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Publication numberUS1659269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 14, 1928
Filing dateJul 17, 1922
Priority dateJul 17, 1922
Publication numberUS 1659269 A, US 1659269A, US-A-1659269, US1659269 A, US1659269A
InventorsHotze John K
Original AssigneeHenry Hotze & Sons Co
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Golf bag
US 1659269 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 14, 1928.

J. K. HoTzE 1,659,269

GOLF BAG Filed July 17, 1922 THE- lx73 f7 l liatented Feb. 14, v1928.


Pa'riiznrd 4ortica..




Application filed July 1?, 19252. Serial No. 575,624.

This invention relates to an improvement in golif bags and has lor its primary object the purpose et providing an improved nselt supporting base tor the bag which will withstand the pounding :forces applied thereto by the golf clubs as they are descended into the Another object of the invention is to provide an improved manner of reinforcing the vertically extending surrounding wall ot' the bag, so that the same will be held from collapsing.

A further object ol' the invention is in providing a golf bag with a plurality of vertical extending stays or stitteners which are peculiarly supported from the base of the bag( @their and further objects will appear in the specilication and be specilically pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, exemplitying the invention, and in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of this 1mproved goli5 bagu litigare 2 is atop view of Fie. 1.

Figure 3 is an inverted view of the supporting base of the bag.

Figure f1 is an enlarged vertical section 'talren through the bag having the intermediate portion thereof broken away.

Figure 5 is a top plan view of the supporting base.

lleterring by numerals to the accompanying` drawings, this improved bag is comprised oi a metallic base 1 which is preferably constructed of aluminum, said base having an annular ground engaging portion 2 which is depended from the bottom portion 3 oi the base, said bottom portion being provided with under arranged ribs 4f. i

The ground engaging portion 2 of the base 1 on the outside thereof is provided with a plurality of vertically extending recesses 5, and mounted in each of said recesses and secured therein by rivet-s, such as 6, are respective upwardly extending metallic stays Y, said rivets passing through the depending wall 8 oi the ground engaging portion 2,

Arranged interiorly of the stays 7 is a ilexihle wall 9 which is made from fabric or leather, said wall being circular or sleeve like in shape and is secured to the stays by vertically extending strips 10, each strip being arranged against the outside of a respective stay 7 and secured to the wall 9 by vertical stitching 11 which is formed adjacent ino' each sideedge oi each stay, as shown .more

`clearly in Fig. 1;

A metallic mouth ring 121s located at the upper end otthe labric wall i9, said rino' being secured iu a co-operable position with the upper `end 'of thewallll by an outer sleeve 123 and an inner sleeve 14, the sleeve 13 being secured to theupper end ot they stays 4" by rivets such as 15, each one oi which is respectively passed through each ot the stays 7 and the sleeve 13, whereas the sleeve 1li is secured interiorly ot the upper end otl the wall 9 and the annular depending portion 16 oi the ring 12 by rivets such as 17, said rivets passing through the inner sleeve 111 through the depending portion 16 of the ring 12 and through the outer sleeve 13.

For the purpose of providing the entry of the golf clubs from being obstructed by the upper edge 18 of the inner sleeve V1li an annular shoulder 19 is provided on the inner wall ci the depending portion 16 ot the ring 12, the upper edge 18 of the inner sleeve 111 being engaged beneath said shoulder 19.

lt desired, the upper end of the stays 7 can be secured t-o the depending portion 16 oi the ring 12.

The base ring 1 above the bottom 3 thereof is counter-sunk, as designated at 2O and around which is termed Y an annular upwardly extending lip 21 and engaged in the inner side of said lip is the lower portion 22 oi the wall 9, and located within the counter-sunk portion V2O is a shock absorbing layer or plate 23, said layer 23 being secured to the bottom 3 by gluing orv rivetg, and is adapt-edito hold down the lower portion 22 ot the wall 9.

1n the use of a bag of this improved. character from the construction related, it is tobe noted that the upwardly extending structure is built and supported from the base 1 and when golt clubs are descended therein with a dropping torce in which they generally are, the shock therefrom will be received solely by the base and in which the shock will not be borne by the flexible wall 9, and on `account ot the base being constructed of metal the weight of the falling of tlieimpleinents will be borne by the base 1 and sustained by the stays 7 and not by the flexible Well 9 of the bag. This is on account of the stays being secured at. their lower ends to the base 1 and at their upper ends to the outer sleeve 13 and the ring 12.

The mountingof the lower encl of the Stays within respective recesses 5 of the base l provides a secured bese or support for seid stays so that they will not tend to lean 0r swing from their vertical arrangement7 thus providing' ineens whereby the bug will stand upright und be sell leupportingalf Without tending' to Sog orilistort as is the inclination of the present clay type of golf bags.

For providing` u, .finish to the lower end ot the ber', an annular groove 211 is formed in the ground engaging portion 2 ot the buse 1, said groove being for the reception of the lower edge 25 of tliebase finishing sleeve E26, suicl sleeve beine; secured to the heee by the rivets G und to the Wall 9 by stitching 27.

That I claim isz- A golf bug provided with u metallic buse having un annular depending gti-ouml engaging portion, suit] buse being provided with :in annular groove, euifl buse haring :l plurality ol relatively Wide und shallow ver tically disposed recesses formell on the outsirle of the depending' portion thereolf en tending into Suhl groozte, u relatively llut Stay serurecl in euch ot' @nifl ref., Securing nieunf; passing through euch ol .mul stays for Securing them in their respective rccefeeiv :1 metallic mouth rilril rivelefl to the upper cnils o'lsuirl stays, uml u flexible will eecurerl to ssuiil etnyss.


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