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Publication numberUS1657546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1928
Filing dateFeb 4, 1927
Priority dateFeb 4, 1927
Publication numberUS 1657546 A, US 1657546A, US-A-1657546, US1657546 A, US1657546A
InventorsWilliam Patton
Original AssigneeWilliam Patton
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Adjustable level and plumb device
US 1657546 A
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Jan. 31, 1928. 1,657,546

w. PATTON ADJUSTABLE LEVEL AND PLUMB DEVICE Filed Feb. 4, 1927 Z/zZZzZwa Q a/ZOK El ll Patented Jun. .31, 1928.



Application filed February 4, 1927. Serial No. 165,;"2'2.

lvlv invention pertains to an adjustable plumb device; and the principal h s invention is to provide a level "for carport work, and and which c gz i duatetl member o only one bulb menroer snuinr construct-ion Work; device requires only one re level bar, and to co-operate vith :u'ld bulb member s .justel and fastened l or degree on the c 0. so that the some will tiz'rction and operate accurately While the level bar is used either in vertical posh t a horizontal position, or at any angle int. Another object is to arrange the LCllCiltlCtlOD so tl at the bulb member may conveniently detached from the device cor in the pocket or locked away in miall space, betvveen the usual Working to prevent accidental breaking oi the bulb in the level device or stealing oi the entire device. A further obgect to inuhe the entire bulo n'iember convenientl rcz'novablc from the device, and also the it bulb con eniently removable from the member and replaceable therein.

These and other objects and advantages are attained with m v invention, as will become apparent from the following dis- .cc, comprising the drawing, in which, 5. l side view of a level device embe vino n'ly nvention, and shown in operu u i slo ting}; or inclined position;

is an enlarged view, showing my invcn n in its preferred form of construclion;

llu: @QClSlOl'l, taken on line 3-3 of Fig. is;

Fig.3; l: is a perspective view of the pivot tor the bulb member;

Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the bulb member, which is conveniently detachable from the pivot and the entire level device, and again attachable thereon; and

Fig. 6 is an enlarged crosssectional view, taken on line 66 of Fig. 2.

In the drawing 1 have shown the preferred form of construction embodying my invention, and have provided a level bar 10 with a bore or 0 ening 11 therein. fit one end of said bore, and preferably even With one face oi the bar. I mount a graduated am. 'llll member or ring 12, as with screws iney, and server 13, and having graduated lllzllli. ll arranged in a complete circle thereon am in the form of degrees. (in the'octual article, in practire, ll'lzrlliS are 'luated down to a 'trzuztion blotch-es or 8108 15 are also parts of mountc bore 11 and the 12, and preicr ice of bar 10 opposite ring 1 ce suid pi o even With s' i 1'1. F said race as shown u the dr sum it i 1V0!) pin or shut't lli into the L101; he bore.

ln conjuntion with the above described elements, l provide one bulb device or bulb member and therewith make the level device operative for use at any angle or inclination as well as vertical and horizontal, and this bulb member qreterably includes an oblong; frame having a transverse sleeve or collar 21 thereon to embrace and turn or rotate on pivot pin 18. A pointer or linger 22 on one end of said member moves over the graduation marks 1%, and on car 23 at the other end of said member is provided with a set screw 24-, for fastening the men'iber in position with the pointer at the proper index position or degree on the ring. Lugs 25 are provided at the ends of member 20, beneath elements 22 and 23, and are movable through notches 15, thus permitting convenient mounting of the bulb member on the level device and also convenient removal therefrom to enable it to be carried away in the pocket or stored away in a small space. These lugs normally engage the under side of ring 12 while the pointer and ear engage the upper side thus ordinarily retaining the bulb member in its set position, but the set screw 24; is additionally provided to hold the member positively in the particular indeX position or at the exact degree required.

The bulb itself or spirit bulb is also removably mounted in the frame, so as to be readily detached and replaced if necessary, and this is done by providing a tube or case 26 with the bubble tube or glass bulb 27 *nds up from said plate therein showing through the top slot 28,

' diametrically opposite and set at any desired position or degree of the entire circle, and that the level device functions accurately Whether used vertical 1 horizontally,or at any angle or degree of inclination; and also thatthe bulb member may be conveniently detached and attached to the level device, to permit removing and carrying it for safe keeping. It is evident that with this construction only one level device and equipped with only one bulb member, will serve the purpose of a plurality of the ordinary level devices, and especially of the level device with several bulb members set at right-angles therein.

\Vhat I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A level device comprising a bar having a bore and a notched graduated ring on one side thereof, a member with pivot means in said'bore opposite said rim, a bulb member having pivot means turning on and remow able from the first pivot means, a pointer on the bulb. member, lugs on said bulb member to benloved through the notches on the ring for l adil r attaching; or detaching said member from the ring; and bar, and means for positively retaining said pointer at any degree on the aduated means.

2. A level device conu'n'isinn a bar having a bore and u ring gn'aduated in degrees around said bore, said ring having notches, means with a pivot element in said bore, a bulb member having a central pivot ti-lcinent turning on the first named pivot element, a pointer at one end of said member, lugs on said member movable through said notches for r aulily attaching or detaching said men1- be]: from the ring and bar, said member iueluding a bulb relnovublv mounted therein, and an car on said member having means for fastening it on the ring; with the pointer at any desired degree.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.



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