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Publication numberUS1659851 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1928
Filing dateJan 6, 1927
Priority dateJan 6, 1927
Publication numberUS 1659851 A, US 1659851A, US-A-1659851, US1659851 A, US1659851A
InventorsPhilip J Brewington
Original AssigneePhilip J Brewington
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US 1659851 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented" Feb.V 21, 1928..

yinn-'riz ,PHILIP zr. BREWINGTQN, oricoarus'cnnismr; TEXAS.


" applicationiileaxzranuary c, 11927. iseriiiNo. 159,459.

v A further object-'ofthe invention is the provisionof a lavatory designed to embody a detachable cover .member adapted to tencloseland conceal the waterconductingand Vdrainage pipes thereof.

-" Still another object "of Vthe inventionV is the provision of a ylavatory embodying a 'unitary structure Aformed with an upwardly :projecting body arranged .to support a cabinet for ythe storage lofv toilet articles.V Another object of the invention .is the provision of a lavatory of theabove charac- 'ter lwhich is relatively simple and durable of' construction and which can" be manufactured at a reasonablelcost.

Utherfobjects land advantages ofthe invention will become apparentes the description progresses. l i* yln the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specificationl and inwhich like reference characters are employedto designate Vcorresponding parts throughout the same;

Figure 1 is a vertical transverse sectional view through the lavatory embodying the invention,

Figure 2 is a` vertical front to rear sectional view therethrough, and, Y Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view illustrating the means provided for connecting the cover of the device detachably with the panel.

Referring to the the purpose of illustration isA shown the preferred embodiment of Inyinvention, the' numeral 15 designates my improved lavatory structure in its entirety embodying a rectangular shaped rbody 16 comprising a vertically disposed supporting panel. lThe longitudinal side edges and the top edge of:

the body or panel 16 are formed with a rearwardly directed flange 17 which is positioned against the wall while the lower edge rests on the floor. Thus, the panel will be supported' in a position spaced slightlyfrom the wall. f f f v Formed integral with the body or panel 16 and vextending laterally forward at a suitable height is a basin structure embodying a wash basin 18 disposed forward of the panel and having a horizontal border drawings .wherein for.

portion :19 v'terminating in :a :vertical vdownwardly extending Yapron. 20.y VThe lower v`central portion-.of` the vbasin 18 isforIned with;V a drain opening having av downwardly Aextending :nipple 21 "with a'drainpipe. f

The'lower portion of :mediatelybelow the connection of Zthe lbasin .ffstructure is formed with `an inverted bell `adapted for connection shaped opening 22 arranged for the .iconvenient .extension ofthe water conducting pipe and the drain pipe through 'the panel.l 'The upper portionof the. body 16is formed with a large rectangular opening 23 `located -f Formed integral withthe body :panel '16 and projecting forwardly thereof immediately below the` basinconnec'tion are. a pair of :opposed bracket members24 "arranged adjacent r.the longitudinal edges vof vthe `body and substantially U-shaped lin ycross section. These brackets are arranged tov vsupport a lremovable housing 25 adaptedv to enclose portion of the housing tapers downwardly l installa-` 1,659,8szi 5p; GFF-ICE. i

V'.'substantially above the basin connectionv and adapted topermit convenient tion of at-toilet -zcabin'et tothe panel, the structure being varranged v 'I to surround the opening 22 and suitably` cover the lavatory pipes. The upper inner vedges of the housing 24 are formed with bayonet slots 26 forming downwardly eX- tending lugs 27 engageable with the U- shaped brackets 24. This construction permits convenient disconnection of the housing 25 when necessary, so asto permit convenient access to the pipes for making repairs.


ance andl protecting the pipes.

The upper elevated portion of the body or panel isV formed with a large opening designed .to

snugly receive a'i'toilet cabinet arranged lin Y Y`projecting forwardly` thereof, 'a pair of U- shaped brackets upon the panel below the a position, convenient for use, immediately above the wash basin. The structure therefore presents a compact and durable lavatory which may be kept in a clean and sanitary condition atall. times and which may be installed without difficulty.

yIt is to vbe understood that the form of my invention herewith shown and described zo y is to be taken as-tliepret'erred example of the same and that various changes as to the shape, size and arrangement of parts may vide an overflow.v p v p Having thus described myfinvention, I 'claimz' l. Al lavatory ofthe character Vdescribed comprising a vertical body Ypanel formed with :an opening, a wash basin connected to .the panel an-dproJecting forwardly in a ,horizontal position above the openingin its lower section,` and a detachable pipe housing VVadapted for-connection with the panel below thek basin to conceal the -openingtherein and thepipe connections.

2. In a lavatory, a vertical support panel having an opening formed in its lower portion, 'a basin connected with the panel and basin connection, and a'housing detaohably mounted uponV the panel and surrounding the opening and adapted to vconceal tliebasin cpipes, the housing being provided with downwardly 'projecting lugs engageable with the said brackets.V i l '3 3. ln a lavatory,.a verticalv supporting panel having an opening ormed'inits lower portion, a basin integral with and extending outwardly froml the frontof the panel and including: ai base body and a depending apron locatedat the 4trent andl at thesides 'of said body and in spaced relationthereto,

and a housing detachably mounted upon the panel and surrounding and concealing the 5 said opening, in the panel and adapted likewise to conceal thesupply and Idrain pipesj v vwhich are adapted to' be extendednthrough the said openings in the panel, the upper portion of the housing extending Vupwardly into Athe space between thebody of the basin 'and the said apron.f

In testimony whereof I aiix mysignature.

" rHLrr J. Bianwiluerou.A

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European ClassificationE03C1/32