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Publication numberUS1658233 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1928
Filing dateAug 21, 1925
Priority dateAug 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1658233 A, US 1658233A, US-A-1658233, US1658233 A, US1658233A
InventorsMax Falk
Original AssigneeBay State Collapsible Tube Com
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Discharge nipple for collapsible tubes
US 1658233 A
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M. FALK DISCHARGE NIPPLE FOR COLLAPSIBLE TUBES Filed Aug. 21. 1925 I Patented Feb. 7, 1928.


I V V 1,658,233 PATENT OFFICE.


Application filed August 21, 1925. Serial No. 51,694.

" This invention relates to a device through which the contents of a collapsible tube can be discharged.

'The principal objects of the invention are to provide a discharge valve for this pur pose so arranged that the paste in the tube will not dry on the surfaces thereof and consequently it will always be ready for use; to provide this in'the form of a rubber l0 nipple having a surrounding flange adapted to be held on the inside of'the top of the usual metallic collapsible tube in such a way the act of discharging a ribbon of paste; Fig. 2 is a plan of the same on enlarged scale; and V Fig. 3--is an enlarged longitudinal central sectional view.

I p y flexible metallic tube 10 adapted to contain tooth paste, shaving cream, or anyother article in paste-form and designed to discharge it y squeezing of the collapsible tube. This is made in the ordinaryform except that the outlet. end, while provided with the usual end piece 11 of circular form.

0 and somewhat heavier construction than of comparatively simple form. It is fectly cylindrical in shape and without any screw threads-0r other projections, either inside -or outside, "resulting in a saving of metal. I v

The particular feature of this is a rounded rubber nipple 14 having a slit 15 preferably in the end thereof. This: slit is merely a cut clear through the. rubber but no material neck 16 fitting'in the nozzle 12 and it an integral. annular flange 17 adapted to fit ainsttheinnersurfaceofthetnpli oftube. this in position-and bodiment of this invention and shown. in,

the invention to an ordinary.

the side walls of the tube, has anozzle 12' per-.

7 nnisple out of is removed. The nipple has a'eontraetedsecure the flange 17 to the wall 11 by any 5 desired means, but as a matter of fact, as Wlll appear, it is not really necessary to do that. This is done mostly for additional safety.- After the parts are in position the tube is filled from. the bottom and closed along the lower end 20 in the usual way.

Now in the use of the device the tube is operated in the usual way to exert pressure on the paste within. This pressure results \Il forcing the paste out through the valve or slit 15 in the formof athin ribbon of a w dth corresponding to the length of this sl1t. Experience has shown that immediately after the pressure is removed the valve or slit entirely closes. The extra paste can be wiped off and there will be no paste left in sight. The slit closes automatically and tightly, its two out surfaces come firmly into contact with each other and there areno 7 surfaces between which, or on which, the paste can harden enough'to preventopening immediately upon the exertion of pressure in the manner above described. Thus, after leaving it for days or weeks at a time it is found to be in perfect working order all 3 the time.

The reason for stating that it was not absolutely necessary to secure the flange 17 to the inside of the top 11 is that when pressure is exerted,'it acts against this flange 17 throughout the surface and holds it firmly against thev inner side of this top which isv usually indented withlet-tering. The pressure itself holds the flange in osition so that there is no danger of the mpple being forced out of position by the pressure of the paste inside.

This constitutes a very neat and sanitary ar ent. There is no metallic cover to be 10%, and no danger of the opening'get- 'tingj filled with the paste and hardemng so as to prevent immediate operation upon the exertion of pressure, on the paste in the tube There is no danger offorcing the dposition and the e ense is 0 need instea of being incre Although I have illustrated and dwcrib'ed only. a single embodiment of invention, 7 I am aware of the fact-that modifications can be made therein by any person skilled 5 in the art without'departing from the scope of'the invention as expressed th 1n 8 0 herefore, I do not wish-m be m all the details of construction herein shown and described but what I do claim is The combination with a collapsible nie tallic paste tube having a conical top formed with a valve slit for the discharge of the paste, and an integral thin conical flange 0 inside the tube bearing against and. coverlng the inner conical surface of said top extending to the inner side walls, and adapted to be pressed against the whole area of said top by paste to hold it in position.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto afiixed m signature.


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U.S. Classification222/490, 222/529, 222/566
International ClassificationB65D47/04, B65D47/20
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/2031
European ClassificationB65D47/20E2