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Publication numberUS1659764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1928
Filing dateJun 30, 1924
Priority dateJun 30, 1924
Publication numberUS 1659764 A, US 1659764A, US-A-1659764, US1659764 A, US1659764A
InventorsBarton C Bridgham
Original AssigneeBarton C Bridgham
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Light-diffusing means
US 1659764 A
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Feb. 21, 1928. 1,659,764

B. C. BRIDGHAM LIGHT DIFFUSING MEANS Filed J une so. 1924 ATTORN EY a! the principles mama F ebt21,1928

UNITED STATES :amrou o. BBIDGEAI, or SAN rmcrsco,

men'r-nmusnm mus.

Application' flled ml; to, 1924. Serial 10.738988.

This invention relatesin a generalway to reflectors and in particular to light diflusmg reflectors constructed of an jsuitablev material, such as glass or the like, and of substantially frustum of cone shape configuratiofif designed to most eflectiveliy; receive and i disperse rays of light directed om a source of illumination in the form of an electric bulb, having a section or sections thereof 30 silvered or coated with a metallic deposit of any translucent or sem1-transparent reflective substance. The inner or outer surface or surfaces of the reflector may be coated in a like manner with the same formulae to produce a maximum reflective agency to disperse rays of light directed from the illuminant; This silvermg or refl'ective coating preferably consists of a selected formula, using as'a base, gold, silver,

. quicksilver or tin, or in a cheapened or less .eflicient process any translucent or senntransparent substance that, as a coatlng will aflect light directed thereupon as descr1bed.

The object of this invention is to produce a reflector and illuminant combination of the character described that Wlll eflectively produce maximum diifusion of soft light with a minimum consumption of electric current. -v In the present application it is desired to cover the reflector as described in combination with the coated or silvered bulb or to subjoined speclfication and the accompanym one sheet of drawings, in which: igure 1 is an elevation, 'artly 1n sectlon, illustrating a; reflector of su nt1ally frustum of cone shape configuratlon embodymg my mventlonr Fig. 2 1s a plan view of a reflector constructed substantially of of cone shape as in Figure 1 except that it consists of a series of radially arranged convex sur- '0 faces ending in a frustum of cone-shaped diifused and softened Having thus described my invention, I

' Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken at the line3-3 ofFigure 2.

Referring more particularly to the draw-' ings 1 in a general way designates the shell of the reflector which. is substantially of frustum of cone shape and-preferablymolded of any well known matenal such as glass. The upper planar surface 2 is provided with an opening 3 through which the lamp socket 4 extends and is securely clamped thereto from the inside by a member 5. The lower edge of the shell or body terminates in an outwardly flared flange 6 which tends to act as anadditional reflective surface and directs'the reflected re s downwardly and outwardly within a limlted range.

v The lightbulb or -illuminant 7 is of ordina construction and I have found by experiment that by coating predetermined zonal sections of 1ts surface with the herein described metallic formulae as indicated at low minus shadows and attendant glare of t e ordinary reflector.

In Figures .2 and 3'1 have shown a substantially frustum of cone shaped shell 10 similar to that shown in Figure 1 except that it comprises a series'of radially arranged segmental convex surfaces 11 extending from the planar surface 2 to the flared flanged portion 6'. This shell may be formed, of glassor like material and coated upon its inner surface as indicated at'13 and the bulb or illuminant 14 may in a like manner be coated as indicated at 15 and 16.

claim, and desire to secure. by Letters Patent of the United States'the followin In combination, a reflector a apted for both transmitting and reflecting light, and an electric light bulb having spaced zonal sections adapted for both the transmission and reflection of light and having threbetween azonal section adapted for light transmission alone.

I mirror 0. nnmenm.

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U.S. Classification362/300, 362/303, 362/351
International ClassificationF21S8/06
Cooperative ClassificationF21S8/06
European ClassificationF21S8/06