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Publication numberUS1657639 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1928
Filing dateJan 29, 1927
Priority dateJan 29, 1927
Publication numberUS 1657639 A, US 1657639A, US-A-1657639, US1657639 A, US1657639A
InventorsRoy Payne L
Original AssigneeSunland Sales Cooperative Ass
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Paper-bag package
US 1657639 A
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Jan. 31, 1928.

L R. PAYNE PAPER BAG PACKAGE Filed Jan.29, 1927 INVENTOR .L ROY PAYNE wflw 14w? ATTORNEYS Fatenjted Jan, 31, 1928.,



retrain-nae racnaen.

Application filed January ea, 18W. Serial No. 1%,6131.

l his invention relates to paper-bag packages of food supplies such as dried fruits,

and has as an object the provision of a handy, attractive, and very compact paperbag sales package of such supplies for the grocer to dispense, as against the weighing out of loose commodities, or the unsightly and unwieldy common paper-bag of suc foods, as well as providing a package equal in appearance an compactness to a carton package at lesser cost and one easier to carry.

Briefly described the invention is a cpm .bination of a paper-bag package folded in a 'certain way and engaged by a wire loop handle, and preferably the package having a rectangular term and the handle toldable flat against the package within its contour.

Fig. l is a perspective viewpt the completed package. Fig. 2 is a side elevation at the against t e top of the bag. Flgs. 3, d, 5, 6, and l are reduced size side elevations of the packa e to illustrate the steps of its making with t e aid of a mold, the forward wall of the mold bein broken away.

lln further detail the paper-bag is designoted it and the wire handle 2.

The handle 2 on -ages under a special fold in the end of the ha and is free to swing down from a vertical to a horizontal position as indicated in Fig. 2..

The package tho a paper bag is seen to be at well defined rectangular outline with :tairly sharp corners as at it. so that when the handle is swung flat against the package as in Fig. 2 it will tall within the outline of the packa e and the whole will form a rectangular lock for packing a number into a shippin case wit out lost space and so that one wil support the other just like carton goods.

The form of the package is due to the nature of its contents (dried fruit) as well as the manner of its making in a mold as shown in Fi 3, 4, 5, and 6.

To make t e package, the bag is placed in a rectangular mold 3 and dried fruit is introduced and forced in tightly with a rectangular plunger 4 to thereby force the fruit into the corners and the bag to assume the exact shape of the mold and make the upper surface of the fruit perfectly flat as indicated by the dotted line '5.

The plunger is withdrawn and the bag ackage with handle tolded flatfolded together over the Fruit, to present a vertical quadruple layer central wall 6 as indicated in Fi l, aiter which the extreme end 7 of the bag is folded downwardly against the vertical wall 6, the Wire loop handle 2 is placed over the standing told and the standing told is then glued or cemented down fiat upon the end of the bag as shown in Fig. 6, and the completed pack age is then removed from the mold.

On account of the pliable and slightly sticky nature of dried fruit such as ralsins, runes, peaches, figs, etc., the rectangular -orrn of the package will endure, in fact will become firmer as the fruit gradually loses. some of its moisture in storage.

Instead of the above descr ibed method of filling the packa e the wire loop handle may be secured in p ace by the same folds described on one end of an empty bag, same as the showin of Fig. 2, and the lower end X of the bag left open for filling. lhe bag in this case is inverted as it were into thp mold with the wire handle 2 at the bottom thereof as shown in Fig. '2', and after which the fruit is :torced in the open end of the bag and the same folded and sealed tightly against the surface 5 of the fruit.

lln contemplating my packa e as disclosed in Fig. 1 it will be seen that the flat folding of quadruple wall 6 engaged by the straight aligned ends 2 of the wire handle and with told 7 cemented down along the upper straight corner A of the package results in four thicknesses of pa or over the handle, thereby removing any anger of the handle tearing. out, and the arrangement transmits the weight of the package directly through the entire width of the main vertical walls of the bag to-the handle, thus avoiding any tendency of the weight to cause any distortion of the rectangular form of the bagackage.

While I have described the bag as bein of paper, and of which material it wil usually be made, it is evident that a cloth bag might be formed into the package described and accordingly where I use the words paper-bag in my appended claims I intend this to include any other flexible bag material out of which a package is made in accordance with my invention.

I claim:

1. A bag-package of dried fruit, the fruit presenting a fiat upper surface, the bag being folded upon itself and sealed over the flat surface of the fruit, and a handle engaging under the fold of the bag.

2. A bag-package of dried fruit, the fruit presenting a flat upper surface and vertlcal flat sides, the be being folded upon itself and sealed over t e flat surface of the fruit along a line adjacent one of said flat sides, and a handle engaging under the fold of the be g; A paper-bag package of dried fruit, the fruit presenting a fiat upper surface and vertical flat sides, the bag being folded upon itself and sealed over the flat suriaee of the fruit, and a wire loop handle having a leg 1.

of the loop extending under the walls of the fold substantially across the bag parallel to said flat sides. H

4. A paper-bag with a wire handle secured thereto, said handle being of loop formation with a straight side lying against the bag across the end thereof and the material of the bag being folded to four thicknesses extending over said straight side of the handle and cemented to the body of the bag.


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