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Publication numberUS1657747 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1928
Filing dateSep 13, 1926
Priority dateSep 13, 1926
Publication numberUS 1657747 A, US 1657747A, US-A-1657747, US1657747 A, US1657747A
InventorsHalmet Elmer
Original AssigneeHalmet Elmer
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Tractor attachment
US 1657747 A
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E. HALMET TRACTOR ATTACHMENT Filed Sept. 13. 1926 gvmmnoz h HMM/MMU.

Patented Jan. 31, 1928.



Application led September 13, 1926. Serial No. 134,978.

vThis invention relates to attachments for tractors, and is particularly designed for the purpose of providing convenient means for grinding and sharpening farm implements.

The principal object is to provide means whereby such a device may be quickly applied to or removed from a tractor when desired.

Another object is to provide such means that may be made to function without any alteration or adjustment of any part of the tractor mechanism.

Further objects and advantages ot the in vention will appear in the following description thereof. f

Referring now to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this application, wherein like reference characters indicate like parts: I

Figure 1 is a rear elevation of a traginental portion of a tractor radiator and f an attachment showing the device as applied thereto; and

Figure 2 is a top plan View of Figure l.

1 represents the radiator of, for example, a Fordson tractor, and 2 is the radiator top tank connection to the lower extremity of which is integrally formed the fan bracket 3, while 4 represents a fragmental portion of the forward end of the crank case ofithe engine, and 5 is the fan, all of which are eo'muion to such tractors, as well as the engine shaft 6.

The invention resides in placing the bracket 7 which is preferably of sheet metal construction, intermediate of the crank case of the engine and the fan bracket, the same being held in position by preferably two bolts 8 of the crank case, and the fan shaft 0 9. The bracket 7 is preferabl of somewhat inverted V-shape, having a ange 10 upon either side thereof adjacent its upper end, and through which flanges are formed slots, the innermost edges o which are, in the same plane with the adjacent face of the body portion of the bracket.

The bracket is designed to be placed in position and there remain whether `the grinding attachment is used or not. The latter comprises the arm 11, which may be of any desired length but suicient at least to extend considerably beyond the side of the tractor radiator, and the inner end of which. is so shaped as to fit tightly within the slots in the wings 10 of the bracket. For this purpose the slot in the nearer wing is when driven into the hole 12 with the Hat side against the outer face of the inner `flange 10 it will draw the arm 11 tightly into position in the slots Jof the wings. Vhen it is desired to remove the grinding attachment all that is necessary to loosen sa1neforthe Iremoval of the drive belt is to withdraw the pin 13.

'Upon the outboard or free end of the arm 11 1s mounted. preferably the transverse arbor or spindle 14, it having any suitable arrangement of 'spaced bearings as those shown at 15, and abrasive wheels such as indicated at 16 and 17 may be employed upon either end of the arbor, as desired. A transverse guide illustrated at`18 may be pivotally mounted as at 19 upon the bracket/20 attached to the free end of the arm 11.

The pulley upon the arbor 14 is illustrated at 21, and about which the belt 22 is operable and sufficiently long to reach over the fan pulley 23 downwardly about the ulley 24 on the engine shaft 6, and up and) over the idler pulley 25 carried upon the adjustable Z-shaped bracket 26, attached securely 'L'.

to the Varm 11 by means of the bolt 27.

While I have shown and described a spe-A cic form of device which has proven satisfactory in operation, it is to be understood that various modifications of the device may be resorted to Without departing from the spirit of the invention, and, what I claim and desire to secure by Lettersk Patent, is:

1. The combination with a vehicle engine having a fan operating mechanism, of supporting means intermediate of the fan and engine, va second supporting means removably mounted upon the first mentioned supporting meansan arbor in the free end of the second mentioned means, and a belt for operating said arbor operable upon and by the fan operating belt.

2. A tool grinding attachment for tractors comprising in combination an upright bracket intermediate of the engine and fan shaft, a laterally extendable arm removably attached to saidbracket, a tool head carried upon the outer extremity. of the arm, and

comprising in combination an upright bracket, a 4laterallv extending arin having a. tapered end for insertion within spaced openings in the sides of the bracket, \\'edin;r means for tightly holding the tapered end of the arm within said bracket. a tool head carried upon the outer extremity of the arm7 and means for operating said tool head.

In testimony whereof I affix im' signature.


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U.S. Classification74/15.63, 474/86
International ClassificationB24B27/00
Cooperative ClassificationB24B27/00
European ClassificationB24B27/00