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Publication numberUS1658608 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1928
Filing dateDec 5, 1925
Priority dateDec 5, 1925
Publication numberUS 1658608 A, US 1658608A, US-A-1658608, US1658608 A, US1658608A
InventorsMoses M Marcuse
Original AssigneeWest Disinfecting Co
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Dispensing cabinet
US 1658608 A
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Feb. 7, 1928. 1,658,608

M. M. MARCUSE QI Y J um n.. l I l. l '7 mmHHnlHH/f HHmmmwmuuunmuml'umlmumu@ f5 xHH Feb. 7, 1928.

1,658,608 M. M. MARCUSE DIsPENsING CABINET Filed Dec. 5, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 WITNESS other or `in gripping engagement with an interposed web. Referring to Figures 2 and 5, it will be seen that feed rollers 20 are paired with the feed rollerslS, the `shaft 19 which carries` the latterbeing provided with a spur gear 22 which meshes. with a coin controlled spurgear 23. The spur gear 23 is keyed to a shaft 24which carries on its outer end a manually operated knob 25 whichjmay be operated when suitable coin controlled mechanism (not shown) is released by the insertion `of a coin in a slot 26. As shown in Figure 1, the bottoni wall 27 of the housing 1 is provided with a down- .wardly presented slot or opening 28 thru which the web is fed by the feed rollers 18 and 20. A flange 29 is lsuitably arranged to serve as a tearing edge at the end of each limited Vfeed movement permitted by the coin control mechanism. A` suitable guard or apron 30 may be arranged to `extend partway around the peripheries ofthe feed rollers `20. Inordertoaccommodate this "forward extension ofthe parts, the front-,cover 2 oflthe vmain housing is provided with a cylindrical protuberant portion 31, the space within the protuberant wall 31 affording ready access to tlieslot 28 for positioning the webwhen the front cover 2 is permitted to hangvertically as indicated in dotted lines in Figure 1. Y

Whenever occasion arises to charge the cabinet with a fresh supply of paper toweling, the front cover `2 is opened, the removable receptacle is'withdrawn and the fresh stock inserted within from the rear, the detecting arm 11 being raisedfor this purpose. The top plate 14 mayV now be swung about its piv0t`15 to hang within the rearfopening betweent-hel end walls 9, 9; The freeend of the web `is next drawn `overthe tableor plate 16 after which thetop plate 14is returned `to its normal position as shown in Figure `1. The removable container.i`s` n`ow ready lto be inserted into the cabinet' and the free end of the web drawn downwardly thrirtheslotH or opening28 at the bottom `of the'cabinet. In orderto facilitate this imanipulation, `the forward shaft 21 carrying the feed rollers 20` is movably j ournalled in end bearings 32, said shaft 21 being normally retained lin position by a sliding bar 33 at either end. EachV of` said bars is slidably mounted inv a bo`x`-like guide 34. Suitable means for guiding the removable container into and out of the cabinet may be provided by suitable ribs 3l on the opposite end walls 9, 9, of the receptacle. The free edge of the web having been drawn thru the o eiiing 28, the feed rollers 2O with their s iaft 21 may be reinserted and the cabinet closed in readiness to be placed in service. It will also lic understood frointhe foregoing de seription, that the inner wall of the protuberant portion 31 of the cabinet front cover 2, forms a part-circular recess within which the leed rollers 20 with their shaft 21 may be deposited while the web is being arranged prior to the replacement of the removable `feed rollers.

i I claiinz 1. A `portable receptacle for dispensing cabinets, provided with an opening in its rear wall for receiving the material to be dispensed, a front wall having a platen extendinginwardly from the upper edge thereof,

and a top wall having its forward7 edge nor nially resting upon said platen wherloy the stock tobe dispensed is placed under tension as it is drawn over saidplaten and between it and the forward edge of said cover, said top being revolvable about its rear edge into position to close said opening in the rear wall of said receptacle. n

2. il dispensing container comprising laterally spaced end walls, a front wall, a )laten arranged in the plane of the uppeije ge of said front wall, a cover `pivoted between saidend `walls upon an axis extending transversely tosaid end walls and adjacent to tlie'upper-rear corners thereof said cover being revolvable about its axis from a posi tion inwhich its forward edge rests upon said platen into a position in which it de pends from said axis, said container having "an opening at t-liebaclr for accommodating said cover in depending position. n

3.1i. dispensing Vcontainer i'or a folded continuous web, said container comprising ica laterally spaced end walls, an inset front wall, a cover pivoted between said end walls uponan axis extending transversely to said end walls and adjacent to the upper rear corners thereof, said eovei having its forward edge resting upon `the upper edge of said front wall,`a detector arm arranged within said receptacle, a shaft for carrying said detector arm, said shaft being oscillatable upon an axis extending from front to rear ofthe upper edge of one of said end walls,and an indicator arin oscillatable with said detector arm, said indicator arm being ,arranged in` the space between said front wall and the forward edges of said end walls. et. In a dispensing cabinet, a receptacle for web to be dispensed, said receptacle having a platen adjacent its upper forward corner anda drag pivoted upon an axis distant from said platen and having its forward museos edge of said front Well and normally adapted 10 to exert e yeldable pressure upon the web as it passes over said upper edge, said drug being?)` movable around its axis from its nor-` mal operative position into a position in which it depends from its axis at the rear 15 of said container.


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