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Publication numberUS1658489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1928
Filing dateDec 8, 1925
Priority dateDec 8, 1925
Publication numberUS 1658489 A, US 1658489A, US-A-1658489, US1658489 A, US1658489A
InventorsOlof Lindstrom
Original AssigneeOlof Lindstrom
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Electrical foot-drying machine
US 1658489 A
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Feb; 7, 1928.

O. LINDSTROM ELECTRICAL FOOT DRYING MACHINE Filed Dec. 8, 1925 Patented Feb. 7, 1928.



Application filed December 8, 1925. Serial No. 74,147.

The invention relates to a means of drying the feet by forcing air with a fan or blower through an electrically heated element and the air thus heated deflected to and through 5 a grate on which the wet feet are placed.

The object of the invention is to eliminate the excessive use of towels in clubs, gymnasiums, etc.

One form of the invention, an automatic 1 portable type, is illustrated in the following drawing, in which Fig. l is a top view of the device, Fig. 2, a vertical section of the device with a side plate removed, Fig. 3, an end view showing air entrance screen, Fig. i, a detail of return springs, Fig. 5, the electrical wiring plan, and Fig. 6 a detailed View of the reinforced box construction.

The top plate 1, the end plates 2 and 3, the side plates 4 and 5, the bottom plate 8, suit- 20 ably reinforced with angle pieces 6 extending to feet 7, constitute the including b0 for the fan or blower 9, driven by the motor 10, the electric heater 11, the switch 12, the bafile 13, the return springs 14:, and all necas essary supports.

Air enters at screen 15, sucked in by the fan or blower 9, is then blown through the heater 11, and deflected up through the screen 16 by the bafile plate 13.

so The electrical heating element may be of the ribbon, cartridge or rod types the one shown 11 being of the ribbon type, suitably supported by the supports 17.

The switch 12 is of the quick make and break type and can be either single or double pole depending on local code stipulations.

The plug and receptacle 18 bring in the electrical circuit 19, which is closed or opened by switch 12, thus energizing or deenergizing the motor 10 and the heater 11.

The device shown'is automatic in operation in that pressure on the cover plate 1, with its screen 16, compresses the springs 14,-

which are held in place by the tube 20, and

the rod to the limit with its upper stop 21. As the cover plate 1 goes down stops 22, a vertical plate 23, 24, pushes down and closes switch 12, thus putting electrical energy into the motor 10, which drives the fan or blower 9; and the electric heater 11.

hen pressure is released the springs 14 return the cover which is limited screwed of slot- 26.

with its opening plate to its top position by the stud screw 25, into rod 21, which hits the lower end The vertical plate 28, going up, lower stop 27, pulls up on switch 12, the electrical circuit. This vertical plate 23 also acts as a partial guard against water hitting the element 11.

The device can be lifted by the handles 28. The side and end plates of the box can be screwed admit ready parts.

or bolted on the angle pieces 6 to inspection and removal of In the non-automatic device the cover plate is screwed or otherwise held fast and the circult closed by a switch or plug on the exterior.

I do

not claim invention on the various parts involved.

I claim:

A portable foot drying machine comprising a casing, a foot grate on the casin a support 1 101 the of the return springs, limit stops grate or top cover, all in the casing,

handles on the casing, removable side and end plates, making up the casing and a vertical wa ter guard plate in the casing.


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