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Publication numberUS1657909 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1928
Filing dateSep 23, 1926
Priority dateSep 23, 1926
Publication numberUS 1657909 A, US 1657909A, US-A-1657909, US1657909 A, US1657909A
InventorsAbramovich Asya
Original AssigneeAbramovich Asya
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Child's garment
US 1657909 A
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A. ABRAMOVICH CHILDS GARMENT Filed Sept. 23, 1926 ASYA ABRAMOV/Cl-l lNVENTOR BY yak/n y. M an/0M ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 31 1928.

U IT D STATES 1 ma nnauovrcn, or new roan, n. r. camp's sanimm.

Application filed September 88, 1928. Serial No. 187,885.

My invention relates to childrens or infants garments and has a particular reference to washable breech-cloths or diapers.

The object of my invention is to provide 5 such a garment for Covering the childs body in placeof a commonly used square'piece of cloth secured in a proper posit1on by means of safety pins.

In view of the fact that the use of safety 10 pins is dangerous and also inconvenient, I

' rovide a garment with convenient means or holding it in place. My invention is more fully described in the accompanying specification and drawing in which- Fig. 1 is a plan view of my garment in a unfolded position, Fig. 2 is an end view,

Fig. 3 is the same garment when folded for use, Fig. 4 is. a view of the garment finally folded and buttoned, Fig. this an enlarged sectional view of the edge-of the garment with a female portion of a snap fastener,

Fig. 6 is the same with the male portion of a fastener, Fig. 7 is an elevation of a buckle with buttons, attached=to a belt'in 8 is an end view of the uckle.

My garment consists of a rectangular piece cloth 1 one end of'which is folded on itself. three times forming quadruple thickness of cloth 2. The remaining portion of the cloth forms a square. The ortion 2 forms a belt for the garment. t is provided with two sets of snap fasteners on the ends: male fasteners 3 and female 4. The latter are made with enlar ed heads (Fi 5). In addition to the asteners the be t portion 2 is provided withsholes or slits 6 or a ribbon or belt7. In the center of the square 1 a ribbon or tape loop 8 is attached.

When it is desired to use the garment it is first folded diagonally across the line- 9-9, then it is foldedv across the line 10-10. Fig. 8 shows the arment in such folded position. The clot is folded on the same side with the folds of the belt portion 2. This insures a uniform thickness of four layers of cloth beginning with the belt portion 2 and in the triangle Fig. 3.

The garment isthen placed on the childs body and the belt portion secured with the a modified form of this arment, and Fig.

sna fasteners as 'shown in Fig. 4 the chi ds waist is indicated with dotted lines 11). The apex of the triangle of the folded cloth is brought from the rear around the crotch and is fastened in this position by lacing the-loop'8 around the buttons 5.

n this manner the garment provides openings for the childs le s (indicated with dotted lines 12 in Fig. 4?)

It is possible to use a single button 5, but two buttons as shown give more secure fastening and,.besides, the loo 8 is held tighter with two buttons than wit one.

Theends of the ribbon 7 may be then tied together as shown in Fig. 9, thereby holding the garment more securely, tightening it on the childs body and'giving a neater appearance.

Instead of the snap fasteners ordinary buttons may be sewed on on one side of the belt 7 ortion 2 with buttonholes on the other side.

e buttons may be also placed on the belt buckle 13 (Fig. 7 to which oneend of a belt 14 is attached. The buttons 15 are attached to the front surface of the buckle and serve only to hold the loop 8.

Im ortant advantages of m garment are that t can be easily and quickly fastened on thechilds body, is neat in appearance and eliminates the use of safety pins.

I claim as my invention:

In a childs garment, the combination with a substantially'rectangular piece ofclot-h, one side of said cloth being folded three times in a narrow strip forming a belt por- 85 tion, the remaining portion of said cloth being out in the form of square and folded twice from side to side thereby formin a triangle of the same thickness as said elt ortion, sna fasteners with projecting W eads on sai garment adapted to connect the ends of said-belt portion, and a tape loo attached to the apex of said triangle an adaptedto-engage said snap fasteners heads whenv said garment is in use.

Signed at New York in the county of New York and State of New York Sept, v

A. n. 1926. I


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U.S. Classification604/392, D02/733
International ClassificationA61F13/15
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/49004
European ClassificationA61F13/49B1