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Publication numberUS1659707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1928
Filing dateNov 10, 1922
Priority dateNov 10, 1922
Publication numberUS 1659707 A, US 1659707A, US-A-1659707, US1659707 A, US1659707A
InventorsLouis V Lucia, Walter H Rudolph
Original AssigneeFuller Brush Co
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US 1659707 A
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Feb. 21, 1928.

1,659,707 w. H. RUDOLPH ET AL BRUSH Filed Nov. 10, 1922 Patented Feb. 21,1928. i I a j uNir-EofsrArEs PATENT oFFics,


' BnUsH.

Application filed November 10, 1922. Serial No. 600,029.

Our invention relates more especially to plane substantially at right angles to the 7 that type of, brushes in which the bristles axis of the core 8. The preferred form of 65 are secured to a core composed of wire this portion 11 will be curved to comprise a twisted to shape, the bristles being secured portion of or a complete circle or ring 14,

to the core in the twisting operation, and an as shown in Figure 41: of the drawings, the

object of our invention, among others, is to arms of the core 8, when the brush is formedprovide in an efficient and economical manas last described, being coincident with the 60 ner a tuft forming the end of the brush axis-of the ring 14:. I structure. I/Vhen the portion 11 is thus formed and One form of brush embodying our invenbent as just described a tuft will be 10- tion and in the construction and use of cated at the end of the body 12, as illustratwhich the objects herein setout, as well as ed in Figure 1 of the drawings, the brush others, maybe attained, is illustrated in the thus having at its extreme end bristles proaccompanying drawings, in which jectingin all directions, whereby the end of 15 Figure 1 is a side view of a brush embodythe brush is suitably formed for cleaning ing our invention, purposes as well as the sides of the body 12.

Figure 2 is an end View of the same. In that structure illustrated in Figure 6 Figure 3 is a side view of the-brush as the core 8 and body 12 are-formed as above it appears at an intermediate step in its described, the core being formed into a ring 20 formation. located in a plane at right angles to the core, Figure 4:is a view illustrating the shape as hereinbefore described. This tip of the of the core as finally formed. brush, however, is not reduced in size but 7 Figure 5 is an end View of the structure it is maintained, in the trimming operation, shown in Figure 4;. of the same size as the body of the brush, 3 25 Figure 6 shows a modified form of the with a result that a tuft is produced, as ilbrush. lustrated in Figure 6.

In the accompanying drawings the nu- In accordance with the provisions of the meral 8 indicates the core of our improved patent statutes we have described the prinbrush having bristles 9 projecting radially clples of operation of our invention, to- 30 therefrom, this core comprising strands of gether with the device which we now conwire, preferably two, that may consist of sider to represent the best embodiment separate pieces of wire, or a single piece thereof; but we desire to have it understood folded backwardly upon itself, and that are, that the device shown is only illustrative twisted together, the bristles being secured and that the invention may be carried out 5 in place during the twisting operation and by such other means and applied to such consequently being spirally arranged, as uses other than those above set out as fall shown in the drawings. The core 8 may be Within the scope of appended claims. secured in a handle 10 in any ordinary Way We claim and the manner of formation of the brush 1. A brush comprising a twisted wire core 40 thus far described is old and well known. 'with bristles secured thereto, a ring formed In carrying out our invention the tip porof the core at its tip, said ring being 10- tion 11 of the twisted wire core is extended cated in a plane at right angles to the axis beyond the main part or body 12 of the of the core.

brush, bristles being secured to this core in 2. A brush comprising a body including the same manner as in the formation of the a core with bristles secured thereto, and terbody. The tip section 13 thus formed is minating in a tip including a core with bristrimmed to a smaller diameter than the body tles secured thereto and smaller in size than 12, and as illustrated in Figure 3 of the the body and formed into the shape of a drawings. ring located in-a plane at right angles to After this trimming operation the portion the axis of the body and with bristlespro- 11 of the core is bent into such suitable form jecting radially from said ring-shaped core.

as may be desired, and this portion is then 3. A brush comprising a twisted wire core further bent so that it will be located in a with a body formed of bristles secured to said core and a tip of similar form and combody and tip, and spirally arranged bristles 7 posed of bristles, but with the tip small-er carried by the .core and extending the full than said body, said tip being bent into len th thereof the'ti-p poitibno't the core 10 "ring form and located in a plane at right an bristles being bent into a loop in a angles to, the axis of the body. a. plane transversely of the bod. portion. I r 4'. A bf'ush comprising a bodyanct tip, a vVALTER H." iUDO'LPH,

single continuous twisted iv'ii'e COI i i" the LOUIS LUCIA;

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U.S. Classification15/206
International ClassificationA46B3/18, A46B7/10, A45D40/26
Cooperative ClassificationA46B3/18, A46B7/10, A45D40/26
European ClassificationA45D40/26, A46B7/10, A46B3/18