrying card 1G is inserted between the sheets l0 and ll and disposed at the proper' angle so that the hair ot' the .figure 1.3 will appear to be properly waved or dressed. The three miattached edges of the sheets l() and 'll are then pasted together or otherwise suitably secured, firmly clamping the hair carrying card in position. It' desired, portions of the switch 17 may he manually drawn outwardly to lie on the outer` tace ot the card l0 as indicated at 17a, further enhancing the natural appear? ance of the coiii'ure.

Fig. 'i' l have illustrated a display The lll() siniilar to Fig. 17 but showing a three-quarter face 'View ot the head instead of the prole view of Fig. 1, and with the switchcarrying card 1G arranged at a slightly diifi'erent angle in order that the wave et the hail' niay appear natural.

'lhe cai-de 10. 11 inay be very cheaply nninuiaetured; the only expensive part ot the. display being the prepared hair. This haiihoa'ever, may he used over and over again, `since it is only detachably mounted on its card, and is not pasted down or otherwise injured in any manner.

Obviously, various changes and alterations might be niade in the general forni and arrangement ot the parte described Without departing' from the invention. Hence I do not wish to limit inyseli 'to the details set forth, but shall conider myself at liberty to niake Such cliaiigge@y and alterations as fairly Vl'all within the spirit and Scope olf the ap pended claims.

l rlaiin: i

1. A display device ol the clase described including' a Sheet of material having a human head pictured thereon an d having a cutout portion lollowiug the general outline ot' the hair covered portion ol the head7 a dressed hair switch or the like niounted behind the sheet and displayed through Said opening', and a card upon which said switch is removably mounted.

2. A display device of the Class described including a sheet ot material having a human head pictured thereon and having a cutout portion following the general outline of the hair covered portion of the head, a` dreseed hair switch or the like nlounted hehind the sheet and disi'ilayed through said opening, a card upon which said switoh ia i removably mounted, and hacking, the free edges oi" which are pirated lo the l'i'ee ede ol' the liret mentioned Sheet io Secure the card in place.

3. A display device o i' the clans deeerihed including' a sheet oil nlatcrial having' a liunian head pictured thereon and havinn' a cuiout portion ilfolloiving' the general outline ol the hair covered portion ol the head, a dressed hair switch or the like mounted liehind the sheet and dieplayed through laid openinoj, a card upon which Said evviteh ifs removably mounted` and hacli'iup", the tree edges of which are pasted to the free ediles oil.l the lirst nieutiriiued sheet to seeure the f LOUIS SCI-IUMER.

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