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Publication numberUS1659530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 14, 1928
Filing dateMar 31, 1926
Publication numberUS 1659530 A, US 1659530A, US-A-1659530, US1659530 A, US1659530A
InventorsSamuel Lionel Jefferies
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US 1659530 A
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Feb. 14, 1928..

S. L. JEFFRIES CGOLER Filed March 31 1926 nm mw .NJN

Patented Feb. 14, 192s. i




Appnoanon mea march 31, 192e( serm No. 98,925.

This invention relates to a sectional water cooler, and has for its object to provide, in a manner as hereinafter' set forth, a cooler in cluding water, ice and food or produce chambers and constructed in a manner whereby the ice consumption for a predetermined period is materially reduced under such conditions providing Jfor a saving in expense of maintenance; further providing tor the convenient'storing therein and removing therefrom ice when occasion requires, and urther whereby the ice is stored above `and separate from the water chamber of the cooler, under such conditions providing tor l5 sanitation when the ice is handled, as the handling of the latter, is had without polluting in any manner, the water Within the water chamber ot the cooler.

A further object of the invention is to provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a water cooler standardized tor use inone or more sections and forming a cooling chamber when the sections are used in combination.

Further objects of the invention are to provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a cooler, which is simple in its construction, strong, durable, sanitary, thoroughly efficient in its usc,readily assembled, and comparaspaced from each other and interposed betively inexpensive to manufacture.

-"1.\ With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists o1 the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter more specifically described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein is shown preferred embodiments of the invention, but it isv to be understood that changes, variations and niodilications can be resorted to which tall within the scope o'l' the claims hereunto appended.

In the dra wings wherein like reference cha V- aciers f'lenote corresponding parts ilu-oughout the several views z- Figure 1 a vertical sectional view oit a sectional water cooler.

Figure 2 is afvertical sectional view ot' ai modiiedl form of intermediate section providing the ice chamber.

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the cooler section shown in Figure 2.

Referring to the drawings, the cooler is shown inV Figure l as consisting of three superposed sections 128,7129 and 139 and each of said sections is formed from an inner '"f and an outer shell. The inner shells ot the sections 128,129 are indicated at 22 and the outer shells at 21. The inner shells 22 are of greater length than the outer shells 21 and depend below the lower ends of these latter. The shells which form the section 130 are :indicated at 21 for the outer shell and 22 for the inner shell and the outer shell 21 is of greater length and depends below the lower end of the inner shell 22.

Formed integral. with the lower end of the inner shell 22 of the section 128 is an imperforate bottom plate 131', which in connection with the inner shell 22 provides the section 128' with a food or produce storage or cooling chamber 134. lower end ot the inner shell 22 ot the section v.129 is a perforated bottom plate 26 which in connection with the inner shell 22 of such section provides an ice storage chamber 135.

The inner shell 22 of the section `130 has formed integral with the lower end thereof a concave bottom member 133, which in connection with the shell 22 forms the section 139 vwith a water storage chamber 136. The shell 21 of the section 130 is extended below the bottom member 133 and flared outwardly as at 7 to provide a support 'for said section 130.

The shells of each of said sections are tween the shells of each section is a packing means 23. The packing means 23 which is employed in connection with the section 130 .is extended throughout the lower face ol the bottom member 133, as indicated at147.

y The lower end of each shell 21 is connected to its associated shell 22, above the lower end of the latter, by a coupling piece 24 and which constitutes a closure for the lower end of the space in which is arranged l the packing 23 forming a part of a section 128 or 129. The upper end ot' a shell 21 is connected to the upper end of its associated shell 22 by a flat coupling piece 25 which forms a closure for the upper end o1 the space in which is arranged the packing 23. The upper end of the shell 21 is connected to the upper end of its associated shell 22 by a flat coupling piece indicated at 25 and which forms a closure for the upper end of the space in which is arranged the packing means 23 for the section 130.

The outer diameterof the shell 22 of a secdiameter ot the shell 22 of the section 129',

that the outer tace of the depending portion of the shell 22 of the section 128 will snugly Formed integral with the Apieeee4 engage the upper portion of the inner face of the shell 22 of the section 129. The outer diameter of the shell 22 of the section 129, is such with respect to the inner-.diameter of the shell. 22 ot the section 130 that the outer face ot the depending' portion of the ehell ofthe section 129 will4 snugly engage the upper portion of the inner file-e of the shell 22 oi the lsection 130. The imei-engagement of one ofthe shells 22 with the other shell 22 und one shell'22 with a' shell 22 Will set up a frietional lock between the sections When they are eet up in Superposed position. I

llVhen the sections 128 and 129 are mounted in superposed relation', the coupling` 2Liare eeated upon the coupling pieces The outer diameter ot the rshells 21 and 21 kare thesaine so that Whenxthe sect-ions 128 and 129 are mountedv in superposedr relation with the section 1'30, the outer tace otsa'id eeetions 128 and 129 will: be fiuslr with ,Y the outer face'of the section 130. p

lo'acilitate the positioning of the sections 128 and129 relative to the section 130, or 'toi' removing' of said sections 128 andV 129 frein the' seetioi'r 1? 'O, tlie sections 128. 12S and 7130 areprovide'd' With a pair of handle inenibers 28.v y Y 1 An interengy aging and overlapping cover 37 is provided for the upper section' 'oit the cooler, and said cover' 37 is common to any oneo-the cooler sections. y

Referring to Fig. 3 which represents an ice chamber with' a removable perforated bottoni und Which represents a modified 'forni of the ice chamber. he shells21a'and 22h, the coupling pieces 251; and 25 the packing 2 3 between theI shellsare of the saine construction as section 129, Fig. 1. -The :ivo handle bars`28 also are of the same con'- struction.l The point of dilerence in struction isy whereby the shell 22b ydepends belciv the shell: 21", and at the lower extremity the shelli22l flares inward an appropriate distance in an angularinanner to torina'ycircular rest 12 and leaving a circular opening, this openingI to be covered by a circular, per'- ii't ied, reinovablev bottoni or plate .12. and vsaid plutn fitting' eojointly between the inner sliell22 t orm the ice chamber 135. The inii'ai'd' angular, Haring' restV l2 on vthe loiver extreinity of the inner shell 22h serving Va suplrioi-t for the reinovable, perforated bottoin"12. The perforated. rernoval'ilc bottoni 12 serves to proinote sanitation' of the iniddl'e section oi thek cooler and thereby renders this section in'ore easily cieaned and steril# ized.'

Referring' toA figure 3' `which is a preferableVV des.

of the. reino'vable bottoin'or plate '12', i

, .riclr isy nad-e to :tit eojointly between the inner shel'l22b. 'Fie'. 2, and' to be sup- .l bv the rest'12`., F15'. /l-. The perii'ihery `ite 12 muy be reintorcedand is cir- "torin- The plate 12 ie torii'i'edf'propoi'tionately distaneedthree circiiiar rows oi i'iertoriitions 20 symmetrically or othervviseA the above ifiescriibed'water cooier and refrigerator is circular or round inthe construetion ot the dili'erent sections and' bottoms, but zitA theL same finie it is borne in mind that the diiterent parts may be constructed sipiai'eoi" hexagonal or in any modificati-.rms 4otliese shap'iv 7 itis thought that the many advantages of a Witter cooler, in accordance With this invention eenbe readily understood, and although p the pi'etfnj'red enibodinients of the invention are as illustratedV and described, yet it is to be iii'ideistood that changes ofV detailsof con` struction can be had which will fallj Within the scopeoi the invention as claimed.

lVlit clarin` iS r:- v A coolerv con'iprising4 a body portion fbi'ined'oi a plurality' of su'pei'posed remove..

able intere'ngaging sections each formed of eoneenti'ically arranged spaced inner and outerqshells having a packing `means intervl` therebetween said outer Shells having outer peripheries thereof flush With Veach ot'lrer, each of said. sections having va horizontally disposed coupling piece connecting the upper ones ot' theshells therof together,

each coupling piece securedto and Hush with the top Vedges of a' pair of shells, each upper section having its inner shellA extending be'-y low its outer shell and further including.,r a horizontally disposed coupling piece `connecting the; lower end of the outer shelljto the inner shell. above the bottom of the latter,`

seating directly upon the lop'coupling piece oit a loWer'sect-ion'and Hush with the bottom edge of the outer shell ot an upper seelion.

the 'lowerniost one of Vsaid' sections havingr its outer shell extending below lits inner shell` to Y provide a support., each of said'sectionsl further including a bottoni integral VWith the loiver end oi the inner shell thereof. thefde'- pending' kportion of the inner shells oli' the upper of said sections frictionally engaging directly with the inner facesfof the inner shells of the lo-iver sections for detachebly connecting the' sections togetherV in superposed relation, and a cover element common to any one'ofsai'd sections. f


simmer.. mount JEFFERnis.

In testimony whereof, I a'ix my signature

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